How Long To Rewire Brain From Addiction? [2023]


Hooked, Hacked, and Hijacked from addiction??


What Happens To The Brain When Addiction Is Involved? The Brain?

Addiction can affect the brain at many levels. The chemical compounds present in Stimulants, Nicotine, Opioids Alcohol, Sedatives, and other stimulants get into the bloodstream and the brain when they are used. When a chemical enters your brain, it could cause individuals to lose control of their desires or desire an addictive substance.

If someone is addicted the brain is enticed by the pleasure of the substance. This is because of the extreme stimulation of the reward system in the brain. The result is that many addicts remain dependent on the drug which can trigger an array of euphoric emotions and odd behavior. Long-term addiction can result in serious results, such as brain damage, and may even lead to death.

Affecting the Brain Rewards: The Way Addictions Form

The brain controls the temperature, emotional decisions, breathing, and coordination. The brain is the largest organ in the body and also influences physical sensations within the body such as cravings, compulsions, and even habits. In the presence of a strong and dangerous chemical. Those who are using substances such as benzodiazepines and Heroin could alter the functions of their brains.

The brain’s limbic system triggers strong, positive emotions and affects the body as well as the mind. The people who take the drugs continue to help them feel the intense emotions that the brain releases. That creates a vicious cycle of use and extreme feelings of high. In the end, they use the drug to feel normal.


           Addiction is being dependent on a particular habit or thing without which a person cannot move on with his life. Getting addicted to a habit takes a certain time for an individual, but how long to rewire brain from addiction is something which we always think about and this article is all about it.

          A close friend of mine who lost all his identity came up to me seeking help. After 10 years of getting addicted to alcohol, he now wants to get back to a normal life. After my first counseling, the very first question I heard is How long to Rewire Brain from Addiction? A question that I often hear from my clients getting their treatment for addiction.

         Books have been written and movies have been produced that tell true stories about the dangers of drug and alcohol addiction. Every story we heard or saw might have a happy ending. But the question is Can We Re-wire from addiction?? If Yes, how long does it take to Rewire from Addiction??

            The true story of our own Bollywood actor Mr. Sanjay Dutt who got addicted to drugs got arrested, could make a comeback with a successful career, and stood as the best example for us to say and believe that Our Brain Can Rewire from Addiction. 

   How Long to Rewire Brain From Addiction?


                Alcohol and drugs affect the brain’s neurotransmitters and neural pathways. But at the same time, the brain has an adaptive capacity to act out and maintain the balance which was disturbed by drugs. 

                    An article on “The Addicted Brain” states Addiction trains the brain to assign its supreme interest to cocaine, caffeine, or heroine at the expense of family, friends, work, or life itself. You can read more about how long to rewire brain from addiction.


          Social Media today is filled with many options for the brain to rewire from addiction suggesting all the self-help tips and solutions. But to what extent do they really self-help the brain to rewire from addiction. How long to rewire brain from addiction by self–help or self–counseling is always questionable. The problem with self-help is the actual cause for brain addiction will be unknown. A brain rewires from addiction could never happen if the actual cause for its damage remains unknown.

          The best solution for brain rewire is individuals submit themselves to take up the Rewire therapy in rehabilitation centers and Rehab in Michigan will be the best choice amongst all rehabilitation centers.  

         A medically monitored detox program/therapy is always beneficial for the person if the brain addiction is to drugs/alcohol.

        The Detox program is all about an organized treatment schedule for an individual to come out of addiction. It could be counseling or drugs.

Rewire Brain From Addiction- The Process


      In the initial stages of the recovery brain would be looking for its stimuli i.e. its addictive products to come in touch with it. Like some form of external stimuli would be knocking out the brain to take its drug/alcohol. 

    Let’s take a smoker, the feeling of having one cigar when he was tensed with his office work or frustrated with his boss. This frustration or tension encourages the brain to take a cigar. 

   Now if the same smoker feels like consulting a rehab center instead of the cigar is the time where Brain started its Rewire process. Now this rewiring process of the brain from addiction treats two problems i.e. his tension as well his addiction.

