The Future Of The Industrial Real Estate Market In Florida: Trends For 2024


The industrial sector had been among the best and most consistent real estate performers in 2024, despite the high rate of interest and ballooning inflation. With shoring efforts and the continuation of the preceding year’s e-commerce surge, the demand for industrial properties has only skyrocketed.

However, in the year’s second half, the industrial market started showing signs of tampering basics. However, still the State of Florida managed to emerge as a real estate hot spot. It has had the top five commercial real estate sales in the country in the last twelve months, according to JLL. Those properties accounted for a record $12 billion investment in the Sunshine State.

The current year brought a continuation of various trends driving standout industrial property performance, including the high direct-to-consumer shopping and stock, leading to solid selling price appreciation and even stronger fundamentals.

Real estate markets in Florida showed significant activity, despite the commercial real estate volatility. Combined projects are developing, impacting industrial real estate developers with confidence in the prospects of industrial real estate. Further, you’ll know some industrial trends for Florida towns and what you can expect from the market shortly.

The Focus Market

The Future Of The Industrial Real Estate Market In Florida: Trends For 2024

There are various  focus markets to look at for industrial real estate in Florida. Market connection to worldwide supply chains will also become a differentiating factor in 2024. U.S.-based production with congestion at the finest seaports also directed more shipping activities towards other entry points in the country. To know more about the growth prospects and the best investment options in Florida industrial real estate you can look out for a reliable realtor.

While the rising inflation with concern about softening labor market tempers household creation the year after, great migration will still be anticipated across Sun Belt – emphasis on the Phoenix, which will be projected as the second-highest net in-migration market country next year, with Texas and Florida. It means higher distribution resource demand in such areas.

Recent rising construction pricing and low stabilized asset values have a unique opportunity to get superior returns after investing in logistics real estate, mainly in infill submarkets and high population centers. It is vital to supply chain logistics such as inland and seaports.

Supply Chain Resilience

The Future Of The Industrial Real Estate Market In Florida: Trends For 2024

The current industrial sector opportunities came from when the manufacturers thought of focusing on bringing production lines onto U.S. soil while reducing reliance on imported goods.

At the beginning of August, the law had the CHIPS & Science Act, directing $280 billion while spending over another decade towards boosting domestic semiconductor production while supporting the R&D efforts into other vital technologies like quantum, nanotechnology, AI, computing, etc.

Various new industrial opportunities are starting to warehouse raw materials while domestic manufacturing of goods, as the days of importing and offshoring goods are no longer there.

More resiliencies will also be there in E-commerce supply chains. Despite the recent return of in-store shopping, e-commerce will continue driving the retail demand, and a large consumer base offers online shopping.

Tenants continue looking for well-settled A Class industrial places. Modern areas with higher ceiling heights and plenty of truck docks are meant to succeed,”.

According to Clark, tenants can also search for logistics facilities to accommodate the intense need for a supply chain, settling in markets with good transportation infrastructure, letting them serve large and efficient customer volumes.

Life Sciences

The Future Of The Industrial Real Estate Market In Florida: Trends For 2024

The life sciences industry has emerged as a bright spot in the office market. Although some economic headwinds have affected the sector, growth continues. As demand for new treatments grows, the life sciences industry will continue to bring devices and cures to the world. However, some challenges lie ahead in 2024.

One challenge that is affecting growth in the life sciences is the supply chain. Companies are pursuing cautious expansion strategies, particularly in the biopharmaceutical sector. This has led to a decline in venture capital funding.

In addition, the cost of capital is increasing the pressure on tenants to find space. Some pharma companies are also looking at domestic manufacturing capacity. Historically, life sciences R&D and manufacturing have been done overseas.

Life sciences real estate is still dominated by a few large owners. The top 10 LSRE owners own 107 million square feet or 60 percent of the total inventory. But there are other significant players in the market.


One of the best investments a real estate investor in Florida can make is a multifamily property. Because of low vacancy rates and strong demand, rents are rising. Furthermore, rental prices can also spike. Here, a steady stream of renters is the key to a stable cash flow.

Another positive is the increased availability of affordable units. This is especially true in class C buildings. However, owners may need help to monetize older assets. In addition, the cost of building materials is increasing.

It is estimated that rents in multifamily class A and class B buildings have risen by 10% year-over-year. That means there are still plenty of opportunities for multifamily investment in 2024.

Multifamily and industrial properties continue to perform well. Although they are not the most traditional asset class, they are gaining momentum.


The Future Of The Industrial Real Estate Market In Florida: Trends For 2024

The industrial asset class continues to be one of the strongest commercial real estate performers. Price gains in this asset class have been the highest, rising an average of 41%.

A long list of reasons makes the State a great place to buy a space. One of the largest is the availability of financing. If you’re an investor in the market for a new property, a combination of financing options is better.

While the State of Florida is a great place to live, a few factors could affect your buying experience. The most important thing is that your property will always be somewhat valued.

Forecasting Home Price Appreciation

If you are a seller in Florida’s industrial real estate market for 2024, you will need to expect a more relaxed sales climate. Sellers are expected to receive more offers from competing for for-sale listings. It may mean longer transaction timeframes. You should also expect more bargaining with buyers.

As mortgage rates continue to rise, the housing market is experiencing a downturn. Many people have priced themselves out of the market because of the high rates.


The commercial real estate industry is challenging, with interest rates and cash flow due diligence on the rise. However, while the outlook may seem bleak, there are still plenty of opportunities for investors to take advantage of in Florida.

Industrial property remains on the upswing, albeit at a slower pace. While the recent global economic turmoil has impacted the industry, many of the resiliency measures that were in place during the recession will remain in place. Moreover, the Federal Reserve has stepped up its monetary policy. These trends and forecasts help you make a sound property purchase, sale, or investment decision in the State.