How To Become A Better Person Inside And Out? [2023]


This article will teach you, “ How to become a better person inside and out.” Everyone wants success, happiness, joy in his life. You may face daily challenges to become a better person. Everyone desires to become successful by accomplishing certain things. Success is a journey, not a destination. Many challenges we face in ourselves while walking this journey. The real thing that really matters most is, do you remain the same person as you were before achieving certain things. Or have you changed? What kind of change are you feeling? Is it positive or negative?

It is crucial to Keep your character top-notch. You need to become a better person inside and out. This cannot be done immediately but slowly and steadily you can win the race. You can improve yourself (That may be eliminating minor bad habits/anger management/sleeping lately & waking up lately etc.) 

If you make a daily 1% improvement in yourself, you will see magical changes in the long run. You might have known about compounding effects. Daily small improvements can lead you to big changes after a certain period of time. 

You know what, Becoming a better person inside and out, is the noblest thing. There are few things you can implement from now and you will see a really good change in you. 

So lets get started to learn how to become a better person inside and out :  

1. Set Goals And Prepare Action Plans To Achieve them

If you don’t know where you are going, you will end up in the wrong section. Having Goals means you have a clear idea of what you want to achieve in your life. Make sure you are writing them down on paper and they should be visible to you on a daily basis. If you are seeing your goals on a daily basis, it creates a positive impact on your mind. Your mind will stay focused. Even having clear goals will help you to keep focused. If you want to become a better person inside and out, it’s crucial to have clear goals and plans to achieve them.

Bonus Point: Take a card sheet of paper and write down your Goal with a color sketch pen. And paste one copy in the bedroom and one in your workspace. 

 2. Imbibe Integrity, loyalty, Humility

Have you ever noticed your behavior when you meet a poor person and when you meet a rich person? Most people act completely differently when they meet a poor and rich one. Why does this happen? Why can’t we behave equally with people we meet? You should be humble with everyone you meet.

Being humble is the noblest characteristic and that will make you a better person from the inside. You should be loyal to everyone. Loyalty, Integrity, and humility are the 3 most important characteristics which help you become a better person inside and out. If you inculcate these qualities, you will become a better person in a relationship also. 

Bonus Point: Next time when you enter the office then talk to the peon with humbleness and give him a smile. You will also feel good. Make these small experiments every day and you will see a great change in you. 

3. Be kind To Everyone

one beggar is asking for money from a car owner. The car owner vilified her And refused to give her money and he closed the car window. You might have seen this situation many times. How do you feel whenever you see this?

If you are a kind person, you might feel disappointed. And thinking how can someone be cruel. Nowadays most people are forgetting about “Kindness.” Most people think being kind will encourage other people to manipulate you. But this is not true. Being kind will not make you weak. However, it will help you to be a “Good Human Being.” There are many celebrities such as Sonu Sood, who are helping poor people. They are very rich but still, they are kind to the people. And this thing will earn him deep respect from the people. 

Bonus Point: Next time if you see any beggar asking money from you, make sure you are kindly asking her why she is begging and what’s the reason. And you try your best to help her genuinely by giving her food/clothes etc.  

4. Be A Better Opportunist 

It has been said that you should be present at the right place at the right time, it’s called serendipity. There are many people who became wealthy because they grabbed opportunity. They were present at that exact place and identified an opportunity and grabbed it. You should be a better opportunist. You should have to identify opportunities and try your best to grab that one. There are many people who are neutral and unenthusiastic in their life. They never try to go out of their comfort zone and look for new opportunities. 

Do you know? An opportunity has one specialty, opportunity always comes from behind the door and knocks and if you don’t open the door, it will go towards someone else. Sometimes opportunities come in the form of temporary problems. You might feel that you are very unlucky that you are caught by a difficult time. But if you are an opportunist you will see a “Golden Chance of Growth” in those problems. And you try your best to solve it and identify the opportunity behind that problem. That’s how you will become a better person inside and out. 

Bonus Point: Whenever you face any difficulty then try to close your eyes for a minute and try to see the same situation from a completely different perspective. Try to see opportunity in it. 

5. Improve Self Esteem & Self-Confidence

Positive self-esteem helps a happy life. Self-esteem is a “sense of self.” Self-esteem is like how you see yourself or how you rate yourself as a human. If you have positive self-esteem you will not easily get affected by external setbacks in your life. Improving self-esteem to become a better person inside and out, is critically important. And in the case of parents, they need to take steps consciously to help their child to build self-esteem. So that child will have positive self-esteem in the future.

That will ultimately help him throughout his life. “Building self-confidence” is also important to be a better person and be happy. Note that there is a difference between self-esteem and self-confidence, But both play a vital role in human lives.

Bonus Point: Self-esteem can be built from childhood by doing some self-esteem activities. If you are a parent, you can help instill self-esteem and self-confidence in your child. There are few fun activities to build self-esteem and self-confidence. Try to follow them and have your child healthy self-esteem and good self-confidence. 


