Top Languages for College

    Learning another language has many benefits. You can also keep your eyes open for global opportunities in your job search. Because you will not experience language barriers in foreign countries, you are confident. You can learn any language depending on your goals.

    English is the most widely used language in the world, but not everyone finds it useful for business communication. This is why college students are more inclined to learn another language than English. Although learning a foreign language can be difficult and time-consuming, many people find it hard to do so. However, there are always those who can help with master thesis writing. This will enable you to add language courses to your list.

    Learning foreign languages is not only beneficial for career advancement, but it also helps students process information more quickly. It enhances brain functionality. Below are the top foreign languages that students should consider.


    You should learn Mandarin if you are business-oriented. Bloomberg reports that Chinese is the second most crucial business language after English. The percentage of American students who chose Chinese as their language at college and university increased from 98 in 2013 to 115%.

    China is a top country globally and plays a major role in the global economy. Learning Chinese can be a great way to help students in many ways. China is a country that has seen many economic advancements. Transportation, law, manufacturing, local marketing, and government are just a few of the many popular uses for the Chinese language.


    Before English, French was the lingua Francisca. It is still widely used by people all over the globe. French is the official language of international organizations like NATO and U.N. France is 7th in economic development globally, with the exception of the famed language. Officially, many countries speak French. Among the many countries of central and western Africa that speak French are Canada, Switzerland, and Belgium. Manufacturing, education, energy, hospitality, and tourism are just a few of the many well-known industries that use French.


    Spanish is the main language spoken in Spain, Mexico, and other Latin American countries. It is second in popularity in the United States, and many students and universities prefer Spanish. You might want to study Spanish if you are looking for work in cities like Los Angeles or Houston that have many native speakers. Spanish is used in I.T., sales and finance, and customer service.

    Notice: Spanish jobs can be very competitive so if you’re learning Spanish to learn it, you should put more effort.


    Although the Japanese language is not an official language in all countries, it is one that you might consider learning. Imagine your career is in technology and automotive. You might want to learn Japanese if you are in that situation. Japan is home to many big brands such as Toyota, Sony and Nissan, Nintendo, Toshiba, Toshiba, and Toshiba. Some of these brands have American branches.

    It is ranked fifth among U.S. college students as the most widely studied language. Technology, Finance, Electronics, and Science are some of the most popular industries that employ Japanese.


    Although learning another language can be difficult, it can also be very rewarding. You can learn many languages around the world. Any of these languages can be learned and used to set international career standards.