How can you protect your information when using wireless technology

How can you protect your information when using wireless technology

How can you protect your information when using wireless technology

The electronic age is upon us and with gadgets created to make life supposedly easier for us, this technology has become an integral part of our lives. More than 80% of the world’s population makes use of these technologies and wireless tech was created to simplify our lives by helping us to communicate or do business on the go.

However, with the use of it, our information has also become more vulnerable to scrutiny from outside sources. That brings us to the question of How can you protect your information when using wireless technology in your day-to-day use of it. As this can be a blessing, enabling communication to flow easier and freely or to, run a business while you move from meeting to meeting comes with disadvantages too.

By reading this article to the end you will learn a lot about wireless connections as we will discuss it in length. We will explain to you what a wireless network is and show you the types of wireless networks and at the end you will understand that , How can you protect your information when using wireless technology.

What is the best way to safeguard your data on your mobile computing device from cyber awareness?

The most effective way to safeguard the data stored on your device is to secure the device’s screen when not being used. Also, you should have an account password to unlock it.

What is the wireless technology that allows your electronic devices to have cyber-awareness?

The wireless technology allows your electronic devices to communicate and exchange data when placed close to one another. Bluetooth is a form of near-field communications.

What is a good way to safeguard information from cyber-sensibility?

Do you know the proper way to label classified information is labeled? The classification of classified material must be done properly. Information that could be believed to cause serious harm to the security of the nation will be classified at a level.

First discussion: A wireless network – What it is?

It is a network you are able to use without the need for cables to connect to it. Wireless networks work basically the same as radio which uses frequency waves. The use of wireless networks also diminished the cost of the internet. If and while you use wireless you must concentrate mainly on maintaining your privacy.

Wireless Networks: There are different types of it

Most of us are prone to using our personal information on social media sites, and all the different websites we use. The cybercriminal prowling these sites are ready to use our own information to benefit them and thereby destroy our personal privacy. That`s why it is very important for us to follow the privacy rules existing in these wireless technologies.

 There are four types of wireless networks that exist:

  1. Wireless Local Area Network (LAN): It is an association of links in two or more apparatus that makes use of a wireless spreading method. With it, they enable interrelations through entry points for the wider Internet.


  1. Wireless Metropolitan Area Network (MAN): This network interrelate more wireless LAN`s


  1. Wireless Wide Area Network (WAN): It spreads over larger areas like neighboring towns and cities.


  1. Wireless Personal Areas Network (PAN): It interlink apparatus in a tiny span, usually when they’re within reach.

How can you protect your information when using wireless technology

What exactly is wireless technology security?

How can you protect your information when using wireless technology: A wireless network is a Wi-Fi network, and wireless security aims to protect the data and computers from unauthorized access or harm. Wireless devices (usually the switches or routers) can provide security for wireless networks by default by encrypting and protecting all wireless data.

What’s the best way to ensure the security of your CAC?

Don’t divulge your PIN details to anyone else, unless you are willing to be at risk of losing your information. If you keep a note of your PIN in a public location, you could be harmed. Like with your Social Security Number, your PIN must be kept safe.

Here is how you can protect your information when you use wireless technology

The protection of your info is an important aspect, and indulging in it can give you a sequence of privacy while using wireless networks.

  1. Ensure the privacy of your Passwords: Use strong passwords which are difficult to guess on your laptop, bank accounts, and credit facilities or accounts you like to keep safe. Steer clear of the notion of using your name or part of it for your passwords. Use either a type of sentence abbreviated per example. “I swim far and wide” could be iSf#aW2%2. Be creative in designing your passwords. Do not use one password for a multitude of sites. Give every account its own password.


  1. Secure your Social Security Number: Include your social security number as a private entity. Never divulge your number when you are on an open network or when you are not sure who it is asking for it. If you have your number in a system get a strong password for it.


  1. Get rid of personal information: If you get a new device, dispose of the information on the old one through backup to a cloud service or on a USB drive. Then you can wipe what you won`t need on the old one by using a wipe utility program. Make sure you have all the website addresses you will need in the future on the new one before you wipe and destroy them.


  1. Get wise on Wi-Fi use: If a particular network can`t provide privacy don`t use it. Even though a public network guarantee privacy it is still your prerogative to make sure that it is like that. After the use of an open network, it is wise that you wipe traces of your work or log out from the accounts you have been using.


  1. Enable laptop lockup: Don`t use financial or business information on your laptop. In case you use it make sure your laptop has a strong password that`s hard to guess or a pattern that`s difficult to override. Never use automatic login features on your laptop and always log out after your use.


  1. Recommend VPN use: VPNs are some safe tools to use as they can disguise from which network you`ve logged in and they encrypt your connections while receiving and sending.


  1. Be always vigilant: If you use a public wireless entry point be aware of what and who is around you.


  1. Not authorized Computer access: Always secure your files and log out when you`re finished. Be aware of the websites you visit and remove unsafe programs.


  1. Ensure your wireless network are invisible: Free wireless is risky, it is not recommended to share personal information through it.


  1. If you share files be cautious: It is dangerous to share your files on an open wireless network. First, confirm authenticity before you share it.


  1. Anti-virus Software: Install antivirus on your wireless networks. They will be able to protect your information.


  1. Avoid Email publishing: Do not open files or links sent by unknown sources. Don`t download programs that do not come from an authentic source.

Internet Security tips to help protect your wireless network

Here are a few easy steps you can follow to safeguard your wireless router and network:

Do not use your default password. It’s easy for hackers to discover the default password used by the manufacturer of your wireless router and then use that password to connect to your wireless connection. It’s thus advisable to change the admin password on your router’s wireless network. If you’re choosing a secure password ensure you select an intricate sequence of letters and numbers is sure to avoid using a guessable password.

Change your device’s SSID name Also, it’s simple for hackers to figure out the standard SSID ID for the gadget and then use it to identify the wireless connection. You can change your standard SSID to the name of your gadget and be sure to avoid using a name that is deduced.

Encrypt your data In the settings for your connection make sure to enable encryption in your connection settings. If the device you are using is compatible with WPA encryption, you can use that and if it does it does not then use WEP encryption.

Guard against malicious software as well as Internet attacks Be sure to install anti-malware software that is rigorous on all your computers as well as other devices. To keep your anti-malware software up-to-date, use an automatic upgrade option inside the software.


It really can be bothersome if your information lands in the hands of a hacker. That`s why you should make sure that it stays safe while you are online. We get a lot of sickoes out there and it is our duty to protect what we hold dear. Know More about How can you protect your information when using wireless technology .

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