Rebuilding the brain from addiction is nothing but making or training the brain to do or think things differently.


How Long Detox Takes The Brain to Rewire From addiction?

   No success in Life comes for you overnight. It could be your dreams, goals, or your brain getting rewired. As we have already discussed above, the first question would be “How Long to rewire brain from addiction?? The answer is, that it is different for every individual. 

    Rewire programs are offered at various time intervals. It could be in 30 days. There are also extended intervals like 30- day, 60- day, and 90-day patient treatment for 6-10 hours a day. 

The detoxification program is continuous i.e. 6-10 hours for 30 days every day. 

While many people respond to treatment differently. Few in 30 days, few in 90 days, and there are chances of people taking for their brain to refit from addiction after one year of therapy.

When you are associating or accompanying a patient for a detox program or rewire program, always keep in mind that it took some time for a person to get addicted to the drug/habit. In a similar way, it takes a certain time for their brain to rewire from an addiction. It could take days, months, or years together. So train your addiction so that no miracle happens overnight.

One small example here is …. Let’s take a smoker… Nicotine addictive generally starts to crave for his next nicotine hit within 6-8 hrs. If they don’t get their next hit, then within 10-12 hours of time frame they start experiencing their withdrawal symptoms of nicotine. If a person can be replaced with nicotine substitutes for 30 days, then his body would be freed from nicotine addiction.

How Long For a Withdrawal?

    No withdrawal must be continuous. If an individual is habituated to nicotine/heroine/alcohol it would never work if their habits are cautioned within a day. An alcoholic would feel like having his drink within 6 hours of his first hit or nicotine addictive would take his second cigar within 8 hrs. of his first smoke. So sometimes a sudden withdrawal might risk the individual from suffering withdrawal symptoms to seizures which may occasionally lead to death. 

 So every withdrawal must be followed slowly if the individual is habituated to taking 20 cigars per day or three bottles of alcohol per day then the dosage of addictive must be reduced. Try asking him to take 15 cigars per day ———1 cigar per day after 30 days. This would help the brain to Rewire from addiction safely and successfully.

      The brain is a sensitive organ of the body which is highly vulnerable to addiction. A 2013 article published on How long to Rewire Brain from addiction, notified that it takes around 90 days with the incorporation of meditation and mindfulness along with the Rewire therapy of Brain.

            Researchers have found that rewiring the brain from addiction sometimes might take one year when there is an increased number of dopamine proteins in the brain. These researches have notified us that The Rewire process of the brain from addiction can be done itself by the brain after getting affected by the drugs.

              The process of Rewire is always different from person to person. It gets to a point only when an individual attends all the rehab schedules on time. It should always be an effort from two sides: the counselor as well as the client. 

            I always tell my clients the answer to your question How long to Rewire Brain from addiction always is YOUR CHOICE…and It’s Within You.

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       We always have several reasons for making something a habit. Habit sometimes becomes an addiction. If that addiction creates a negative influence on life, this is the point where we should be cautious. Prevention is always better than cure. Always try to avoid getting addicted to drugs/alcohol.

         Stress can be sorted out in different ways, alcohol or drugs are not the medicines for stress. Paint a picture, take a walk, have a coffee, talk to a friend, listen to music…we have several other positive habits to get addicted too.

       If at all the situation makes you addicted to drugs or alcohol, get ready to submit yourself for a rewire. Take counsel, schedule appointments, be attentive to your counselors. Rather than asking How Long To Rewire Brain From Addiction? Let’s concentrate on How many efforts I have Given for my Brain to rewire from Addiction. 

     Ultimately it will take about a month for a person to rewire a brain from its addiction like drugs/alcohol/habits. Ongoing support and counsel from every close one around will help the individual with a better rewire of the brain from addiction and keep them free from relapsing.

    Just stay motivated and be patient. Always keep in mind Your Brain Is Going to Rewire from addiction with your immense support.