How to block my phone from being tracked

How To Block My Phone From Being Tracked

How to block my phone from being tracked

When you are being spied on, and someone wants to track your whereabouts, they can locate you through your electronic communications device. Our phones are ideal to keep an eye on us because we carry them around with us at all times.

So, if someone is into tracking us, they can locate us through our device, by checking where it is if we have enabled the location feature. With your GPS radio on, it will give a loud and clear signal, and lead those tracking you straight to you. A lot of other methods exist, to track you through your phone.

How To Block My Phone From Being TrackedOne of them is to log into the frequencies your phone is transmitting between cell towers, and voila they know where you are. Another is your Wi-Fi hotspot if you`ve enabled it. It gives off a clear sign telling where you are. When you have a notion of being followed it`s best to disable these features. That`s why I need to be informed on the methods which will show me How to block my phone from being tracked.

What to do to block my phone from being tracked

Turn off the cellular and Wi-Fi radio`s on your phone. The easiest way to do it is to switch over to “Airplane Mode” Shut your phone down completely and remove its battery.

If you have a GPS radio on disabling it.

The first action is to switch off all radio`s on your phone. The best and fastest way is by turning on “Airplane Mode.” It immediately stops the transmitting frequencies from your phone thus stopping someone to connect to your network.

The second action is to check if your phone has a GPS radio and if it`s enabled. Switch it off your GPS radio. The reason why we mentioned it again is that some phones have this as a separate setting. Some put it into menus such as your Privacy and Location settings. You should switch off your location features and it won`t be able to activate your GPS settings. It will stop giving off a signal and thereby give away your whereabouts. For other phones it`s easy and enabling Airplane mode will shut it down.

Third action to use on an iPhone or iPad:

Scroll to your phone’s Settings, then choose the Privacy feature. Now you choose Location Settings. On the drop-down, you will see all the applications that use location services. You can disable it all by using the button shown on the top. Or if you like you can choose from the different applications, you want to use the service and disable the rest.

For Android users:

Open the app drawer, move to Settings, and choose Location. Then after this choice go to Google Location Settings. Switch of both Location Reporting and Location History. The Location reporting feature gives your location many apps to use. The Location History feature saves all the locations you have visited for future use.

You can delete all your location history from Google. to remember, there are certain applications like Google maps needing your location data to fulfill the functions. If this does not phase you and you`re more concerned about your safety then delete the history and keep the feature switch off. This will allow you to block your phone from being tracked if it`s your main aim. To the know How to block my phone from being tracked post .

The fourth and last action is to switch off your phone and take out your battery. This is the most viable way of ensuring no one can track you. But, this will mean you`ll not be able to use your phone at all. If you have important data on your phone and you need to use it back it up to a laptop, USB drive or desktop then switch off and dismantle it. If you follow these actions on how to block your phone from being tracked can ensure you a safe private life.


Warning: Always be vigilant, and when you suspect someone`s tracking your device go to the authorities and report it. Sometimes it can be them tracking you and thus as we before indicated do not trust anyone when it comes to your safety and privacy and do everything in your power for ensured privacy and safety.

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