How To Restore Thunderbird Connection To Server Was Reset

    Restore Thunderbird Connection To Server Was ResetThunderbird Connection To Server Was Reset

    For Thunderbird users, this may happen without previous warning signs. This error message usually came surprisingly out of the blue and get displayed as: Thunderbird connection to server was reset. For us ordinary users it can be a bit baffling and leave you without a solution. However, by looking it up you will find that there are solutions to rectify your problem. By reading here you will not only be guided to a solution but you will why this issue occurs and the proper ways to redeem this issue. Usually, when we get faced with problems it`s imperative to take the time and get knowledge about our problems.

    What it means and how to fix it kindly. By research done on the internet most get wise about their problems. Many of us using tech, and the devices going with it, did not bother to take the time to learn more about the devices, and what they can do or whatnot. It`s the same with the applications or software they use. If some of us see an ad about a new application and it sounds right we will download it without prior inspection. It`s only wise and to your benefit to read up and thoroughly inspect some applications before downloading them and installing them. Even by doing it, is not entirely a surety that everything will be as smooth sailing as the ad claims.

    Thunderbird also called Mozilla Thunderbird by its developer’s claims that it is the best, free, and open-sourced platform ever find. It`s an email client, manager of personal information, the new client, and the list goes on describing the best. Mozilla foundation develops this program and modeled it after the Mozilla Firefox search engine. They claim it`s a free email application, easy to set up and customize. Another of the claims is that it is fully loaded with excellent usable features. Mozilla Thunderbird can be downloaded on 64 – Bit and 32 – Bit systems on a few different operating systems. One of the biggest claims is that Thunderbird makes the email experience better for users. It combines speed with privacy and the latest newest technologies.

    Another claim is that it enables you to focus on things that matter most and leave the complex. The Mozilla foundation has in-build features for Security and Privacy such as remote content blocking and zero tracking and these all work to ensure Safety and Privacy, bringing you peace of mind. With all these grand claims about the excellency of this product, one would be inclined to ask now why should there be issues like Thunderbird Connection to Server was Reset. However, we should remember the product is man-made and perfection even though strived for, can`t be reached most times. Now after the summary on Mozilla`s product we will learn how to redeem the Thunderbird Connection To Server Was Reset issue.


    Way`s to fix Thunderbird Server Connection was Reset

    1. Switch off Email Shield In AVG Antivirus

    If you have the AVG Antivirus as a safety net on your computer, be aware that it`s noticed by users that this AVG and Thunderbird did not work nicely together. There have been talks of a conflict between these two programs. We will explain more about the AVG Antivirus program later in this publication.

    For many users who disabled the AVG Email Shield this problem was solved. It can be disabled at the Basic Protection feature. While you`re still using Thunderbird you should switch off the Email Shield every time you start up your computer. It seems that the problem occurs every time it`s switched off. This won`t be a lasting solution


    Reload AVG Antivirus

    To be sure your problem has been fixed you must erase AVG and reload and install it again. It is possible some of AVG`s files are corrupt. After reloading it be sure to check if the problem has been redeemed after a fresh copy of AVG. Example down here.

    • Go to the control panel to uninstall AVG
    • Click Programs and Features
    • Choose Uninstall a program
    • Choose the AVG program and uninstall
    • Switch off the device and restart it again
    • Download another version of AVG and install


    Disable Antivirus

    If you have another antivirus other than AVG, disable and check if it registers the same error on Thunderbird. If the other antivirus program also has an in-built Email Shield disable it too if your problem is not redeemed yet. Whitelist Thunderbird in Settings. Actions on how to do it will differ for every other Antivirus tool. Your Antivirus official support page can give you details instructing you on the Thunderbird Connection To Server Was Reset issue.


    Edit Network DNS Settings

    Editing to change the network DNS settings has worked for plenty of users. Disable IPv6 and accept only IPv4 domains.

    • Open Thunderbird and choose Options
    • Choose General
    • Go down to Configure Editor (lower right corner)
    • Change settings by accepting risks
    • To locate settings type IP in the search box. Use one only.
    • DNS.disableIPv6. Switch to true
    • DNS.IPv4only domains. Switch it to

    Something to know: It is simpler to use the network.DNS.isableIPv6 setting than to switch the domain to For the easiest solution choose IPv6 settings.

    Close Thunderbird and relaunch. Look see if this action fixes the error.


    Disable VPN

    Disable VPN if you use one. Many have solved the issue by turning VPN off. VPN always interferes with Thunderbird operations it seems. If your problem persists switch over to another email provider or uses another Antivirus program. There`s bound to be one working in union with Thunderbird. It could also be that Thunderbird is affected by this server issue. Maybe Mozilla has not gotten the glitch yet and doesn`t want to acknowledge it as a problem.

    To look at this problem needs one to check at both the programs to get a broader perspective on this issue. Let`s have a look-see at the AVG Antivirus program.


     How AVG Antivirus possibly relates to The Connection to Server was Reset error

    We`ll look into AVG as promised previously in this writing, and its relation to the Connection to the server was reset error. Previously there`s pointed to a conflict between these two programs. We will shed a light on AVG`s vulnerability as we have on Thunderbirds early in this article.

    AVG Antivirus is a software developed by AVG Technologies. They are subsidiaries of Avast a big player in the Cyber Security world. This program under discussion worked on Windows, macOS, and Android devices. Freemium licensed this product. The founders of the program were Jan Gritzbach and Tomas Hofer. It is developed to operate on systems: Windows XP, and later macOS and Android.

    Its headquarters is in Prague, Czech Republic, and was founded in 1991. Products original author is Avast. AVG is an abbreviation for Anti–Virus Guard. Controversy surrounds this product, and we`ll just show it out to you as the user to decide if this program is alright with you in regards to the issue Thunderbird Connection To Server Was Reset.

    • AVG`s toolbar has a tendency to install itself. It never seeks consent from users and did it while you install other applications.
    • It causes a wide range of RAM issues and is seen as intrusive and a PUP. (Potentially unwanted program)
    • This program claws on although it gets uninstalled.
    • The uninstaller of this program doesn`t want to react to commands to uninstall.
    • It`s unquestionable in the issues it should execute but instead, it reinstalls the add-on that`s shifted manually.

    A lot of reports about its malfunctions have surfaced from as far back as 2012. In 2015 in the month of September, AVG announced plans to track users for profit. Want to sell their data to the advertising industry. This was hugely criticized as many users using this software use it to be protected from spyware. They did not fathom it to spy on them by being “hidden” in security meant to protect them. In 2015 December, the AVG WebTuneUp Google Chrome extension (an automatic installment with AVG Antivirus) was found to contain a lot of security issues.

    The notable problem was, that Chrome`s user’s search history was open for any and all website`s perusals. The Cookies on sites that were visited by users could be easily read by attackers. XXS (Cross-site scripting) was able to allow websites to work in another domain. AVG`s team fixed this last issue by letting only “” and execute commands. Even though it`s done like that attackers were still able to attack if XXS vulnerability was on AVG sites.



    With both these products having issues it would be to your own detriment to use them simultaneously. On the Thunderbird Connection To Server Was Reset issue, it would be wise to steer clear of both these applications. The decision will be entirely the user`s and he can choose which will suit his needs.

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