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Best Flooring For Coastal Homes | The Definitive Guide | (2020)

Best Flooring For Coastal Homes | The Definitive Guide | (2020)

This quick guide on the Best Flooring for Coastal Homes will give you coastal living flooring ideas. You will be able to decide the best Flooring for your beach home after reading this blog post.

The Best Flooring for Your Coastal Home

  • Porcelain Tiles by far the best Flooring for coastal homes because it has 0 to 5 wear ratings as per ISO. Its water absorption rate is less than 0.5%, easy to clean, durable, and higher strength so that porcelain material is by far the best for the coastal homes.
  • Luxury Vinyl is also the Best Flooring for your beach homes because it is 100% waterproof, scratch-proof, easy to clean, and cheaper.
  • Strand Oven Bamboos are the other best option for the Flooring of a coastal home because it gives the hardest Flooring, withstand high traffic, and endure moisture.


If you have a beach home or planning to buy one, it’s an excellent choice to go with. Beach homes are cool to spend summer vacations there. A short stay at a beach will make you happier, relaxed, and calm. You will get a chance to have a beach therapy, do meditation in the open and walk in the fresh air that will positively affect your health. Self-realization will be best made there at the coast during the beautiful scene of sunset and sunrise.

However, if you own land near a beach, and want to build your vacation home near a beautiful water panorama, but stuck in choosing the Best Flooring for your Coastal Home. Then you are in the right place; you will figure out the best match for the floorings of your beach home.


Info graphics on Best Flooring For Coastal Homes or Beach Homes or Home near water


Best Flooring For Coastal Homes


The idea of living near the beach seems incredible, but as far as flooring concerns, there are several factors that you need to consider before selecting Flooring for your Coastal Home. One wrong decision will add lousy experience in your stay there, or it may seem reasonable initially, but later on, it can create annoying experiences. So, one should carefully select the Flooring for a Coastal Home to make the stay joyful and memorable.

There are many flooring options available out there, but not all of them fit in a coastal home living lifestyle. The Best Flooring for coastal homes must be water-resistant with an aesthetic design that appeals to the person living there or taking a look at the house from the outside.

It is refreshing to have the coastal floor tile in your beach home’s exterior area because it is visible to all folks passing by your Home. However, it is imperative to have pre-thinking of some of the essential factors before selecting the Best Flooring for Your Coastal Home.

Among these, Sand is the most annoying factor. If you are already living near the seawater, you might have felt minor worry about Sand, which is continuously coming in, and you need to through it out. Thus, it would be best if you consider the Sand factor while choosing the Best FlooringFlooring for your Home at the beach.

Besides Sand, the humidity factor is crucial that should be considered while going for choosing the Best Flooring for the Coastal Homes. As the sea will not just view your coastal Home, it is an extended area for your seaside Home. Opening windows will allow salty air, and thus your Home’s humidity is also a part of your coastal living. Hence, be vigilant while picking the Best Flooring for Your Coastal Home.

Now I am considering you have decided to enjoy the coastal life. So making plans for every single point is essential. It is so exciting too. Isn’t it?

But listen! Do you experience utter confusion when you ask yourself what might be the Best Flooring for Coastal Home?

Don’t worry then. It’s not only you; instead, many like you also confront this situation.

Just hold your seat tight. I am going to show you which might be the best match for your dream beach home flooring.

I promise you at the end of this fantastic fact-based article; you will have a clear decision about what will be the best Flooring for your coastal Home.

I will explain all terms in the complete layman language so that the information provided in this article will be ridiculously easy to digest to decide Best Flooring for Your Coastal Home.

I have considered the top 4 flooring options that can be proved the best Flooring for Coastal Homes. These are the following.

  1. Porcelain Tiles
  2. Engineered Hardwood
  3. Strand Oven Bamboo
  4. Luxury Vinyl

In each available option for beach home flooring, I have discussed its advantages and disadvantages so that you will be able to analyze things better.

Let’s discuss them one by one…!


Best Flooring For Coastal Homes

Porcelain Tiles 

If you ask me about the Best Flooring for Coastal Home, I’ll rank the Porcelain Tiles on #1. Keep reading. You will understand the reason behind the ranking of the PORCELAIN TILES at the top.

Porcelain tiles are the Best Flooring for Coastal Homes because they can exactly look like Hardwood and Bamboo Flooring. 

Porcelain Tiles have a rating that is graded from 0 to 5 as per ISO 10545-7 (Also from ASTM C1027) test for glazed tiles (Shiny Coated) and thus showing its suitability for coastal home flooring. Its water absorption rate is less than 0.5% makes it the best match for Coastal Home Flooring.


White colored Porcelain Tiles good for Coastal Homes


Porcelain Tiles are fantastic, as you can see in the image above. These are available in the market with a variety of designs.

If I talk about porcelain tiles, I remember one of the memorable incidents in my life. I would love to tell you that—a day jug of water fallen on our home flooring, which is of porcelain tiles.

I just came in a rush, and you can imagine what might have happened. Yes! I slipped. So this is a minor issue with some of the floorings, including porcelain tiles too.

So you must be careful with it. I know I might have known this fact previously, but I became a little nostalgic while writing this blog post.

