Tips to keep in mind while preparing class 7 English

Tips to keep in mind while preparing class 7 English


English is an important subject in middle school. It is the foundation stone where students build a strong base for higher studies. English is not only necessary for exams but also the whole life of a person. Every student must have a fundamental knowledge of grammar rules to achieve success in life. Therefore, students must work hard to score good marks in English. 


Important points to keep in mind when preparing for class 7 English


Students must know the syllabus for class 7 English. The syllabus is divided into three parts:

In class 7 there are two textbooks for English. One is honeycomb and the second is an English supplementary reader by Alien Hand. The third part includes English grammar. 


In honeycomb, there are a total of 10 chapters and 9 poems. In the Alien Hand, there are a total of 10 chapters. Students have to read both books thoroughly for a clear understanding of the chapters and for scoring good marks in English. 


Grammar is an important part and the topics important for class 7 English include the following:


  • Adverbs
  • Passive and active voice
  • Determiners
  • Linking words
  • Clauses
  • Modal Auxiliaries
  • Reported speech 
  • Word order in sentence type


Students can score very good marks in English. They have to go through the syllabus and start preparing for the subject. Students should have a good ability of reading and understanding the language. 


Students should focus on the grammar and writing part in the class 7 English exam because these are the important parts. Students can practice writing sections from previous years’ sample papers. Students can also refer to Vedantu CBSE class 7 English notes for understanding the concepts of English. 


The paper is divided into three sections. Section A is about reading and carries 20 marks. Section B is writing and grammar and carries 30 marks. Section C is the last section and it includes literature. It also carries 30 marks. Thus, the total marks are 80 and 20 remaining marks are for internal assessment. 


Section A includes reading comprehension passages. It is an easy section as students have to read the given passage carefully and then answer the questions. The best way for doing this section reading the passages two or three times and mark the important points in the passage. This will help in answering the given questions. 


Next, is section B that helps to judge the writing and grammar skills of students. Students should know the grammar rules for doing this section. They should have a thorough understanding of all grammar concepts. Only then they can write an attractive essay or letter without committing any grammatical mistakes. 


The last part of the paper is based on questions from the literature. It includes questions from Honeycomb and the Supplementary Reader book. They should read all the chapters from both books carefully. They should try to understand the story and write down important points in a notebook. Students get long answer questions from the book. They can answer it properly only if they have proper knowledge about the chapters. 


Students should focus on spellings. Often students make mistakes in spelling. Therefore, they should practice spelling by writing. Students can lose marks due to spelling errors. Therefore, the best way to avoid spelling errors is to write the difficult spellings in the notebook before the exam. 


Sometimes students do not understand the question. Therefore, they fail to answer the question properly. It is important to analyze the question for giving a correct answer. Students should read the question two or three times for understanding its meaning.


Students should have a strong vocabulary. It is one of the key steps for getting good marks in English. A strong vocabulary not only helps students in writing good essays and letters but also helps them to understand the questions. They can read previous years’ sample papers and can check what kinds of words are used in the sample papers to increase their vocabulary skills. 


Students can also improve their English writing skills by reading newspapers, articles, magazines, and novels. Students can watch English movies and plays to enhance their vocabulary skills. This is a fun and interesting way for students to make their writing skills strong. 


Students should attempt all the sections. They should start with the writing part because it is lengthy and consumes a lot of time in thinking and writing. Students can write down their ideas in a rough section and then expand the points for finishing the writing part quickly. 


Next, they should focus on the reading part. It is a very scoring section because students can answer the questions by focusing on reading the passage properly. Students should read the passage more than once for proper understanding. 


Students should attempt section C in the end because in this section questions are based on literature books. This section is easy to attempt if students have a thorough understanding of the chapters. They can answer the questions quickly if they have read the chapters properly and understand the theme of all poems. 


Students should attempt the paper neatly. They should not exceed the word limit in any section of the paper. They should underline all the important points and should write important headings with a black pen. They should leave a space after finishing every question so that a teacher does not miss any answer when checking the paper. 


Revision is important. Therefore, students should try to finish their paper a few minutes before the scheduled time to give a quick revision. This will help them to make sure that they have attempted all sections properly. They can also check spellings in the paper to avoid any errors. 


Thus, students can follow the above-given tips when preparing for the class 7 English exam. The above tips can help students to score good marks in English. They can feel confident if they start preparing for the exam a few months before the final exam. Consistent study and regular practice will help students to achieve their goals.