6. Self Love: Make it Part of Your Life


Young boys and girls do share their happy selfies on social media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, etc. Some of them show their friends, “how happy they are.” But in reality, things are different. Here is the main impact on the viewer’s mind. Whenever you see someone’s photo where she is wearing the most expensive clothes or having a premium location etc.

You immediately start denigrating yourself and start feeling “LOW” after seeing their life. If this happens often, you start hating yourself for your life situations. In other words, you reduce your self-love. Now here is the real fact that you didn’t notice.

That photo might be “Fake” or “Overhyped.” You never know the truth behind such photos being shared on Instagram or Facebook. Loving yourself is more important than ever. Accept yourself the way you are. Never complain about your life situation, try to overcome them. If you start loving yourself you will feel really great. Ultimately your self-esteem/self-image will improve.

Self-love will help you to be happy because it has a sense of acceptance. You are going to accept yourself as the way you are. That’s how you will stop complaining and criticizing yourself and start loving yourself. Self-love will help you to become a better person inside and out ultimately. 

Bonus Point: Try this! Once you wake up early in the morning, go in front of the mirror and tell yourself that “I love you so much [Your Name]” and tell everything that you like most in you. You will immediately start feeling good.  


7. Visualize Your Dreams Daily 

As mentioned earlier “goals setting” will help you redirect your focus properly. You might have seen many dreams in your life. And you always have a desire to fulfill your dream. If you have a dream then make sure that you are writing it down in your notebook. Whenever you wake up and you go to bed then grab that “dream book” and read it and visualize it. This will train your mind to remain focused at the tough time. Visualize your dreams daily, so that it will make a good impact on your mind and you will always be enthusiastic and energetic to achieve your dream.

Bonus Point: Your dream may be anything, you should visualize it that you have achieved and work super hard to achieve it. For example: If your dream is to buy a Mercedes Benz then visualize you already bought a Mercedes Benz. Feel its steering in your hand and you are driving joyously.

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8. Track Progress of Self-Improvement

If you are studying for the competitive exams, you might have done this to measure study performance. You may have maintained a special book to keep track of your study. Like how many hours you have studied? What was the quality of your focus? How many hours were you productive? How many hours did you spend on social media between study time? Etc. etc. 

As tracking performance in the study is significant, it is crucial in the “self-improvement journey” also. You can keep a track record of your self-improvement. So that you will understand where you need to improve yourself? How much time is necessary to make a significant improvement in your personality? Self-improvement progress tracking will help you to become a better person inside and out eventually.

Bonus Point: You can maintain a small diary and you can write your self-improvement goals and progress in it. In the long run, you will become a better person inside and out. 


9. Be A Responsible Person

Being a responsible person says that you are capable enough to handle the situation. Many people have a complaining attitude. If anything goes wrong, they start blaming others. If any situation goes wrong they start complaining about others. You should stop doing this. You need to take complete responsibility for the situation. This is a trait of a good leader. Take responsibility and try to improve the situation.

Despite blaming, you can motivate others to retry and support each other in a difficult time. So that you will harness the power of the team. With team spirit, you can tackle any difficult situation. Being a responsible person will also prove that you are a better person inside and out. So try to maintain harmony with your team members. Stop blaming and start encouraging team members to do things in a certain manner to get desired results. 

Bonus Point: Whenever you face an odd situation at that time every team member is already under a lot of pressure. Your should calm them down and motivate them to try to think creatively and assure them that they can overcome this situation. 


10. Count on Your Blessings: Another Good Way To Become A Better Person Inside And Out.

Human nature is always in the quest of achieving things that they don’t have. Most people always remain dissatisfied with their achievements. They will never get the sense of fulfillment because they always want the things which they don’t have. They always see what they don’t have. For example, if John has bought a new bike then John will be worried about getting a new car. He will watch other people’s cars and start worrying about getting a car.

“Wanting new things’ ‘ is not bad, actually it’s important to have some materialistic desires.  But if you are in constant worry about those things you don’t have, then you are doing something wrong with yourself. Instead, you need to count your blessings. You should be always grateful to God that at least you have those things which other people just dream to get. Work super hard to get the new things along with feeling grateful for whatever you already have. 

Bonus Point: Try this! Before going to bed and after waking up, Have a 10 min meditation and express gratitude to God that you are alive and you have certain things. Be grateful to God that you at least have certain things that others don’t have. 

Some Other Ways To Become A Better Person Inside And Out

  • Surprise people, you love and care
  • Daily learning new things
  • Be a good listener
  • Don’t have a complaining attitude 
  • Be positive and optimistic in every situation
  • Support everyone and tell them how important they are.
  • Have a better anger management
  • Have a role model and try to be a role model
  • Be a better in every relation (Better father/husband/uncle/brother mother/wife/aunty/sister)



Now you must have understood, “how to become a better person inside and out.” Above mentioned all ways are a good start towards becoming a better person. Kindly let us know, in a comment section below, what things you will follow to be a better person. We will be waiting for your reply.