An Insight Into iTop Data Recovery’s Features

A computing utility is as excellent as the features it has. The more practicable features that software has, the more functional it is and the assurance of an easy time when using it.

When getting data recovery software for your PC, you should consider the features it has. While some recovery tools have many features, you may find that some are useless and do not work as promised. This is why you should have iTop Data Recovery as your go-to tool when looking for a reliable data loss solution. A look at its features and attributes will show you why it is a reliable data recovery software.

The Freeware

iTop Data Recovery has freeware, which means you can use its services free of charge. No need to create an account, you simply download the tool from the site and install it, before launching and enjoying its services.

You should go for the freeware if you are a newbie as it gives you a preview of what to expect. It is convenient, with standout features like the dual-mode scan. You can get more resources by signing up for the premium plans, where you can enjoy discounts of up to 80%.

Fast Data Recovery

This iTop product has a unique data recovery algorithm that speeds up the scanning and retrieval process. You do not have to wait the entire day to get your files back on your device, as the speedy process only needs a few minutes. 


The other key feature of this recovery tool is its versatility, present in various aspects. The tool can work with all Windows operating systems; hence, it is your go-to utility to recover deleted files Windows 10. It supports older and new versions of this operating system.

iTop data recovery’s adaptability also comes to play where it can recover data from over 300 storage devices, such as your PC, hard disk, USB drive, and many more. Also, it is handy in over 100 data loss situations and will retrieve over 1000 file formats.

100% Safe Recovery

Safety is a crucial factor that you should consider before downloading a utility on your PC. iTop Data Recovery is 100% safe, evident from its design, which prevents malware threats, such as viruses and worms. Additionally, it has a backup feature that will prevent future data loss. The payment methods are secure, with a privacy policy that protects your info from unauthorized parties.

A 95% Success Rate

This iTop utility has a 95% data loss recovery success rate. It won’t let you down when you lose your files unless in utterly complex situations, where no other recovery tool will work. In case you have any problem using this product, reach out to the support center for help. You can send an email or submit a ticket to the 24/7 available customer support team.

Final Thought

iTop Data Recovery has plenty of features that cement its position at the top. Highlighted are some of the features that make it stand out, like having free services, and amazing discounts. Having the best data recovery software installed on your PC today and get out of a data loss situation.