What Makes Patek Philippe Nautilus Expensive?

Patek Philippe watches were designed by two French watchmakers, Antoine Norbert de Patek and Jean Adrien Philippe, who collaborated on the project. In 1844, the two of them started their own business. Previously, in 1839, Patek founded his own watch company with Czapek and Moreau, which is still in operation today. Patek, Czapek & Cie – Fabricants à Genève was the company that they founded.

Today, Patek Philippe watches sit at the top. Each of these premium brand watches has been designed, developed, and manufactured for years. If you want one, you will have to be patient because there is a long waiting list for them. That demonstrates how highly sought-after they are.

Patek Philippe Nautilus

Competition among Swiss watchmakers was becoming more complex as they sought to sell watches with quartz movements. In 1972, Gerald Genta’s Royal Oak Jumbo formed the premium steel sports watch genre. In 1976, Genta launched the Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700/1, given the preceding success of the venture.

In Jules Verne’s novel, The Nautilus had been commanded by Captain Nemo. As such, the layout of the watch was inspired by the ocean. The timepiece’s design was inspired by a ship’s porthole, with the sides of the case mirroring the door hinges. This year, it celebrated its 45th anniversary, and its designs were terrific as they included collections of watches with precious metals, jewels, and complications.

How are Patek Philippe Nautilus watches made?

Throughout its rich past, Patek Philippe has put forth an unsurpassed level of craftsmanship. The company has refined its production process due to its strategic alliances. Their watches are incredibly labor-intensive to assemble. These arrangements take two or three years to develop and execute. A high-end model will require at least two years of development and manufacturing.

Every single Patek Philippe watch is created and finished entirely by hand. Each one of the watches is the result of several contributions. Because the total number of participants is above 1,000, each one will have had a significant number of hands in its construction. Everything is within their supervision, from the development to the production.

The company’s history includes more than 100 patents and impressive achievements in watchmaking, particularly in the creation of the first yearly calendar. Patek Philippe is known for continually inventing its timepieces. That’s why sophistication touches on all sorts of works, from the most basic to the most complicated and astonishing. 

What contributed to the success of Patek Philippe Nautilus?

A stainless steel band was paired with a nickel-chrome-molybdenum steel alloy to provide the original Nautilus model’s remarkable resistance to heat and pressure. Also, it is both lighter and more durable than ordinary steel. Such quality is dubbed to be similar to that of a WWII tank’s steel alloy.

The Caliber 28-255C and Caliber 920 from Jaeger-LeCoultre were first utilized in the Patek Philippe Nautilus 3700 model. The Royal Oak, an Audemars Piguet timepiece and also designed by Gerald Genta, has the same feature. They have the most technologically advanced ultra-thin automatic calibers that were prevalent throughout the mid-to-late 1970s, and this trend was seen as one of them.

The 5711/1A was a massive hit upon its initial introduction in 2006 at a price of $17,000. It was also developed in commemoration of the Nautilus’s 30th anniversary. It featured a three-part casing compared to the original’s two-part casing, and it had a case size that was 1mm bigger. The in-house caliber 324C was also shown in the latest version through a display studded with sapphire.

Owning a Nautilus watch is a luxury

The Swiss watchmaker has been creating watches since 1839 and has not stopped manufacturing them since. The firm has been one of the few remaining independent, family-run manufacturers for over 180 years. Since 1932, the Stern family has held the position of managing Patek Philippe, and they have made it their duty to improve and preserve the fine watchmaking that the company is known for.

The annual production of the brand’s timepieces is estimated to be under 70,000 total watches. Patek Philippe has not made this information available. Nautilus 5711 alone will account for 10% of the overall demand in 2019, according to Mr. Stern. All watches go through extensive testing and quality checks before they receive the Patek Philippe stamp of approval. As the creative process takes many hours, a shortage develops. Patek Philippe watches have a singular exclusivity because of their uncommon availability.


The Patek Philippe Nautilus had years of history under its belt before it became a success. Up until now, it is undoubtedly extraordinary. Without question, it will not secure its place if it does not demonstrate its value. The long wait for this watch may take years, especially if you’re seeking a special edition. Fortunately, Watchshopping.com has Patek Philippe watches ready for you.