Are You one of Attractive Guys with Low Self Esteem? [2023]

he is one of attractive guys with low self esteem

Are you amongst the Attractive guys with low self esteem? then this post is for you. Self Esteem is health of the mind. In the present age of turbulence, strong selves are needed. Strong selves with a sense of identity, competence, and worth are attained only if the minds are healthy. It is one of the saddest facts that a large population in the world is suffering from poor mental health. Poor mental health causes in them low self-esteem.

The problem of low self-esteem is significantly obvious among the guys with an attractive outlook. Are you also one of attractive guys with low self esteem? Then breathe a sigh of relief now. In this article, I am going to show how you can turn the tables.

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Self Esteem is the Immune System of Your Consciousness

Do you know how the immune system of your body works? It protects your body from attack by any external agent. When a germ attacks the body, suddenly, your immune system becomes active. It recognizes the agent and stimulates the production of specific proteins. These proteins kill the foreign agent.

Immune System of Your Consciousness

Likewise, self-esteem is the immune system of your consciousness. It protects the consciousness being attacked by outside influences. Be it criticism from your opponents, or an external fear.

Gentle Reader, the Creator, has created you in the best form. Skin color, body posture, and everything that you have is a perfect match for your personality. Everything you have in the best kind, why not the best level of self-esteem?

The most dangerous thing is not to know who you are—not trusting in you. Avoid this danger to destroy your personality. Strengthen the immune system of your consciousness-self esteem. A strong immune system of your consciousness will help develop your strong self.

Why are Attractive Guys have Low Self Esteem?

Boy has remote control of video game in hand and looks fearing and depicts low self esteem

If you have not experienced a state of low self-esteem being an attractive guy, then you might consider my topic of discussion as irrational. You can make an argument that beauty and self-esteem go together. And we have never observed an attractive guys with low self esteem.

If I am right to guess, then let me tell you some facts. The Journal of Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology published research work on this topic. They found that teenagers with attractive outlook had low self-esteem than their less attractive counterparts.

For shy guys with low-self esteem, it is also a struggle to date and meet women. Thankfully, you can find many resources on the web to help introverted and shy guys with dating. On this page, you can find 18 important dating tips for shy guys with low-self esteem.

Self-esteem is basically honoring the self. An attractive guys with low self esteem fail to do so. Let’s discuss the reasons that make attractive guys vulnerable to low self-esteem.

1. Anticipating Big Rewards

Anticipation, if it is higher than realization, brings sorrow to us. The same happens to the guys with an attractive outlook. They hope for the high rewards from others. They see themselves more deserving than their fellows. Anticipation does not come true all the time. So, they get depressed. It tears down their level of self-esteem.

2. High Expectations of Others

It feels sad when we fail to meet the expectations of others from us. Guys with attractive outlook confront a somewhat similar situation. Their parents, teachers, and friends expect high from them. As a matter of fact, one cannot meet expectations every time. So do the guys with attractive outlook as well. They feel bad about themselves when it happens. Thus, they develop low self-esteem.

Guy who is having compunction and he is one of attractive guys with low self esteem

3. Periodic Changes due to Puberty

During teenage, several emotional and physical changes are occurring in the human body. Any unfair change, if it occurs in the body of attractive guys, affects them negatively. They fail to accept these changes. Consequently, their level of self-esteem is lowered down.

We have learned the causes that tear down the self-esteem of attractive guys. It is essential to pinpoint symptoms of low self-esteem if you are suffering from it. I am going to explain it in the upcoming section.

How to Pin Point Symptoms of Low Self Esteem in Yourself

Suppose for a while, your body temperature rises. You feel severe headaches and body pain. Can you guess which disease you are suffering from? Yes, you are right! These could be symptoms of fever. You quickly guessed because you knew the symptoms of fever.

Low self-esteem is an emotional disorder. You can pinpoint it, like you guessed fever, only when you know its symptoms. Here are some of the symptoms of low self-esteem.

  • Extensively blaming yourself for losses
  • Not coming out of the comfort zone
  • Withdrawing socially
  • Comparing yourself with others
  • Excessively criticizing your personality

Techniques that You Should Follow for Building Self Esteem

What do you do after your disease gets diagnosed? Obviously, you consult your doctor for the treatment. The doctor prescribes your medication along with some instructions. You should follow the same way to treat your emotional problems. The following are some techniques that you should follow for building self-esteem.

  1. Consult the Psychiatrist
  2. Maintain good personal hygiene
  3. Surround yourself with positive people
  4. Make positive affirmations like _:
  • I am respectful
  • I am loveable
  • I have a unique talent
  • I have a strong opinion
  • I am proud of my strengths
  • I will overcome my weaknesses

5. Stay confident and optimistic

Concluding Thought

Gentleman wearing black suit and he is one of attractive guys with low self esteem.

One of the realities that cannot be denied is the importance of self-esteem. Self-esteem is your actual worth. It brings health, wealth, and peace to you. The problem of low self-esteem is found not only among the people with an imperfect appearance but also the most attractive guys.

Take the matter seriously if you want to become healthier, wealthier, and happier. Create stability within you if you cannot find it in yourself. Follow the tips and tricks mentioned in the article for creating balance within you.

It’s only you who can make it possible. Don’t get stuck in negativity. Trust in yourself. Make each negative thought emerging inside you, a jet -fuel for yourself to propel more. Own your life. Take the initiative to develop it.

I hope this article helped you to treat yourself emotionally and stand out in the hardships. Help us create more helpful content by sharing your valuable feedback below.

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