How to Study Class 12th Chemistry Effectively?

    Chemistry is the branch of science that studies the structure, characteristics, and composition of particles and matter, as well as the changes that occur during chemical reactions.

    With fewer than two weeks till the CBSE class 12 board examinations, last-minute study suggestions are in high demand. Chemistry is one of the most significant and difficult courses in the CBSE Science stream for Class 12. The syllabus is extensive, which makes review challenging in a short period, especially for students who have not previously studied all of the CBSE Class 12 Chemistry chapters and are unfamiliar with the foundations.

    Tips to Effectively Prepare for Class 12th Chemistry

    Chemistry is an essential subject for science students in CBSE Class 12. However, these students must put in a lot of effort during the year and practise a lot before taking the board test.

    Simply studying for a month or two at the last minute will not provide any results. From the beginning of the academic year, students must study Chemistry with complete focus and regularity.

    • Practice with sample papers and papers from prior years

    Examiners follow a pattern of recurrence for particular critical questions over several years, which is why going over prior years’ exams is so vital. While you’re at it, make a note of the significant portions and recurrent subjects so you can go over them the day before your exam.

    • The most crucial thing is to prepare from NCERT textbooks

    Questions and themes from NCERT Books for Class 12 Chemistry in Hindi make up a large portion of the CBSE exam exams. Cover all of the concepts, including the diagrams and graphs, followed by solved examples and exercise questions, to ace your Chemistry paper. Because the number of questions might be daunting at first, start with the chapters that carry the most weight under different divisions.

    • Concentrate on numerical, name responses, and the finished result

    When taking any exam, time is a crucial restriction. While tackling a detailed question may appear possible at the time, it not only takes a long time but also does not guarantee full marks at the end because you may miss out on some keywords or significant points while compromising on other answers. 

    As a result, it is recommended that you practise as many numerical as possible from chapters and concentrate on Organic Chemistry naming reactions. In addition, in each chapter, the product, its features, and unusual behaviour are highlighted. Do not forget to pay attention to name reactions.

    • Excellent writing abilities are essential

    There is generally a lot of stuff to write while staying within the time limit. Writing and solving equations improves your speed and confidence while also teaching you how to recognise the keywords and highlights that should be included in a solution. In Organic Chemistry, providing the names of the reactants and products boosts the solution’s believability. 

    A student’s ability to produce neat work is a non-negotiable asset. Always strive to offer extensive and informative responses in points, followed by captioned visuals that serve as a visual help. A tabular format should also be used for a comparison study. These minor details may help your answer script stand out from the crowd.

    • End-of-chapter preparation

    Many chapters have been recognised as residual chapters, which incur a ten-point penalty and are frequently ignored by the majority of students. These three chapters, on the other hand, have the potential to be quite high-scoring. Students can make brief notes in a tabular format from these chapters so that they can review them during the last week of the test without losing time for more significant and complicated topics.

    • Self-assessment

    The anxiousness that develops when studying and preparing for a test is an unavoidable aspect of the process. It’s reasonable to be disappointed by your lack of preparation or inability to accelerate your learning pace, but you can’t make yourself feel guilty about it. Instead of feeling sorry for yourself, you may identify your deficiencies and commit more time to address them.

    • Effective time management

    The reading time is the most important and should be spent wisely. If you’re stuck on a question, give yourself some breathing room and keep going. A few experts have also encouraged students to defer Organic Chemistry questions till the conclusion of the course because they are more challenging than Inorganic and Physical Chemistry. Always plan your time so that you have a 15-minute cushion at the end to revise your answers.

    Tips to Score Good Marks

    Chemistry is a high-scoring subject in which students may improve their grades by putting in a little more effort. Chemistry is an essential topic for both Board examinations and competitive tests. Chemistry is a subject that may be readily mastered, but it must be studied regularly. If you know how to master this topic, you will be able to excel in a variety of competitive tests.

    • Whenever feasible, write your descriptive answers in points and use pictorial or graphical illustrations throughout the test. It improves visibility.
    • Before you answer, have a look at the document.
    • Before you begin, sketch out a skeleton of the response in the margin for long-answer questions.
    • Keep in mind that all entities have S.I units.
    • In extremely brief queries, be succinct and to the point.
    • Continue to revise anything you’ve learned regularly. It is observed that many students tend to forget what they have learnt in a few days. It’s a regular issue. You may overcome it with frequent revision. 
    • To feel confident about your preparation, try to solve a sample paper at least once a week. Solve the previous ten years’ question papers. Prepare the chapters that you are most familiar with first.


    Many kids struggle to do well in this topic. The only reason for this is because they are fleeing from it. If you truly want to succeed in this topic, strive to get rid of your chemical fear as soon as feasible. Chemistry is one of the easier courses in the scientific stream if you study it consistently and with complete focus. If you don’t read chemistry daily, you’ll struggle to prepare for the board test.