How to change netflix region without vpn

    How to change netflix region without vpn

    How to change netflix region without vpn

    You can switch your Region and access the library of any country through a VPN. VPN. Learn from our guide the steps to follow on how to change netflix region without vpn and connect to every Netflix library you want to access.

    Netflix offers a distinct content library for each region. Each library contains a variety of similar titles, but certain television and movies are only available in certain regions. These restrictions are in place as a result of the regulations governing the distribution of content as well as license issues.

    The process of changing a region may appear to be a difficult task to do but, it’s very simple to do. If you don’t do it, Netflix can notice that you’re doing something illegal and stop an IP address. Follow the procedure in this guide to make it easy to Netflix region switching with a Premium VPN and then enjoy watching your favorite shows.

    Can I stream Netflix outside of the US?

    Yes, you can stream Netflix outside of the United States using an online private network. Netflix has a geo-restricted region library for every country. That means that if you’re visiting the UK from America, you can access Netflix UK from America and want to connect to American Netflix in the UK with the VPN. In the same way, Britishers can unblock Netflix UK when traveling across the US.

    Why do I must a VPN to Switch Netflix Region?

    As before mentioned it is necessary to alter your Netflix region to get around the Netflix region lock. To do this, the best VPN choices for streaming Netflix are required. If you join the VPN server, it assigns you the new DNS and IP address and secures your internet traffic. This means that not only does it disguise your location; but it also safeguards your privacy.

    If you attempt to stream Netflix with no VPN you will get an error message that appears on screen:

    What a mistake! Something was off…

    When your location is spoofed then you’ll have access to the Netflix library in the region you’re connected to via the VPN. Netflix analyzes your IP address and DNS and then grants you access to the library that corresponds to it. For instance, if, for example, you’re logging into Netflix in Australia and it checks your DNS, it will display the Australian library as it determines your location based on your DNS and IP.

    Sometimes, a VPN is recognized by Netflix and the website displays an error. This error is called Netflix Proxy Error. This means that if you’re using a VPN to connect to Netflix’s US library, or attempting to stream Netflix from your home country when traveling abroad there is a chance that you’ll encounter this issue. A high-quality VPN will help you get over this issue of how to change netflix region without vpn.

    The Best VPNs to Change Netflix Region in 2024

    After testing over 20 VPNs, Streaming Rant has shortlisted the following five VPNs that are recommended if are wondering how to switch the region of Netflix.

    VPN ExpressVPN – – Recommended VPN to change Netflix Region

    ExpressVPN to switch to the Netflix region. ExpressVPN is the most reliable VPN for streaming all Netflix content. It is well-known due to its excellent performance and lightning-fast server speeds.

    For the tests on the speed we ran, it was able to deliver the fastest download speed of 87.18 speeds and the upload speed was 52.13 Mbps with 100 Mbps connections.

    ExpressVPN is the most reliable VPN to switch the region you are using for Netflix. It boasts a huge system of 3000plus servers in over 94 countries. The VPN lets you stream the most popular children’s movies that have ever been released with Netflix.

    Private DNS VPN Split Tunneling, VPN Private DNS, AES 256-bit encryption Network Lock Kill Switch, Trusted Server Technology, and 24/7 Customer Support are only among the many outstanding features that are included in this software.

    Android, macOS, Windows, iOS, and Linux are all supported by ExpressVPN. It is also able to be used for Gaming Consoles, Smart TV streaming devices, Wi-Fi Routers as well as Web browser features.

    Surfshark is a VPN to Switch Netflix Region

    • Surfshark is a VPN service that allows you to access American Netflix in Australia because it provides unlimited multi-logins, and is priced at US$2.49 per month. 2.49/mo 81% off for 2 years of service.
    • The VPN has been able to provide the fastest download rate of 86.51 Mbps and upload speeds that was 51.86 Mbps for 100 Mbps of connection.
    • The servers are secured with AES-256 encryption that is military-grade that guarantees the security of your DNS and IP. Surfshark works in conjunction with Netflix.

    This VPN includes more than 3200 servers across 65 countries.

    The Bypasser app, CleanWeb, WireGuard VPN Protocol, NoBorders Mode, Kill Switch, No Activity Logs, Camouflage Mode, and 24/7 Customer Support are only some of the top features available in this app.

