Breitling: The Ultimate Functional Watch

Breitling is a popular watch that most pilots prefer as its precision is proved to be functional while on board. It is equipped with multiple functions that are essential when flying while navigating. Its certification from COSC proved its worth as one of the watches with high precision.

Being functional doesn’t just end in aviation as it offers high-quality diver watches too. These watches are instant favorites among diving enthusiasts. With the line of watches that Breitling created, you sure can enjoy the features in any way you like. Below are the models that molded Breitling into a famous watch brand up to this date.

1.  Navitimer

Breitling Navitimer is one of the most recognized among Breitling watches. The name Navitimer came from two words – navigation and timer. Originally created to serve the aviation industry, the Navitimer debuted in 1952 and is currently geared toward this industry. Even the air forces at present use this model for their pilots.

The slide rule function has been an integral part of the design since the 1940s Breitling Chronomat and helped pilots calculate flight plans. Besides being one of the most useful tool watches for use in aviation, the Navitimer’s remarkable feature contributes to its overall practicality. It is still popular among professional pilots and aviation enthusiasts even now.

Navitimer marked the moment when Breitling had its first in-house movement and had the caliber perform a 70-hour power reserve. This 43mm to 48mm watch’s water resistance can withstand a depth of 30m underwater.

2.  Chronomat

Chronomat’s story began in 1940 with the enthusiasm to acquire a patented circular slide rule bezel. Just like Navitimer, the bezel allows mathematical calculations to help in flight planning. It was the inspiration behind the birth of Navitimer. After a year, they had obtained the said patent and started selling this model.

The Breitling Chronomat’s more substantial and hefty casing makes it a great all-around watch. It is a durable, tough timepiece made to survive harsh environments. It includes a diver’s bezel and a chronograph feature, as it maintains to be a good watch for aviation. In 1984, its design was intended for the Freeze Tricolori military aerobatic team. Thus, it became a distinctive series for Breitling’s line of watches with its renowned Rouleaux bracelet.

Its first edition used a Venus 175 caliber for its movement, had 17 jewels, and has a manual wound. The case comes in either an 18k rose gold or stainless steel. Today its new version already exists as a self-winding chronograph with the newest addition to the family – Super Chronomat.

This stylish and durable watch comes in stainless steel with a ceramic insert and a rubber strap inspired by the Rouleaux bracelet. It is equipped with Breitling Manufacture caliber 01 movement. Chronomat, a part-pilot, part diver’s watch has a size range of 38mm to 47mm with water resistance from 100m to 500m.

3.  Avenger

In 2001, Avenger was released. It is part of the latest collections of Breitling and is also considered as a pilot watch as its features are focused on aviation. Its body has a bigger bezel and dial, making it a little different from the first two aviation watches. This family of watches is perfect for all sorts of adventures because of its robustness, precision, and usability.

What sets it apart from the other aviation watches is the option for a simple dial design. You can choose from a variety of designs, including straps or bracelets. You can opt for a classic chronograph or go for a metal or a leather strap, depending on what you prefer. It comes in sizes 44mm to 48mm with a water resistance of 300m to 3,000m.

4.  Superocean

Breitling’s Superocean, which debuted in the middle of the dive watch craze in 1957, is a fine option for anybody looking for a diving watch. This dive watch is the epitome of excellent engineering, easy legibility, magnificent design, and exceptional water resistance. It echoes the style and function of the original 1950s model.

The COSC-certified self-winding mechanical or SuperQuartz movements that come with the Breitling Superocean watches are perfect for stylish and smart adventurers who enjoy spending time on the ocean.

The series was proud of its origins as it obtained 200m water resistance during its time in the 1950s. This triumph is beyond the norm. Today, it already soared to 2,000m water resistance and had introduced a helium valve for pressure resistance underwater. In addition, it features big hands and Arabic numerals for the hour markers, making the dial easily readable.

Final Say

Needless to say, Breitling has conquered the interests of watch fans because of its undoubtedly functional and aesthetically beautiful watch collections. The need for a watch that could go on heights and delve deep down underwater are the features that people are after nowadays, thus bringing Breitling into life.

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