How Outside Influences that Affect Self Esteem Come from Our Environment?

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Outside Influences that Affect Self Esteem Come from Our Environment. Let’s understand how? Do you know? Self-esteem is the foundation of success. It helps you think high and act accordingly. You can achieve your goals in life by maintaining a high level of self-esteem inside. Many factors influence self-esteem. The Outside influences that affect our self-esteem come from our environment.

These factors either gear up or tear down the level of self-esteem. So it is essential to stay in a cooperative environment. It will assist you in gearing up your self-esteem.

Does Self Esteem Really Matter in Life?

Yes, it matters a lot. Self-esteem is your belief in yourself. It helps you recognize the bright side of your personality. It brings a real taste in your life by brings hope, peace, and true happiness in it. There are various terms used in synonym to self-esteem. For instance, self-confidence, self-regard, self-assurance are some of them.

The matter of self-esteem should be taken seriously. Because it’s your roadmap for success in life. A low level of self-esteem ruins life. To avoid your life being ruined, you should keep your self-esteem at the highest level.

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If any sign of low self-esteem you find in your personality, immediately go for its treatment. In the section below we will discuss some signs of low self-esteem.

Signs of Low Self Esteem-Keep a Notice of them

Low self-esteem is passive and submissive behaviour. It keeps you away from thinking high and taking big steps in life. Lower self-esteem is the concept opposite to self-esteem. Self-esteem ignites a candle on your way of life, and low self-esteem turns it off. Self-esteem enlightens your path, and low self-esteem darkens it.

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There are various synonym terminologies used for low self-esteem. Some low self-esteem synonyms are passive behavior, low self-confidence, and self-critic.

There many outside factors responsible for lowering self-esteem. These external influences that lower your self-esteem come from your environment. Let’s discuss now what some of the signs of low self-esteem are.

1.      Low Self Confidence

Low self-confidence is not recognizing your strengths and weaknesses. When you fail to know your strengths and weaknesses, you cannot achieve high goals. It is a sign of low self-esteem.

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If you observe this sign in yourself or your beloved one, treat it seriously. It is the only way to keep a balance in life.

2.      Hostile Behavior

Hostile behaviour is also a sign of low self-esteem. People with low self-esteem express hostility with themselves and with others. Because of hostile action, they do not dare to forgive theirs and others’ mistakes.

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This situation ultimately leads them to depression. And depression is the most dangerous of the things that happen in your life.

3.      Sensitivity to Criticism

People with low self-esteem are most sensitive to criticism. It is a significant sign of low self-esteem.

Such individuals show sensitivity to even constructive criticism. Thus cannot develop them or overcome their shortcomings. They keep on moving with their faults, which hampers the rate of their success.

So, if you observe any of the signs of low self-esteem, you should go to pinpoint the factors responsible for it. In the upcoming paragraph, we will discuss how outside influences that affect self-esteem come from external environment.

Listing the Environmental Factors that Affect  Self Esteem

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High self-esteem ensures hope, joy, and peace in life. While low self-esteem brings disappointments, regrets, and grieves in life. Many external factors coming from our environment are responsible for lowering self-esteem. These factors can impose positive or negative impacts on self-esteem, depending on their nature.

This is a list of the environmental factors that affect your self-esteem.

  • Parent’s behaviour with their child
  • Family Environment in which one is living
  • Cultural factor
  • Society- neighbours, workplace
  • Friends and peer groups
  • The behaviour of teachers and mentors
  • Media- what one watches
  • Literature-that one reads

The individuals living in a supportive and cooperative environment develop a high level of self-esteem. However, the individuals living in oppressive and destructive environments suffer anxiety, depression, and a low level of self-esteem.

How Social Media Affects Self Esteem?

outside influences that affect self esteem come from environment such as Social media

As discussed earlier, self-esteem is profoundly affected by outside influences. The outside forces that affect self-esteem come from the environment. And social media is the most significant influencer in our environment. Social media affects self-esteem in both a positive and negative way.


1.      Positive Effects of Social Media on Self Esteem

Social media has become the need of the time. It connects people socially and ensures more social exposure. It has many positive impacts on the level of self-esteem. Some of the positive effects of social media on self-esteem are the following.


a)     Connecting with Motivational People

Social media helps us to connect with a large number of people across the world. By connecting with people of high aims motivates us to achieve high goals in life.

people are celebrating by giving fives and showing outside influences that affect self esteem come fromYou may disagree with my argument, but I experienced it. I found motivational people on social media. Their high level of thinking motivates me to think out of the box.

I would like to mention here the name of the guy working with me as my business partner. I met him on social media, and his broad vision of life geared up my self-esteem.

b)     Opportunity to Learn from Experiences of others

On social media, we can join various groups and forums where people share their experiences. We can read their stories that how they cope with the difficulties of life and how they managed to keep their self-esteem high. So we can adapt tips shared by those people to boost our level of self-esteem.

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2.      Negative Impacts of Social Media on Self Esteem

Social media is the most important of the outside influences that affect self-esteem. Social media is like a Double-edged sword. On one side, it provides the opportunity to gear up our level of self-esteem. On the other hand, it plays a significant role in tearing down our self-esteem.

Negative impacts of social media on self-esteem are apparent. Some of them are discussed below.

a)     Comparing with others and the rise of self-criticism

People on social media share bright aspects of their life. They hide the dark elements. Thus we get exposure to their shining face only.

Hence, we begin comparing ourselves with them. We start criticizing our personality and enter into a trap of disappointment. This can lead us to depression and tears down our self-esteem.

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b)     Cutting Down Opportunities for Development

You might have experienced that most of us share the best-edited image on our social media profiles. We avoid placing a low-quality picture on social media.

The intent behind this behaviour is to get admiration from the people. We expose only a single side of our personality to people.

We feel satisfaction after people praise our beautiful images. In this way, we close the door of constructive criticism and thus cut down the opportunity to develop ourselves.

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What are the Contemporary Problems which today’s Students Face against Self Esteem?

Maintaining a high level of self-esteem is crucial in life. It becomes more vital for school-going children, as they are in the phase of development. Teachers are responsible for keeping a supportive environment in the classrooms to boost the self-esteem of the students.

Contemporarily, students are facing many problems with their self-esteem. Some of them are discussed below.

1.      Unsatisfactory Academic Results

The academic result is an essential factor that affects the self-esteem of students. Students, for various reasons, fail to produce their expected outcomes. Be it the health issue, negligence of teacher, or indifferent behaviour of parents. Consequently, their unsatisfactory results tear down their self-esteem.

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2.      Competition Oriented Behavior of Parents and Teachers

Competition oriented behaviour of parents and teacher affect the self-esteem of the student. Parents admire the child securing high grades. Teachers appreciate the students producing excellent results.

They criticize the student who fails to obtain high marks in exams, owing to any reason. Such behaviour of parents and teachers lowers down the self-esteem of a school going, child.

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How Outside Influences that Affect Self Esteem Come from Environment?

Outside influences are compelling to affect self-esteem. It is pertinent to keep the atmosphere positive, supportive, and cooperative. So that the external influences coming from our environment and affecting our self-esteem are under control. It is because a positive environment will positively affect self-esteem. However, the negative environment will affect self-esteem negatively.

Dear readers, I guess after reading this article, you are fully aware of how outside influences that affect self esteem come from the environment. So, let’s decide together to ensure a positive environment in our surroundings.

Let me know by commenting below, that if you have decided to keep your environment positive? And which efforts you have made in this regard?