How to reset your Jio Dongle Password hassle-free?

reset the password of your Jio Dongle

How to reset your Jio Dongle Password hassle-free?

reset the password of your Jio Dongle

It’s impossible to function without an active internet connection if you have several phones, computers, and other such gadgets at your home. The JioFi 4 is a newer version of Reliance’s earlier portable hotspots. It is compatible with up to ten Wi-Fi-enabled devices, such as mobile phones, tablets, and computers. Purchase the JioFi 4 portable hotspot and place your Jio Sim in its Sim tray and you’ll be connected to the internet at all times. To reset your Jio dongle password is a necessary step in the process of account recovery as well as it is useful for various security purposes. Using the simple instructions in this article, you’ll be able to restore or change the old password on your Jio dongle. You may also reset the Jio dongle device if you forget your WiFi password and repair the password not functioning problem.

Know about Jio Dongle Features in detail

Reliance digital introduced the Jio dongle, a portable Wi-Fi broadband gadget, in 2016 to satisfy the increasing needs of its online customers. With a single USB port, the Jio dongle may connect to up to 10 WiFi-enabled devices. Some versions can connect to a wider range of mobile devices than others. OLED shows Wi-Fi bandwidth strength, battery life, and network strength on the Jio dongle. The contraption associates with various Jio 4G organizations and makes an individual area of interest. The telecommunications industry has grown steadily during the last several years. Free high-speed internet access, free calls, and free text messages are just some of the perks that Reliance Digital’s JIO brand brings to the table.

How to Reset Jio Dongle Password?

reset the password of your Jio Dongle

Jio Dongle can be used to connect mobile phones, computers, laptops, tablets, etc., with a high-speed internet connection so that the users can enjoy the use of the Jio dongle without any issue. To prevent slowing down the network and risking your security, you should periodically or repeatedly reset the password of your Jio Dongle. 

Even if you’ve never worked with computers or routers before, the following instructions will be helpful and clear to all of you. The steps are:- 

Step 1:- Switch on the Router

Hold on to the power button until the router’s OLED screen turns red. Allow a few seconds for the Jio dongle Wi-Fi portable hotspot to turn on entirely before attempting to link your desired smartphone, PC, or laptop to it.

Step 2:- Connect a device with the router

You may now use Wi-Fi to connect to your computer or smartphone. The default login and secret phrase for the Jio dongle switch might be utilized on the off chance that you haven’t yet refreshed your secret phrase and Username, which are recorded on the crate or the rear of the switch. Assuming you’ve recently changed the secret word, you might type it in.

Step 3:-Check-in configuration page

Enter your browser and put the URL (http://Jiodongle.local.html) into the browser URL field, and then press the search button.

Step 4:- Login with Jio Dongle Settings 

Whenever you’ve input the URL given over, the following stage is to tap on the Login choice in the upper right corner of the page. A username and secret word box might be seen or gotten to there. Click the Login button and enter “manager” as the username and secret phrase.

Step 5:- Update a New password and Username 

Click on Network in the settings menu and then pick Wi-Fi setup to begin configuring your network. You now have access to a menu of choices for reviewing Wi-Fi status, encrypting your network, and changing your password. Click on the “Change Password” choice and type in a new, safer secret word. You may try a mix of numbers and alphabets to make your password secure. Once you’ve entered your username and password, be sure to press the Save button.

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Final Thoughts 

Hope this guide will help you to reset your Jio dongle password. If you still facing any errors on your Jio dongle please read all our guides and fix your Jio hotspot-related errors. You can ask your doubts in the below comment section so that we provide you with the solutions as soon as possible.