Document Tips: Quick PDF to PNG Conversion with GogoPDF

People love to take photos for various reasons. Some would love to display them in their living rooms, while others would use them to bring back memories. But it is a different story for web developers and office workers. The former would use them to create better presentations that they will use during business meetings, while the latter would utilize them as website backgrounds. 

One of the many ways for you to create an organized photo collection is to compile them in a PDF file. It is also beneficial if you want to save up space in your local storage. Additionally, it is impossible to create changes and modifications, allowing you to maintain the integrity of your PNG photos. By the time you need to extract them, you may use the PDF to PNG converter of GogoPDF. 

Quick PDF to the PNG conversion process

The website made the process of converting PDF to PNG much quicker. It will not waste even a minute of your precious time. Despite operating in a fast manner, it will not compromise the quality of the converted images. The resulting PNG will have a high resolution allowing you to use it for whatever purpose without any issue with how it looks. To allow you to understand how fast the tool can do the conversion, we have listed below the step-by-step process that you have to follow.

Step 1. Choose PDF to PNG from the list of converters

When you visit the official website of GogoPDF, you need to choose the PDF to PNG option from the list of converters. Then, a new web page will suddenly appear containing a toolbox at the center. You must use that space to upload the PDF file from your device to the server. This step is non-negotiable because the platform cannot proceed with the conversion process if your file is not in its database. There are two upload methods that you can choose from if you are accessing the website using your laptop or computer. You can either take advantage of the select a file button or use the drag-and-drop option. 

Step 2. Scanning and processing of the PDF file will begin

After letting the file get access to your PDF file, it will scan and process it as soon as possible. This step is when the waiting game begins, but don’t worry because it will not take longer than five minutes. The speed of the converter will solely depend on the stability of your internet as well as the performance of your device. So, to have the best PDF to a PNG conversion experience, you must ensure that your connection is stable and uninterrupted. Additionally, your device must be functioning well and is free from sudden crashes. 

Step 3. Download and share the converted PNG images

It would be a waste of time if you undergo your PDF file in the conversion process if you will not download the PNG images on your device. To save it in your preferred storage, you just have to click the download button that will appear when the tool finishes the process. Lastly, you may share it on several social media platforms, including Pinterest. 

Transforming your PDF file into PNG images using GogoPDF

  • Convert PDF to PNG with privacy

Anyone who will use the website will be free from any privacy issues because of its strong security system. You will not have to worry about your files landing on the devices of unauthorized persons. All the uploaded PDF and converted PNG images will permanently be inaccessible after an hour. 

  • Convert PDF to PNG for free

The advantage of using the website over other applications and software is that it works without you paying any amount of money. Despite offering its services entirely for free, it works pretty decently. It will allow you to turn your documents into another file format with ease. Those who are willing to maximize the use of the website may avail a monthly or yearly subscription plan.

  • No compatibility issues

Since the website is supported by all major operating systems, you will not encounter any compatibility issues. You can access it using Windows, Linux, or Mac. Additionally, it will work perfectly using the most popular internet browsers, including Google Chrome and Safari. You can enjoy its services for as long as you have a working device and a high-speed internet connection.

In Conclusion

GogoPDF is an online platform that offers all kinds of conversion services. Since it values users’ time, it made sure that the process would be fast enough to let you finish it in one sitting. For you to stay guided, it listed the step-by-step process just below the PDF to PNG converter toolbox. You can refer to it if you don’t have any idea on how to make it work.