What Are the Very Basic Things That You Should Be Clear About in the Cases of a Parabola?

The parabola is the U-shaped plane that will cover any point which will be at an equal distance from the fixed point which is known as the focus and will help in forming a straight line that will be known as the directrix. Parabola is a very important component of the conic section topic and has several kinds of further concepts.

 The section of the right circular cone by a plane parallel to the generator of the cone will always be referred to as the concept of the parabola. This is the locus of the point that will help in moving so that distance from the office point will always be equal to the distance from a fixed line that will be known as the directrix. The simplest possible equation of the parabola will be Y Square is equal to X where the directrix will be parallel to the Y-axis and in general, if the directrix is parallel to the Y-axis into the standard equation then it will be different and has been written as:


  • Y Square is equal to 4 into A into X

 The latus rectum of the parabola is considered to be the chord that will help in passing through the focus and is very much perpendicular to the axis of the parabola. Four into A is considered to be the length of the latus rectum. For any kind of parabola, the equation will be Y Square is equal to -4A into X and further representing the coordinates of the point of the wearable is very much important for the kids to learn so that they can satisfy the equation very easily.

 The focal chord is considered to be any kind of chord that will pass through the focus of the problem and is also referred to as the fixed chord of the parabola. The focal distance of any kind of point will be the parabola is equal to Y Square is equal to 4 into A into X and will be the distance between point P and point focus.


 Following are the most modern properties of the parabola:

  1. The eccentricity of any kind of parabola will always be equal to 1
  2. The parabola will be very much symmetric about its axis
  3. The axis of the parabola will be perpendicular to the directrix
  4. The axis will always pass through the vertex and the focus
  5. The tangent at the vertex will always be parallel to the directrix
  6. The vertex is the midpoint of the focus on the point of intersection of directrix and the axis
  7. Tangents drawn to any kind of point on the directrix will always be perpendicular.


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