Advantages of Porcelain Tiles

  • Durable
  • Easy to clean
  • High strength- because of its nitrification process (Clay combine with other materials such as quartz, and silica).

Disadvantages of Porcelain Tiles

  • Higher Price (not much budget-friendly)
  • Heavier in weight(require extra labor work)
  • Difficult to install
  • Painful removal


Best Flooring For Coastal Homes

Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Engineered hardwood flooring might not be a suitable option for the best home flooring for the beaches, because of its inability to withstand in the moisture.

It cannot be exposed to a lot of moisture and makes your feet a little uncomfortable while walking. Floor tiles can considerably overcome this problem with a vapor barrier. Even though generally wood products soak up water very quickly still it is the most popular and Best Flooring for Coastal Homes.


Best Flooring For Coastal Homes


Engineered Hardwood flooring has natural strength and stiffness characteristics of wood.

It gives a structural and attractive look and has many design options without compromising its structure.

The best quality, a broader range of styles, and reasonable rates make the Engineered Hardwood Flooring stand out of the other options available as the Best Flooring for Coastal Homes.

You will get it under 2 dollars per sq foot, and little bit better options are available in the range of 5 to 10 dollars per sq Foot. It looks beautiful once installed.

Engineered Hardwood flooring has less withstanding ability in moisture than others, but if sealed properly, it can last long years.

Advantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  • A wide range of styles and colours
  • Stunning look
  • Affordable

Disadvantages of Engineered Hardwood Flooring

  • Unsuitable for outdoor application
  • Readily soak up water.


Best Flooring For Coastal Homes

Strand Oven Bamboo Flooring

Strand Woven Bamboo is a trendy and best wood for beach house. Strand oven bamboo flooring is the best option for beach home flooring because of its natural look and durability. Extreme heat is applied during the production of Strand woven bamboo, so its strength increases considerably. It gives a beautiful look to your floor and is two times harder than regular bamboo.

It is one of the hardest floors in the marketplace. It is designed to withstand high traffic and endure moisture (Mentioned in advantages).

Strand oven bamboo flooring created by the application of extreme heat, and due to that, its durability increases considerably.


Best Flooring For Coastal Homes


Strand bamboo flooring gives a beautiful look to your floor. Strand oven bamboo is two times harder than regular bamboo.

It is one of the hardest floors in the marketplace. It is designed to withstand high traffic and endure moisture (Mentioned in advantages). Thusbecause of its incredible characteristics, strand oven bamboos are considered the Best Flooring for the Coastal Homes.

Types of Strand Oven Bamboo

  • Natural Strand Oven Bamboo
  • Darker Version Strand Oven Bamboo
  • Tiger Version Strand Oven Bamboo

Advantages of Strand Oven Bamboo

  • Durable FlooringFlooring
  • Hardest FlooringFlooring
  • Withstands high traffic
  • Resistant to moisture and stains

Disadvantages of Strand Oven Bamboo

  • Slippery surface, especially when wet

Best Flooring For Coastal Homes

Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Wood and stone looks are available in Luxury Vinyl. It’s one of the cheapest options. Luxury Vinyl comes in vinyl tiles, flooring tiles, and vinyl plank flooring.

Nowadays, it has become the most popular choice for coastal homes FlooringFlooring because of the characteristics it possesses. Few of them, I am going to explain below.

Luxury vinyl planks available (Thickness Size) in 1.5mm (Basic Size), 2 mm, 2.5 mm,3 mm,4 mm.

Nowadays, Upgraded size of luxury vinyl tiles/planks are also available such as 4 mm to 6 mm. Remember, thicker the tiles better and useful Flooring.

Even some thicker planks not required pasting also need to put on the floor, and due to its thickness, it will hold plain flooring surface very tightly.

One of the best qualities they have and that is they will not warp at all.

And Luxury Vinyl is ideal for those areas which are usually prone to moisture issue like coastal areas. They are effortless to install and probably doesn’t need any power tools.



Advantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

  •  Feels softer under feet
  • Soundproof- dampens the noise
  • Real Wood Feeling
  • Scratches Proof
  • 100% Water Proof
  • Resistant to moisture
  • Incredible durability
  • Easy to clean.
  • Affordable price
  • Effortless to install

Best Flooring For Coastal Homes

Disadvantages of Luxury Vinyl Flooring

  • Loss of hold with the time

In 99% of cases, this is not going to happen because your vendor will set it up correctly. But we are taking here 1% cases; this may happen, then re-pasting of that planks or tiles as soon as possible is extremely important. Ignorant leads to losing hold of other planks/tiles too.

Best Flooring For Coastal Homes


The best Flooring for coastal Homes will be porcelain tiles just because of its characteristics.

Then Luxury vinyl flooring and Strand oven bamboo are also highly recommended Flooring for coastal homes.

Now it’s your turn to tell me which option you think might be the best Flooring for coastal homes.

Feel free to comment below and let us know about your opinion that which of the following you are considering as best flooring for coastal homes amongst below.

  1. Porcelain tiles Flooring
  2. Luxury Vinyl flooring
  3. Strand oven Bamboo flooring
  4. Engineered Hardwood.


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