How to Make Your Jewellery Photos Shine


Jewelry and its glamorous shine will always fascinate us. We take photos of jewelry art and jewelry categories displayed on various e-commerce platforms. It takes work to take good pictures of jewelry because of its small size and the different materials that reflect different shine. We want to show the small and delicate jewelry and its material texture through photos, and we need to pay attention to the background color, angle of light, reflector position, etc. How to make your jewelry photos shine? This article will give you the answer.

How a good jewelry photo looks like

1. High-resolution picture quality

Jewelry is a small object, so the main picture and detail picture should be clear enough to facilitate customers to understand more clearly the details and quality of the jewelry. Clear picture quality can bring a comfortable visual feeling and leave a deep impression.

How to Make Your Jewellery Photos Shine

2. Content of the picture

Jewelry pictures should be high quality and contain the following information.

  • Introduce jewelry, whether it’s earrings, rings, necklaces, or brooches.
  • Let the user know precisely the size, color, material, and whether the jewelry is anti-allergic.
  • Introduce the inspiration and moral of the jewelry’s design, which is the soul of the jewelry and what makes it stand out.
  • Introduce the contents of the packaging of the jewelry. Let the customer know how many pieces he will receive, precisely the jewelry. If it is a set can also highlight our cost performance.
  • Show the suggested usage scenarios and audience for the accessory. Displaying proposed use scenarios can inspire customers to explore more application scenarios.

How to Make Your Jewellery Photos Shine

Jewelry Photography Tips

Shooting Tips

1. Choose a suitable background color

Most silver jewelry can choose a black or white background to shoot, but some vintage-style silver jewelry is not suitable for black backgrounds. So we have to choose the right background color according to the jewelry.

2. Different angle shooting

Each customer their preferences are different. Some customers like the side view of the child but want to see a close-up of the front to show the carving. To provide jewelry pictures from different angles to meet the diverse preferences of customers.

3. Camera lens and tripod

Adjust the camera for suitable camera parameters, lighting, background, and equipment position. Use the right lens, and if you have the conditions to choose a macro lens, it is a good helper for shooting accessories. Using a sturdy ball-head tripod to help your shots become more stable and flexible.

4. Reduce reflections

The unique material of the jewelry is a highly reflective object. The reflection of the jewelry in the photo will cause deviation from the color of the jewelry itself. How can we reduce the reflection if we don’t have a professional photo studio?

In the daytime, we can use natural light and place the jewelry near the window for shooting. The closer to the window, the softer the light will be. If the sunlight is too strong, the jewelry will reflect the sunlight and create harsh shadows. We can use white paper or white curtains to cover the window to diffuse the light to solve this problem.

5. Precisely catch the focus

The focus may be off in close-up shots, so you must check the picture repeatedly to ensure it’s in focus. If there is a deviation, you need to refocus and lock it after verification.

You can also achieve precise focus by focus stacking, which allows you to take several pictures that are clear and accurate, with no deviation in each focus point.

How to Make Your Jewellery Photos Shine


After the shooting process, we move on to the post-editing stage. We can find a professional photo editor to handle the process, which will save time.

We can also do it ourselves, which will save us an overhead. We can use photo editors and learn tutorials to do it.

In addition, we can also choose a free online photo editing tool that is easy to operate without photo editing skills. It is also a good option and will be more efficient.

1. Imglarger

Imglarger is an all-in-one AI toolkit that helps you easily upgrade images, change backgrounds, sharpen and reduce noise, etc. Get the perfect picture with easy photo editing!

We can operate the individual tools in this toolkit online without registration, even if you’re a novice with no photo editing skills, just a few clicks to finish!

2. Imgupscaler

Imgupscaler is one of the most amazing online image upscale tools, widely known for its outstanding results. It uses the latest AI algorithm technology to upgrade images, and you can choose to enlarge to 2x or 4x. You can use it to upscale your picture to show the detail and some engraving craft. Go to help let users see more clearly the specific details of the jewelry they receive.

3. BG Eraser

BG Eraser combines two powerful functions to remove backgrounds and erase objects from images with one click. It also incorporates AI algorithms to get excellent results and efficient processes. We can remove the picture’s background in Bg Eraser and replace it with another solid color background to get better results! Replace the new background to make the picture look more stunning.

If you want to remove the shadow, Bgeraser can make it come true. Bgeraser also has a fantastic magic eraser function to help you erase the shadows on your jewelry photos to showcase your jewelry better.

Using these tools we can make our pictures more textured and reflect the detailed carving work of the jewelry.