7 tips on how to plan for a business trip   

    Business trips, while a necessary undertaking to expand your business connections, can be a logistical nightmare. Taking time away from the office is always difficult, as you can feel out of the professional loop! To make sure your business trip doesn’t go sideways, it’s best to plan. Plan well, and your business trip is guaranteed to go smoothly. Before skipping town for your strictly-business adventure, follow our top tips to ensure a safe and comfortable journey! We’ve outlined seven must-dos for you to consider when planning your trip, below.

    Stick to a budget

    Business trips have an array of expensive requirements, food, shelter, entertainment and transportation. You may also need to rent a professional space for hosting meetings with other employees, or even shareholders. Whatever amenities you require, stick to a reasonable budget – one that takes your business’s current means and needs into good account. 

    Don’t overpack your bags

    As with most trips away, business or leisure, never overpack your bags. Not only do you risk paying high excess baggage costs, but you could also overlook what clothing and toiletries are actually appropriate for the trip. Pack the essentials, but don’t forget some casual clothing for when you’re off the clock. 

    Always be reachable

    You don’t want to leave your office in the lurch, so make sure you’re always reachable, no matter how far your trip takes you! Investing in a reputable mobile service beforehand makes all the difference. Gamma Mobile is a service designed with the UK business market in mind. Commercial travellers can access improved coverage for voice and data services, alongside flexible monthly tariffs. Conducting business on the move demands increased flexibility and good roaming, which Gamma can provide.

    Choose suitable accommodation

    Choose accommodation that is well priced, situated in a convenient location and with the base amenities you require, such as an ensuite bathroom or reliable WiFi. As this is a business trip, prioritise sensible shelter over luxurious amenities. This doesn’t mean you should book the cheapest accommodation available or forego privacy and comfort, but be mindful. If it is going to be a prolonged business trip you may want to look at renting instead. By searching for something like rent studio in Amsterdam you will be able to find studio apartments that you’re able to rent a month at a time for a good price. This will save you a lot of money in the long run as opposed to paying nightly for a hotel.

    Make plans well in advance

    Don’t leave booking your hotel, packing your bags or making arrangements with business associates to the last minute. By making coherent plans ahead of time, even booking flights months in advance, you can save money and avoid a great headache later on. 

    Outline an organised itinerary

    Don’t forget to outline an organised itinerary as you plan your trip. This itinerary doesn’t have to be followed to the exact letter, but do make sure you know where you’re going and when. Such a blueprint sets your business trip up for success; start by noting down everything from travel times to business connections you absolutely must contact. 

    Don’t go without the right documents

    Each country has different travel requirements. When you travel as a representative of your company, always have the right documents that permit you entry wherever you need to go. Whether you need your passport, a business visa or a PCR test, spend time collating these documents and ensuring they are always to hand. By doing this, you ensure a smooth business trip!