How do spear phishing attacks differ from standard phishing attacks

how do Spear phishing attacks differ from standard phishing attacks

In today’s article, we will understand how do Spear phishing attacks differ from standard phishing attacks. Because they are both online attacks on consumers attempting to obtain personal information, Spear-phishing is frequently confused with Standard phishing.

Standard Phishing is a general phrase that refers to any attempt to persuade victims to share sensitive information such as passwords, usernames, and credit card numbers for malevolent purposes. Attackers frequently pose as trustworthy entities and communicate with their victims via email, social media, phone calls, and even text messages. Unlike spear-phishing attacks, standard phishing attacks do not target specific individuals and are typically delivered to large groups of people at once.

Spear phishing attacks target a specific victim, and the message specifically targets that victim, claims to be from an entity they are familiar with, and is modified to include personal information.

Spear-phishing needs more planning and time than traditional standard phishing. To make the emails they send look real and maximize their chances of tricking receivers, spear-phishing attackers strive to collect as much personal information about their victims as possible.

Because of the intimate nature of these emails, it’s more difficult to spot spear-phishing attacks than it is to spot large-scale standard phishing attacks. As a result, spear-phishing attacks are becoming increasingly common.

Spear phishing vs Standard phishing

Spear Phishing Standard phishing
The target companies are mostly large organizations and high-level corporate employees. The target is some very random recipients who are less likely to respond to phishing.
It is a manual attack. While it is an automated attack.
The attackers are mostly business-oriented malicious code distributors specialized in social engineering and fraudulent transactions. The attackers are mostly cyber criminals and professional hackers.
Spear phishing attacks are personalized to their targets and the emails are target specific. Standard phishing attacks are not personalized to their targets and the emails are sent in masses.
It is done to ruin an organization. It is mostly done for money.


Difference between spear phishing and standard phishing

  1. Goal– Standard phishing is more of an exploratory attack that targets a broad variety of people, whereas spear phishing is a more targeted attack. In spear phishing, an email is tailored and sent to a specific person within an organization with the express intent of infecting his or her machine with malware and obtaining sensitive information. Spear phishing’s major goal is to target large organizations or high-value corporate personnel, which frequently results in a far more complex and focused attack.
  2. Phishing and Spear Phishing Terminology– Standard phishing attacks target a wide variety of people, whereas spear phishing scams are targeted at a specific individual or group, or, in some cases, an organization or corporation, and use a sophisticated tailored attack to acquire unauthorized access.

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The most frequent type of security threat is standard phishing, in which an attacker deceives individuals into clicking on malware links in order to fraudulently retrieve their personal or sensitive credentials or information. Emails are used for such exchanges, and they are sent in bulk. Spear phishing, on the other hand, is a more target-specific variation of phishing in which the targets are a specified group or individual, or high-level corporate employees, as opposed to the general public.

You should now have a better understanding of how do spear phishing attacks differ from standard phishing attacks and also the differences between spear phishing and regular phishing attacks. It’s critical to understand that Spear phishing is a more target-specific type of phishing than Standard phishing. The differences between Spear phishing and Standard phishing are also been discussed. Hope you enjoyed this post and our website content. If you think this content will be beneficial to others, please share and recommend it.