Preparing Your Thesis Writing: 5 Helpful Tools for Writing Your Academic Paper

Thesis writing is probably one of the things that we anticipate and dread at the same time in university. It is tedious, bloody, and complete suffering if you do not come prepared and are not interested in your topic. Some people think that thesis papers are just a requirement that you will do once your professor or adviser tells you so. The reality is that your entire stay in the university since day one should be in pursuit of your thesis paper. We can help you write your thesis paper! Of course, we will leave the details for how to write one to your advisers. We can help you by giving you digital tips and hacks that you can try when writing your thesis. Check these out!


1.  PDF tools like PDFBear

What we should be thankful for this generation is the wealth of references and literature that we can access online. For sure, they are all in PDF files if you will download these journals. To better handle and organize your literature and sources, use a PDF tool expert for editing, merging, splitting, or any other thing that you can do with your PDF files. You can even convert PDF to word using these tools! Using a reliable PDF tool will make it easier for you to add notes, quote, cite, and more your texts.


Make sure to choose only reliable tools. Since we rely heavily online these days, the flip side of the coin is that many are also out there, waiting on us to fall into their prey. Hackers can infiltrate your system via questionable sites and programs. If you will use a PDF tool, better use PDFBear. PDFBear ensures the utmost security and encryption for the files you upload. It is also easily accessible online without the need to install it.


2.  Transcribing tool

Some thesis papers need interviews. You would not just record these interviews, study them, and go. You will also need to have it on paper. If you have a bulk of recorded interviews that you will never know how to transcribe, you will need a transcribing tool. You would not want to spend most of writing your thesis just transcribing recordings, do you? Having recordings on paper also greatly helps you in studying these interviews.


3.  Utilize the References tab

Most of you might dread writing your Works Cited page, and we get you. We cannot blame you because it can be a tedious job. Some students even write their works cited page after they have already written their entire thesis, only to realize that is harder work! To make things easier, utilize your References tab located in your word document. Not only do they have an automatic citation for different types of styles,  but they also have a Table of Contents page option! Gone are the days when you manually list down each chapter and subchapter’s pages!

Grammar and plagiarism-checker


Even if you are a Languages major, you can still make grammatical errors. It is more difficult when you do not know it! You may also think that how you write a sentence is easily understandable. Grammar-checkers will be your best guide while writing your thesis because it immediately notifies you of errors and suggestions for your documents.


Some grammar-checkers have a plagiarism-checker, too, like Grammarly. It is important to immediately check your work for plagiarism, so it will be easier to edit. You can also check out Scribbr!


4.  Note-taking tool

You think the built-in notepad in your laptop or your handy-dandy notebook will suffice. Well, if you are the innately organized type maybe they would! However, using a note-taking tool, like Evernote can also help you become more organized. You may have already known that an organized and detailed outline can make your thesis a breeze. Having sufficient notes will also help you recall your points easier. This is the reason why you cannot underestimate taking down notes!


5.  Mapping and relationship tool

Whether or not you are a visual learner, you cannot deny that it is easier to construct your thoughts if you chart them with shapes and arrows. Writing it down in your notebook might be the easiest choice than drawing objects online. But the question is, are they convenient and conducive? Use a mapping and relationships tool like Mohiomap for you to map out your ideas better and therefore visualize them.


Use a trusted site and platform

Here are just some of the tools and hacks that you can do within the digital space once you start writing your thesis. May you find these tools to be helpful and a godsend! The only rule of thumb is to double-check the site or platform you will trust. Many hackers out there are just waiting to pounce on you and exploit your data anytime. Make sure to keep yourself protected!