What is The Sociocultural Model of Addiction? [2023]    

Addiction, the fact of being addicted to a particular substance or activity. This is a serious issue in today’s scientific world that negatively impacts the life of an individual. Drugs, alcohol, Mobiles, Games and the list goes on….

Today we are here to speak something about What is the Sociocultural model of addiction.?

A Woman leaving her kids alone for enjoying in a bar??

A 17 years’ teen sitting in a wheelchair due to a drunk-driving accident??

A newly married couple getting divorced because of an alcoholic husband??

This is what the socio-cultural model of addiction speaks all about.

Addiction becomes a part of an individual’s life due to society, friends, peer groups family.  

Does a question always arise how big are these addiction problems? What makes the individual to get addictive to a habit?

What is The Sociocultural Model of Addiction?

  Many factors influence addiction. It could be the socio-cultural habits of an individual or genetics.

BPSS Model of Addiction – 

     Bio-Psycho-Socio-Spiritual Model of Addiction. Addiction is not a disease of a microorganism; it is something that influences the individual by himself to get or suffer from an addiction

The above-mentioned models explain the person’s cause of addiction. This majorly helps the therapist or the individual himself or herself to get rid of addiction.

Models of Addiction:

  1. Moral Model
  2. Socio-Cultural Model
  3. Disease Model
  4. Psycho-dynamic model
  5. Social Learning Model
  6. Public health Model..

Socio-Cultural Model of Addiction:

 What is The Sociocultural Model of Addiction? 

 Let’s see what the socio-cultural model of addiction speaks about

“What we observe often is what we get addict to.” This is what Socio-Cultural Model of Addiction.

Attitude towards a certain habit varies from individual to individual. A positive attitude that clearly differentiates socializing and addiction can easily get rid of socio-cultural addiction.

Mentoring a mind from an early age. If kids are exposed to bad social behaviors such as drinking and alcohol by parents at a small age could influence their minds towards addiction. 

Let us See With An Example: 

There is a boy of 8 years of age. While he was sitting on his study chair and reading a lesson about good and bad habits… He saw his father having a cigar and alcohol with his friends. Every day he sat at the window and started observing his dad having a cigar and enjoying with his friends. After days passed he started imitating his father…After years passed it became his habit…After a few years, it became his habit. The socio-cultural model of addiction. 

The above example explains us: What is the Sociocultural Model of Addiction?

Relief From Stress  

  The most common reason today people use alcohol today is Stress. Taking alcohol on a stressful day slowly makes a habit for addiction.

Peer Group 

 Research on socio-cultural addiction have notified, Peer group pressure are the major reason for a socio-cultural addiction like alcohol, smoking and cocaine. Unhealthy social circumstances are always risky.    

What is the Sociocultural Model of Addiction And What it Speaks About?

 Socio- Cultural model of addiction speaks about the process of addiction that tends to happen from anywhere to anyone. This could be due to background, status, race, cultures, gender and peer pressure. Sometimes Mental health of an individual makes up his mind for an addiction. The whole socio-cultural model of addiction speaks about how an individual gets addicted because of their surrounding atmosphere.

Key Factors in a Socio-Cultural Model of Addiction


 An article published on What Is the Sociocultural Model of addiction explains that an individual’s environment is the key factor described in the sociocultural model of addiction. Environmental factors like Home, family, school, a neighborhood can increase the risk of addiction.

  • A child who is surrounded by a drunken father will make his mind to turn for drinks.
  • A bad companion’s influence will always make a mind addictive to abusive habits.
  • Teenagers with a bad peer pressure can easily be influenced to experiment with substances to fit in.
  • Today the status of an individual is being measured by the social habits he’s addictive to. This popularity can throw a human into the trap of socio-cultural addiction.

  Today every life is being stressed out…Family or Professional stresses are common in day-to-day life. But having alcohol or taking heroin or enjoying cigar smoke is not a remedy for getting stress-free. 

What is The Sociocultural Model of Addiction And Its Recovery?

In the above-mentioned details, we have learned What is the sociocultural model of addiction. However, as we all knew every problem comes with a solution as every disease has a cure. In a similar way let us see a few points about how to recover from the socio-cultural model of addiction. 

When addiction is due to socio-cultural behaviors its cure is always an individual’s choice. Getting socialized is a very good thing but adapting to a socio-cultural addiction is never. 

Your recovery from socio-cultural addiction consists of learning new ways to cope up with stress. 

It is not a need for a good ear to listen, you must have a glass of alcohol beside. Make your friendships addiction-free. 

Associate with people who know to enjoy life without addictive like alcohol or drugs. Watch a friend who has a healthy lifestyle rather than watching someone who’s addictive.

There are people who have a habit of taking alcohol but they are not addictive to it. Try learning things from them. Stay closer to them.

The best way to get out from a socio-cultural addiction is to question yourself.

Question yourself about how much you have benefited from taking a habit from your parents to become stress-free.

Can’t I come out from stress or depression if I heart fully talk to a friend who is non-addictive to things like alcohol?

Explore about What is the sociocultural model of addiction and recovery procedures and try practicing tips on what you have learned.

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Imagine how better your life could be if you have a social company that have healthier habits.

Can’t you learn new things in your life like Music, Dance, Painting, writing for a healthy life rather than learning how to take alcohol.


I hope you got your answer for What is the sociocultural Model of addiction.

We all can understand that your life, situations, and demands are making your mind for addiction. But, at what cost it’s ruining your life is the point to be spoken out.

While finding a way to come out of a problem your life is getting trapped with these addictive’s which is going to ruin your whole life.

Make a habit to cultivate new theories for life. Think creative, explore the world. Take a break from a stressful schedule. Talk to a good friend who can motivate you …. Go for a Walk…Have a long vacation…Start doing new things…Sit alone for some time. Feel the nature. When you have many routines to follow, then what is the use of getting habituated to a bad socio-cultural life?

Meditation is one of the best choices you can make for life. Practice it for a lifetime. It will make you a better person. Keep your mind in peace. Let it get some energy to think for a solution to your silly issues. Remember it will get more tired with your addictions.  

It’s all your choice right… A socio-cultural addiction is something which you have learned from observing others…When you observe better things then this socio-cultural addiction will never be a challenging task to rule out.

Learn The Best from Others and Be the Best.