WC clogged, what to do? 8 effective actions to overcome it

! how to unclog toilet when nothing works

Catastrophe, you have just relieved yourself in the small corner but impossible to evacuate the paper with the flush! How to unclog a very clogged toilet? Don’t panic, certain simple actions can help you overcome your capricious pipes: a ferret, vinegar, cola, a suction cup, etc. all means are good ! how to unclog toilet when nothing works so, Here are 8 methods to unclog your toilet quickly!

How to unclog the toilet? 8 methods that work

Did you throw paper towels or wipes in your toilet ? As a result, you can pull on your economical flush but nothing is drained and the toilet fills with stagnant water . Fortunately, it is not always essential to seek professional help. Thanks to these 8 methods , you should be able to regain your throne! 

1. Dishwashing liquid and hot water: the quick fix 

This natural method is ideal for small caps. The cleaning agents contained in the dishwashing liquid will unclog your toilets and allow the plug to drain quickly in 15 minutes. Pour only a few drops into your bowl and add boiling water. 

2. Coca-cola, you had to think about it!

The famous soda contains cleaning chemicals that can clearly help you remove an organic clog from your toilet. Pour a 1.5 liter bottle  into your toilet and leave to act for at least an hour .

3. An old iron hanger, a known technique 

The ancestral method, use an old metal hanger from your dressing room ! Untie the knot and put the straight iron rod back on. Thread the end through the bowl and pipes until it goes up to the stopper. Rotate the hanger on itself for a few moments.

4. Vinegar and baking soda: the winning duo in all circumstances

This tip is recommended in case of organic plug:

  • Pour baking soda into the bowl,
  • Add white vinegar in the same amount,
  • Observe the chemical reaction (white foam appears),
  • Add hot water after 30 minutes,
  • Flush the toilet or use the hand shower and you’re done!
  • Wink Good to know: Vinegar and baking soda will also neutralize bad odors from your pipes .


5. An enzyme-based unblocker: rapid digestion

Enzymes are living organisms that will “digest” the plug while cleaning the pipes. This product, available commercially, has a fairly slow action. It is therefore advisable to pour the enzymes into the toilet in the evening and leave it to act overnight.

6. Chemicals: guaranteed result

Chemicals like Destop are made from soda and are therefore mostly very effective but not really environmentally friendly . They are to be used as a last resort and to be handled with great care.


7. The traditional suction cup: a great classic

The suction cup is a classic! An effective solution but above all at a lower cost. Place the suction cup in your toilet and perform suctioning gestures . Once the water level in the bowl has dropped, pull out the plunger suddenly.

8. The plumbing snake, the plumbers technique

Rest assured, we are leaving this nice pet alone. Here we are talking about a plumbing ferret (or drill). This is a metal rod with a bit head that can work its way through the pipes to reach the plug easily. Electric or manual , you will find it in your usual DIY stores.

Cool Tip: Stop flushing, the bowl will overflow!

yourproplumber: contact a pro as a last resort!

None of these solutions worked? Even worse, the bowl has overflowed and you dare not touch anything? Don’t panic, find a good plumber urgently , he will solve the problem in no time!

10: A bucket of hot water

A simple method to unclog the toilet and which has proven itself on small plugs: the bucket of hot water. It is a real toilet unblocker.

Instructions: pour a bucket of hot water (not boiling, you could burn yourself!) In the toilet bowl. When pouring the water, try to hold the bucket as high as possible: the height gives force and speed to the water exerting strong pressure on the stopper.

Repeat the operation if necessary. Do not flush the toilet until the stopper has been emptied, otherwise the toilet bowl will overflow.