Reviews on ”How drop resistant is the Samsung A20 Phone – 2024 Guide”

For the past few months, Samsung has been showering the market with A-series smartphones. In reality, seven A-series phones have been released in the previous 50 days or thereabouts, bringing the total number of Galaxy phones released this year to 15. The brand-new Galaxy A20 of 2024 has all the power and features of the S-series at a fraction of the cost whenever you purchase it from with the best resistant quality. In comparison to Apple’s cheap iPhone SE, it has a much bigger display and a more flexible camera cluster.

The Samsung Galaxy A20 has weather-resistant

Reviews on ''How drop resistant is the Samsung A20 Phone - 2024 Guide''

Our topic today, the Galaxy A20, is similar to the Galaxy M20 (Review) or, more precisely, falls between the two M20 models. This is an A-series phone, so you can expect a higher quality build, faster charging, an AMOLED display, and the latest version of Samsung’s user interface, One UI. These are undeniably beneficial aspects. But can these features compete with the likes of the Realm 3 Pro and the coveted Redmi Note 7 Pro, both of which have speedier processors?

It’s reassuring to know that your phone will survive the elements and daily wear and tear, whether you’re a hiker or a city dweller. All S7 and later models provide dust and water resistance as standard features. For dust and water resistance, the Ingress Protection rating (IP rating) is the standard. Except for the Galaxy Fold, Z Flip, and S10 5G, almost all modern Galaxy phones have an IP rating of 68. That implies your phone is safe to carry along on your travels.

Screens and options may be different depending on your wireless carrier, operating system, and phone model. There’s a chance that the touchscreen won’t work if it gets wet. The S Pen is not required to keep the Note’s IP68 rating in place. Additionally, the S Pen is watertight (rated IP68). A phone model without an IP rating does not exist.

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Reviews on ''How drop resistant is the Samsung A20 Phone - 2024 Guide''


If you want your phone to survive drops and splashes, invest in one that is water-resistant. The latest, greatest features on the best waterproof Samsung phones are right here. If you have one of them, you may use it in the water or the rain without worrying about damaging the device or your photos. The IP rating of every product here is specified. Phones with a “6” as the first digit are completely sealed against dust. If the number is 7, that means the phone is waterproof.

The Samsung water-resistant smartphone is also equipped with a high-quality camera, CPU, and screen. You won’t be able to resist buying one of these phones only because of its eye-catching design or bright color. Also, you’ll get access to the full luxury experience.

Find out more about the Samsung Galaxy’s water resistance, as well as the phone’s other features, characteristics, discounts, offers, and pricing. Find the best deals on a wide range of Samsung appliances, including refrigerators, TVs, air conditioners, washing machines, and more. You should look at the more secure, long-lasting, and water-resistant phones.

The Galaxy A20 from Samsung is styled like any other 2019 A-series phone. There’s a welcome USB Type-C connector, it has a premium-looking 3D “classic” back (which is a fancy term for a glass-finish polycarbonate back), and it’s quite sturdy. Very similar to the Galaxy A30, but with a different AMOLED display with a V cutout from Samsung (as compared to Infinity-U on A30, a minor change).

However, they are just nitpicking things. Glass, three-dimensional, curved, rounded, etc., are all terms used to describe the design, yet we can recognize a well-executed piece of work no matter what it’s called. You won’t have any trouble keeping the Galaxy A20 in your hand or using it because of its sleek design and smooth finish. We know there are people on both sides of the fence about our Red review unit, but we’re very fond of it. The only real issue we had was that the fingerprint reader was placed somewhat high up.

Review of the Samsung Galaxy A20 Screen

Reviews on ''How drop resistant is the Samsung A20 Phone - 2024 Guide''

Samsung has an AMOLED display on this budget phone, but it’s just HD+ quality (which is more of a concern since this is an OLED screen). We had some apprehensions about this heading into the review, but our fears were allayed after testing the phone for ourselves. Our honed vision is capable of distinguishing blurry text and rounded corners, but a high-definition mobile screen is still preferable. It’s not ideal, but it’s manageable.

The AMOLED display has great contrast, almost neutral whites, and four different color modes to pick from (Basic being our personal favorite). Although the display’s lack of sharpness is annoying, it’s easy on the eyes, accurate, and gorgeous.

Review of the Hardware and Software of the Samsung Galaxy A20

Reviews on ''How drop resistant is the Samsung A20 Phone - 2024 Guide''

The device has 32GB of internal storage and 3GB of RAM. If you need more space, you may insert a microSD card into the slot provided. To sum up, the Galaxy A20 is aimed at the most basic of smartphone users. While we didn’t experience any stutters in our day-to-day use, the performance isn’t very quick. The casual games are playable, but the high-end ones have some hiccups.

On the other side, the software is a key advantage. The new Samsung One UI is a work of art, and it won’t take you long to learn how to use it. The UI is well-streamlined, and the new design and smooth animations have captured our attention. The Galaxy A20, like other recently released Samsung phones, can play Amazon Prime and Netflix in high definition.

The fingerprint sensor can read your fingerprint and get relevant information about your fingers in a flash, but the screen itself will not activate for a full second (or a fraction of a second). The face unlock process is quick but not lightning fast. We had no problems with call quality. The Galaxy A20 supports dual-band Wi-Fi but just single-band 4G VoLTE.