Fix ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration Error

ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration

The error message of ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration was displayed on your Windows system due to the fact it couldn’t find a valid IP address from DHCP, such as the modem or switch.

Your internet connection can automatically obtain information such as Subnet Mask or Default Gateway DNS server.

Unidentified reasons mean that the Ethernet connection can’t obtain all the information I have previously mentioned.

This means that all of your computer’s connections will not be able to reach or pass through the DHCP servers. This can cause you to experience unpleasant errors like not having internet access or restricted connectivity.

It’s not permanent, and this problem is caused by software. There are a few things you can do to fix this issue. These are the steps to take.

Here are some methods I have found to help you solve your ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration issues that do not require an IP configuration.


Solution of “ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration” In Windows.


Internet connectivity errors can be caused by many factors, such as incorrect ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration of adapters for network connections, expired cached files, cable problems DHCP difficulties, or incompatible network drivers.

However, you can fix it easily by using these methods:

Tips Before trying any solution restarts the Windows computer. Sometimes, all it takes to eliminate the most annoying errors is a reboot.


  1. Reset Winsock Protocol/TCP/IP Settings


A reset of Winsock protocol settings and TCP/IP settings is a good way to get rid of most Windows errors.

To start, press Windows + X. Select them then, and select Command Prompt (Admin), from the menu that opens.

Next, execute the operation to reset Winsock protocols in your Windows 10 computer.

netsh reset

Use the following commands to reset TCP/IP settings

  • netsh int TCP reset
  • netsh int IP reset

Restart your Windows PC, then make the changes. The Ethernet can be switched to another method if it does not still have an ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration problem.


  1. Clear Out All Network Cached Files That Are Creating Invalid IP Configurations


If you’ve tried to reset Winsock protocol or the TCP/IP protocol but that doesn’t help, clear any cached network files from your system. You can do this by using Command Prompt in a similar way to the previous method.

  • Ipconfig/release
  • ipconfig /flushdns
  • ipconfig /renew

Start your computer again and check whether your Internet connection has become stable.


  1. Manually configure TCP/IP Settings


If TCP/IP reset fails to resolve the issue, you may try setting these settings manually.

Click the icon to connect your network on your taskbar. Then, choose the open and Sharing Center options.

Next, choose next to the Ethernet network connector that you are currently using.

The next step is clicking on the Properties link.

Select and then choose the Internet Protocol Version 4(TCP/IPv4) option, and then double-click it. You can also choose Internet Protocol Version 6 (TCP/IPv6) if you are using IPv6.

In this stage, there are two possibilities:


Case 1


If you have successfully configured a static address and other information and are unable to connect, your computer will show that the ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration. Your computer will also display an appropriate IP setting failure message. This is when you need to switch over to automated configuration.

Just choose two of these options from the picture below.


Case 2


If you are unsure if your settings have been created and you want to make sure everything defaults, then you will need to use the static data. This includes your LAN IP, Subnet Mask Default Gateway, as well as a DNS Server.

For example:

  • IP Address:
  • Subnet Mask =
  • Gateway default:
  • DNS server

You will need to know your IP address, as well as your default gateway when entering these details.

The default gateway is an IP address assigned to your router by your modem. It depends on the exact location of the DHCP Server and where the Ethernet cable has been connected.

Your IP address can be used to create any IP addresses you wish, but it must follow the same format as the default gateway. If your default gateway IP address is then your IP address needs to be However, it cannot have the same IP that other devices use as this could create an IP conflict.

In the wake of finishing up the necessary data click “Alright.” You can save your progressions by clicking “Alright”, and afterward reboot your PC. Recheck your Internet connection to verify that it is still working.


  1. Make sure to have an Ethernet cable, and then reboot your Modem, Wireless Router, or Router


It is important to first examine the Ethernet cable connected to your modem and wifi router.

A damaged Ethernet cable can cause Internet service interruptions and this frustrating error. It is possible to replace your damaged cable by calling us.

Also, restart your modem or wireless router. Now and again they probably won’t be steady so you might have to reboot your switch and modem to reestablish all the data. Users report that they were able to reconnect to their Internet connection after restarting the router/modem.


  1. Install the driver of Your Ethernet Network Adapter


On the off chance that you get the ” ethernet does not have a valid IP configuration set up blunder in Windows” mistake, it very well may be an issue with the driver for your Ethernet switch.

In such cases, you will need to install or upgrade the driver. Sometimes, your network driver may stop working properly due to a corrupted, incompatible driver.

To update or to install the driver for your network device adapter, press Windows + X Choose. Select the Device Manager option from the menu.

In the devices listing, locate the Ethernet network connector. Right-click it and choose “Update Driver Software.” “Update driver software …”.

Two options are available when you reach the second step.

You can find automatically updated driver programs.

Browse my computer for driver software.

Select the choice that intrigues you, then, at that point, click the Update button to refresh the driver for use with your Ethernet organizing gadget.

You may also be able to remove the driver provided with your network connector. This can be done by going to the manufacturer’s website and downloading the most current version of the driver.

This usually happens with an older Windows OS version, particularly Windows 7.

For instructions on how to install Windows 7’s Ethernet network driver, take a look below:

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