3 Common Reasons Why People Unlock Their PDF Files


It can be pesky and frustrating when people forget the passwords to their social media accounts. It could also be irritating when we forget the passcode of our mobile device. Passwords are a common occurrence in our everyday lives. And unfortunately, people tend to forget them as time passes. Just like social media accounts and smartphones, you can secure your PDF files using a password. In fact, PDFs belong to a small group of document formats that can be secured with a password.


But the same problems apply to PDF files when it comes to passwords. People forget them in the long run. However, while you can request a password reset email for your social media account or factory reset your phone if you forgot the passcode, you cannot do those same things for PDF files. This article will list the top three reasons why people unlock their PDF files.

Reason One: They Need to Access the Document Quickly

This may not be the most common reason why people need to unlock PDF files that they have. Nevertheless, people still try to remove the passcode of their documents to access documents more quickly. Passwords have a special place in PDF documents. They help secure potentially sensitive information inside the file. They also prevent unauthorized parties from reading and editing the document without the permission of the user. But here’s the catch to it, passwords could make accessing PDF files inconvenient. For some people, it isn’t necessarily the case. And that is true, especially if the password of your file is short and you can easily remember it. But not all people have sharp memory these days, so the only key they have to access their locked PDF files might get lost in their heads.


And because some PDF files are essential, they need to be accessed as soon as possible. But what happens if people forgot the password/s for their important PDF files? The answer is they try to unlock it either by using Adobe Acrobat Pro or a website like GogoPDF. Once the password of a locked PDF file has been removed, it becomes easier and quicker for the user to access the document, especially if he or she needs to for any reason.

Reason Two: There Is Important Information in That File

As mentioned earlier, some PDF files are crucial for some people. And that is because they contain vital information people would need at some point in their lives. From bank account numbers and full names to phone numbers and email addresses, PDF documents could contain an infinite amount of important personal information that their users would need at some point. People often use PDF files to create important documents, such as account statements, forms, or just a report in general. However, what would happen if suddenly they forgot the password of their PDF file and they are desperate to access the document to get the information they needed?


The answer to this is by unlocking the PDF file. By unlocking it, the user could instantly get access to their documents and get the important information they need from it. While this move sounds risky as it could be done to other people’s documents, unlocking PDF files is absolutely fine as long as the creator will be the one who will do the unlocking. And oftentimes, this is what happens, since many people easily forget the password of their PDF files after they created the document and set the password for that said file. Unlocking is often the last resort that the owner of the PDF file will do if he or she could no longer access the document in some other way.

Reason Three: They Need to Edit or Print Their PDF

Just like any other document, PDF files need to be edited and/or printed, although these files are hard to modify. However, performing some edits in PDF files is still possible and PDF is the preferred document for printing since it retains every element of the document, from the text to the quality of the images. But if a PDF file is locked, it’s not possible to edit or print it since it would most likely ask for the password before you could print the file. And in some instances, you would need to edit or print your PDF file. Luckily, you can unlock your PDF file by removing its password. That way, you can easily print or edit your file without any problems.


Passwords for PDF files work in the same way as passwords for social media accounts. They help keep our personal information and prevent unauthorized parties from accessing their accounts and/or their documents. Yet passwords for PDF files work differently, as you cannot request for a password reset email to regain access to your document if you ever forget the password of your document. Once you forget the password for your document, it’s over. Not unless you use GogoPDF. This website does not only convert files, but it can also help you get access to your PDF file again. What’s better is that you can do this in a quick, convenient, and secure manner.