    Surfshark works to work with Android, Windows, Linux, macOS, Streaming Devices, iOS, Smart TVs Gaming Consoles, and Wi-Fi permitting you to stream Blackhat streaming on Netflix from any location with any device. There are dedicated web browser extensions that are available.

    How to change netflix region without vpn

    NordVPN the largest Server Network to Change Netflix Region

    NordVPN boasts an extensive system of 5310plus servers from more than 94 countries to stream Netflix. With NordVPN you can experience watching HD TV and movies on Netflix without delay or buffering.

    It could offer a fast download rate of 85.48 Mbps and upload speeds of 48.42 Mbps in tests on 100 Mbps connections.

    NordVPN is a dependable VPN service provider that can unlock Netflix since it doesn’t leak DNS or IP and can bypass the Netflix firewall. It is priced at USD 3.49/mo Save 70% on a 2 years deal and comes with top-of-the-line features.

    The Automated kill Switch, Onion Over VPN, Multi-factor authentication, Obfuscated Servers No Logs Policy DNS Leak Protection Unlimited Bandwidth, and 24-hour Technical Support are only among the many important features offered by NordVPN. You can also use this VPN to stream the most popular Netflix films of all time.

    Of the compatibility aspect, NordVPN is easy to use and offers programs that work with Linux, Android, iOS, macOS, and Windows. There are a variety of browser extensions to choose from. It is also possible to configure it for use on Game Consoles, Smart TVs, or Streaming Devices. Routers by using the SmartPlay function.



    PureVPN is a top VPN service provider that has more than 6500 servers spread across 140 countries. The servers all offer speedy speeds and unlimited bandwidth, which allows users to stream. PureVPN is a free VPN that costs the like Surfshark and also offers the benefit of a discount of 88 percent.

    If you take advantage of the discount, you’ll only need to pay $1.99 per month to get the 5-year subscription. For this price, you’ll receive the highest-quality VPN service that comes with AES 256-bit encryption, as well as exclusive features such as a kill switch, as well as 10 different logins. Another benefit of PureVPN is that it offers live chat support 24 hours per day and 7 days a week. It is also compatible with the majority of operating systems.

    With a connection of 100 Mbps, the VPN service was able to give speeds of the download of 88.78 Mbit/s and upload speeds of 54.22 Mbps.

    CyberGhost VPN with unique unblocking features to Switch Netflix Region

    Cyberghost is an almost unnoticeable VPN that comes with an exclusive Netflix unpacking feature, and also keeps no trace of any user activity.

    It also has its users with one of the best and most trustworthy military-grade encryptions in the VPN sector. It is home to more than seven hundred servers that are spread across around 90 nations. The majority of these servers are dedicated to those in the United States and feature a powerful bypassing system that works for geo-restricted platforms, such as Netflix.

    This VPN employs the most advanced encryption, 256-bit AES encryption currently available. In the end, there are a few VPNs that provide the same level of protection for your IP address like CyberGhost. In turn, this VPN removes almost all the major geo-restricted services such as Netflix as well as the other features and services which allow users to stream their content without restrictions.

    Tested on the US server, it was able to deliver speeds that were 81.98 per second and upload speeds at 40.90 10 Mbps using the basis of a 100Mbps internet connection.

    Do I need an Internet-based How to change netflix region without vpn?

    There are a myriad different reasons cost-free VPN is not a great option for streaming any kind of video on the internet:

    • Utilizing freemium VPNs to stream Netflix will eat up your data allowance Each month, data limits are often enforced by free VPNs. We all know that streaming video consumes a significant amount of data. Thus, you’ll not be able to use the allowance of free VPN usage allowance for a long.
    • The free VPN is not likely to permit you to access content that is restricted to your region: Netflix and other streaming services are adept at blocking VPN connections to their servers. Some pay-per-use VPN service providers have stopped giving secure Netflix access. This means that an unpaid VPN provider is less likely to have the resources needed to keep Netflix from being blocked.
    • It’s unlikely to ensure your privacy online A lot of free VPNs aren’t free and can compromise your internet privacy. They often recoup costs by tracking your internet activities and selling that information to third-party companies. Besides your free VPN provider might inject ads and track your cookies when you’re on the internet.

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