Set up the public vault hunters server in Minecraft

    public vault hunters server

    Set up the public vault hunters server in Minecraft

    When you desire to recreate vanilla Minecraft, probing and adventuring are a slice of the knowledge.

    As the moment washes by, you see that exact incidents will become tedious and guide you to a desire for new myths. We will introduce vault hunters, it’s a modpack dedicated to a complete revamping of your adventure.

    The public vault hunters server will take your adventure through one-of-a-kind dungeons to obtain abilities, loot, and more.

    Getting started with the vault Hunters would be confusing for players who are playing for the first time.

    public vault hunters server

    It is why we created the guide to make it easy for you to walk through the setup process.

    Vault Hunter is one of the most well-liked modpack with more than 255 thousand downloads for the 1.16x versions. The set gets preserved by the skall85 Dev, which gets funded by the purpleis everything and composed by hellfirePVP and ScaldaYT. The end goal is to collect 25 unique pieces of artifacts from the unique and mysterious vaults.

    The Public vault hunters server will allow you to gain access to the final locker. Here, you may employ a procedurally recited world, which will drive a locker never to be identical.

    Do you keep what it bears to last through the demise of the vault? Let’s boss to the side server induction efforts.

    • You want to navigate to the apex server panel.
    • You need to limit the server then.
    • You need to scroll down to the game file section.
    • Tab on the drop-down menu.
    • You like to dig for the vault.
    • Select the vault Hunter section from the list of options.
    • We will ask you to generate a new world when you get prompted.
    • You want to restart the server to load the new modpack.

    Now that we know the server-side installation, we will go for the client-side installation.

    What do you learn about the client-side facility?

    • You want a Public vault hunters server to make sure that the curse forge app gets installed on the operating system.
    • Within the app, you want to move to the browse modpacks tab.
    • You need to search for the vault hunters and then select the vault hunters.
    • You want to press install to download the modpack for your system.
    • Once it gets satisfied, you desire to repay my modpack account.
    • You want to play the pack then.


    How can you get started?

    Unlike most modpack, you will see that the vault location is not available immediately. Instead, you must play the world and defeat the Dragon to get access to the end cities.

    How can you collect items?

    Before you get to the vault, you need to create a Public vault hunter’s server altar. You can do it with the following items.

    • 1 Diamond league
    • 4 obsidian


    • 4 Purpur blocs

    In addition, you need to search for the world’s resources and find a vault of rock ore deep underground, it’s rarer than a diamond.

    What about the first vault crystal.

    Once you get it, you need to place the vault altar down. You want to right-click on the vault rock. It will lead to a personalized recipe that you need to create a vault crystal.

    You want to collect your entity and through them onto the altar. You want to wait till the items get marked one by one. After some time, you can press and use the button next to the altar to create your vault crystal.

    How to set a vault portal

    When you’ve got the Public vault hunters server, you want to use one back stone to form a portal shape like a nether portal.

    Once you get ready, you can use the vaulted crystal on the portal. It will ignite and announce the creation.

    You want to make sure that gets fully geared before entering. You may see danger lurking around each corner.

    How can you enter the vault?

    When you enter the vault, you will get invited with a 25m timer. You will also get modifiers that will get displayed in the chat.

    Modifiers will alter the mob spawns and even the loot inside. You may have 25 times to finish the dungeon or quit the game.

    What does each room of the vault look like?

    Each room in the Public vault hunters server is unique. From the deep depth and beautiful trees, monsters will roam about each corner and hunt you down.

    Be sure to fight for your life because there is no health regeneration within the vault. If you lose one life, death will lead to the loss of any items within the vault.

    What does each loot look like?

    Rooms in the vault will also contain chests. It will get scaled by rarity. It may have ingots, food items, and modded loots.

    If you want to feel bold, altar chests will let you set your health. It will give you increased rewards. You want to make golden apples or potions, but your health doesn’t degenerate normally.

    What will happen if the modded items don’t spawn up in the server?

    The mods may appear in the menu but don’t pop up in the server. The server doesn’t use the modpack. See that the server switched to the Public vault hunters server through the panel.

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    Now that you learned the things, it becomes simple for you to install vault hunters and get started with the modpack. When you’ve got a regenerated dungeon filled with danger, the job of collecting the artifacts will loom above you.

    With random modifiers, personalized difficulties, and a time limit, the modpack of vault hunters will make you busy and fighting for your life.