Top 7 Positive Self Talk Activities For Kids To Help Build Confidence [2023]

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What is Self Talk?

Self talk is talking with oneself. It is an internal dialogue you will make with your subconscious mind. If you are talking with yourself, it is called “Self Talking.” In this article, you will learn top 7 Positive Self Talk Activities For Kids that help your kids grow confident. Nowadays positive self talk activities for kids are crucial because most of the kids are falling into the trap of lower self esteem and low confidence. Your kid may grow confident and shy if you don’t focus on building self esteem in the kid.   


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Why is it Important?

As you know that negative thinking has a bad impact on human’s mind. We can consider it like a virus. Do you know about any virus? What it does when it enters the human body? He starts killing good cells in the body and makes the body dysfunctional. 

If you co-relate negative thinning with the “virus”, negative thinking once enters the mind it starts taking over your positive thoughts. One simple negative thought proliferates many similar thoughts. We adults can take care of our mind by not allowing negative thinking or flipping the negative thought to positive one. 

But what about your kids? They don’t know all this, and if they start thinking negatively about themselves, it affects their personality. It’s your responsibility to guide them to the right path at the right age. This article will help you learn positive self-talk activities for kids quickly and easily.    


Understanding Mind Game 

 Why focus goes to negativity

Before learning positive self talk activities for kids, let us understand games of mind quickly. Researchers say, people tend to give their attention to more one negative things than positive. People’s minds are hardwired to focus on a negative and learn from it or make the decisions on the basis of negative events happening. What if you had practiced positive self talk activities when you were a kid. You would have been a more positive and optimistic person today. 

That’s why learning positive self talk activities for kids, are significant to show right direction to your child. 


List of Positive self talk activities For Kids

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  • “I AM…” Activity For Kids

This positive self activity suggests to use two powerful words along with best adjective i.e. “I AM….”  For example, I am an amazing boy, I am capable of doing anything, I am happy, I am intelligent, I am perfect, I am brave etc. 

You will feel the effects of  “I AM” activity, once your kid starts practicing for a month. This is one of the best positive self talk activities for kids, which helps build confidence. 


  • Expressing Gratitude 

Most of the people always hate their lives by saying I have no home, I have not enough money, I wish I had a car etc etc. They constantly think about things that they don’t have. People should learn to express a gratification towards God for whatever things they already have. This is also one of the best positive self talk activities for kids. You can teach your kid right from an early age to become grateful for whatever things she already has. You can customize self-talk for your kids and teach them to recite at early morning and before sleep. 


  • Writing a Positive Self Talk & Read it Aloud

These positive self talk activities for kids have their own importance. Make sure you ask your kid to write down positive self talk. Additionally, keep a notebook handy. When your child wakes up then you go and sit with her and ask her to read it aloud. You encourage her to recite the same affirmation whenever she gets time.


  • Paste Positive Affirmation Paper On Your Kid’s Bedroom Wall

Next time if you go out to the supermarket make sure you buy a few colourful sketch pens and blank notebooks. Come back home and cut a rectangle piece of paper. Write some of the best positive self-talk affirmation on each piece of paper with different colors. Make sure you involve your child in this activity and tell her why are doing this. Once rectangular shaped papers are ready then paste them all on the kid bedroom wall. And tell her why you are pasting it? Encourage her to read aloud. 


  • Teach Your Kids To Transform Negative Thought To Positive Thought

Teaching kids flipping negative self-talk unintentional thoughts to positive thoughts. Next time if your kid says,” I am not a good chess player” then you tell her to flip the same thought with a positive one. Like instead of saying. “I am not a good chess player”, she could have said, “I need more practice to make myself a better chess player.” You can see the difference between these two sentences.

You can even feel the energy when you say negative thoughts and when you say positive thoughts. In the first case, your kid will feel low but in the second case she will feel challenged and excited to take more action and improve herself. This is also considered a positive self talk activities for kids so do this and see a positive result.


  • Positive Self Talk Activities For Kids Using Mirror

Try one experiment at home tomorrow morning. Have positive self-talk affirmation and go in front of the mirror. Make eye contact with yourself. See you are meeting one of the best persons in the world. You recite the positive motivational affirmation and see instant feelings in you. You will feel powerful and positive. You can teach the same to your child. For the first few days, you can monitor her. Once a habit gets formed, everything will become effortless. This is my personal favorite positive self-talk activity. 


  • Create a Positive Self Talk Morning Ritual

If you have read “Miracle Morning” by Hal Elrod then you must already have an idea about the morning ritual. You can help your child to create her best and positive morning routine. If this kind of good habits you tried to instill in your child, you will reap its benefits in the long run, as your child will have gotten one of the best parenting. 


Positive self talk activities for kids will help them to become more confident than their other friends. Self-confidence and self-esteem will enhance. Your child will transform completely to her best version. In the long run, she will confront many life problems with a positive attitude.Let us know what you think? Which activity will you start among positive self-talk activities for kids?

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