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If you feel that you are a good writer and you want a platform to showcase your best writing skills. Then we have come with a brand new opportunity for you. 

We are inviting experienced and beginner level writers to “Write For Us” 

This website gives authentic and genuine content in the areas of self-help, entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, technology, lifestyle.  

We are very happy to tell you that we are working with one of the best writers and if you want to write for us then you can contact us. 

If you are a content writer this is the perfect platform for you to share your ideas, knowledge which is going to get shared with those people who have a similar interest.  

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Guest Blog Post Submission Strategies 

  • Table of content

    Kindly state your interest to us before you start writing an article. Kindly send your 2-3 articles title that you’d like to publish. Our editors will pick the one that matches our website’s interest.

  • Original Article

    We only accept original and genuine content to publish on our site. Selfoy.com doesn’t allow any content that is already published on other sites. We do not accept promotional, advertisements or posts that are created to showcase a particular item or a service.

  • Topic Submission

    You should select the Topic that should be trending. We accept guest posts in these categories: self-help, entrepreneurship, cybersecurity, technology, lifestyle. If you have some other area of interest kindly contact us and we will approach you back. The content should be reader-friendly, informative, and interesting. I should contain some visually appealing royalty-free images also.  

  • Linking Factors

    : If there are some researched study material, facts you want to link that you can link but we do not accept free links to commercial sites within guest posts. 

  • Internal Linking

    You should ensure proper linking while publishing the blog post.

  • SEO Friendly Article

    Make sure you should have some basic SEO knowledge while writing the article. Do not write more than 100 words in one paragraph. 

  • Media

    Make sure that the images that you will be using, should be linked back to their original source. 

  • Editor’s Rights

    We reserve the right to accept the articles for better clarity duration etc and also to edit it. You agree that you accept editing of any kind that may occur on the behalf of their editor’s team. 


Categories To Write An Articles 

  • self-help,
  •  entrepreneurship, 
  • cybersecurity,
  • technology, 
  • lifestyle.

How to submit the article 

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