Why Does Being In Love Feel So Good? [2023]


Is it all on Scientific grounds???

LOVE…. The most used 4 letter word in this journey of LIFE. The eternity of love is being cherished from epics to yesterday. 

Lord Krishna, has shown us the purest form of love. Even in his holy chanting, it should always be RadhaKrishna but not Krishna alone…His love towards his soulmate is so divine he even made us fall in love.

Today we don’t have a movie, novel not even a single doorstep of this universe without Love.

But what is Love all about? Why does being in love feel so good?

Is it all about sharing an ice-cream, cool drink, sitting together, or watching a movie?

Does this make being in love feel so good?

No, Love is not all about sharing food, sharing a bed or enjoying a movie. 

It is the divine power of sharing a soul, sharing every emotion, sharing your life all about sharing yourself.

I heard people saying “I always remember that spark in her eyes when I saw her for the first time” 

This happened in a second? Is this attraction or just feeling good seeing someone beautiful of our choice?

We all have read about the hierarchy of needs in our childhood. Today I say, Love is also a hierarchy of needs that fulfills the physical, emotional, and psychological elements of an individual.

It feels so good to be in love as it nurtures the need of life, need of safety, need of acceptance, the need of positivity. It gives hope for Life. 

It makes the happiness of other person as your own.

Love is not all about the adrenaline rush. Even after that chemical rush being settled down the relationship still persists for years together.

Why Does Being in Love Feel So Good?


Let’s see a few reasons why does being in love feel so good and let’s explore something about love.

Better Choices For Life:

    A friend of mine who used to be very negligent with life has topped the university today. He’s earning a penny more than all of us. I once asked him what makes you change with life?  His first answer is Love… I made my life much more comfortable for my loved ones. I just want to make her feel happy.

 Then I came to know that Love makes you feel so good because of your better choices. 

If you are in love with someone who is a positive influence on your wellbeing you are more likely to make healthy choices for life.

Maybe this is the reason Why does being in love feel so good. What else we need as a human other than a life with better choices.

 One to Share Your Emotion:

It boosts up your emotional energy. If mental health is fit, life is all fit, Love makes your mental health better.

Many researchers have notified that a better relation improves attitude, motivation, vitality, physical and mental health.

Being in a positive attitude is fuel for a better and bigger life. If love can boost up your emotional energy to give you a positive attitude, this is why being in love makes us feel so good.


    Life is getting mechanical day – today. When we have someone to share your burden with, we always feel lighter. Many surveys have shown married men who are in a relationship are healthier physically and mentally.


Improves Personal Care:

Movies taught how our lovers start looking up for each other. It taught us love makes us maintain our personal care to attract our loved ones. When you make yourself look better it makes you feel so good of yourself, giving hope and excitement to put up yourself for life.

When you are introducing yourself to the world in a much better way and when the whole world is admiring your change, maybe this is the ultimate reason why does being in love feel so good

A Change in attitude:

A better mind, A better Life always. As we said, when we feel more attractive about ourselves it makes us feel happy and keeps our surroundings happy. Your mind engages very less in negativity. When we are happy we tend to share it with companions, this gives a positive hope for a relationship.

Social Acceptance

 Social acceptance is always a need for survival. Being in love is being accepted by someone. When others feel like sharing their time with you it makes you feel so good that you are worthy of love.

Maybe this social acceptance is a leading factor for youngsters to stay in a relationship because we never love rejection. Acceptance from others makes us more confident towards life.


 As I spoke about acceptance, I got to think that acceptance boosts our self-esteem. Especially for girls or women, it takes away the pressure of being single and feels safer, and boosts up self-esteem.

Stay Motivated

  Leading a routine life is always tougher. Learning new things, creative thoughts makes us smarter and healthier.

Being with someone whom we love makes us more curious. Every human brain tends to know everything about others when we start meeting a person. We learn to listen better than before, we learn to be more attentive, more focused and we will always be willing enough to explore new things. 

When your senses are active, your mind is active and it makes you active mentally and physically giving you new experiences this make you enjoy the joy in love.

Feel-Good Chemicals

  Keeping all the emotional things aside, when someone new comes to your life and throws you into the pit of loving and being loved it’s not all about heart there is something to speak about the mind.   

  Your chemicals…When we feel being loved it activates the neurotransmitters and hormones like serotonin and dopamine. This induces a feel of being elated gives energy and happiness. A dopamine rush makes you feel anxious enough to explore new things. 

As the physical journey begins the bonding hormone oxytocin releases allowing for intimacy and trust.

A scientific reason published by an article explaining why does being in love feel so good explaining about the adrenaline rush in the first insight of a couple.

This is all about Why does being in love feel so good. Hope you will explore the world of love and make your life much lovable.  


When all the things mentioned above are working out for a person it makes them feel so good for being in a relationship. A new energetic, emotionally strong mind bounded with positivity makes life better.

Why does being in love feel so good? 

The better answer from my side will be that love is an emotion that makes you stronger for being accepted in this so-called machine world. It never chooses a person seeing guarantee cards, features, instructions, and price. It is making us real humans.

People experience a bonding of acceptance where they grow to maintain a healthy balance between Life and Relationship.

Whatever we spoke is all about loving someone…Choosing a partner for life. Being in Love feels so good as we have someone for life who gave us everything we need, who accepted us for a lifetime. 

Before loving others, self – love a weapon of staying healthier. It makes you more lovable when you love yourself. It is a measure for the quality of your relationship and the happiness of your own or your partner.

Learn To Love Yourself…It makes you feel so good and makes you love others in a better way.