6 British Social Media Influencers And Models In 2024

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There are many people that check out different influences on social media and get influenced by them. An increasing number of Instagram influencers in the UK are there. There are many different kinds of influencers. If you need to follow them for your development or collaborate with them for your business, then you should cooperate with those pertinent to your field and share your company’s target market.

The desire for businesses to interact with customers through social media platforms is expanding along with it. You can collaborate with them or get influenced by them, and if you are searching for a reliable way to learn about some of the prominent social media influencers and models, you have come up to the right place.

Some Of The Prominent British Social Media Influencers And Models In 2024

6 British Social Media Influencers And Models In 2024
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There are many influencers and models, and we will discuss only the prominent ones. You must get a gist of different social media influencers to get more information about the social media world. Many well-known British influencers are making a significant name on different social media platforms and if you need to know more about them in-depth, you can check out Elle Brooke and get a gist about them in detail. We will talk about them briefly.

1. Melissa Sophia

A UK Instagram influencer named Melissa Sophia has more than 400k instagram followers, which is okay for Instagram. She frequently works with companies to market their products and is well known for her fashion and beauty advice. She does lots of collaboration that can easily help to earn a good amount of money. Additionally, Melissa is the creator of “mellysophia cosmetics.” She is a well-known entrepreneur also.

People are intrigued by her work; many follow her makeup techniques and look. She is also a trained makeup artist, which makes her a professional in the field of makeup. She was also the host of a makeover show, and this shows that she has been a public figure for a long time.

2. Sai De Silva

6 British Social Media Influencers And Models In 2024
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Sai De Silva is a lifestyle blogger who works full-time. She is one of the best lifestyle bloggers in the UK. Most people are now following lifestyle bloggers to know more about how people live, and in the same way, they can also bring some changes. Sai de silva is known for portraying her life best to her audience or followers. Scout The City is a blog she started documenting her daughter’s fashion style and family moments.

She shows her personal life and how she shows her hold day, which her followers love. Silva shares the latest fashion and lifestyle trends with her audience via videos and Instagram stories. She hopes to different trends making her profile content trendy.

3. Dominic Lever

Dom Lever is a social media influencer best known for his appearance in the Love Island series (2018). He is already a celebrity and continues to provide good-quality content on his social media handles. Aside from fashion and lifestyle, Lever enjoys documenting his travels on Instagram.

He is a travel vlogger, and people like his travel documentation as they get to know about new places through Dom. He travels across countries and continents in search of adventure. He is one of the best travel and fashion vloggers in the UK and has a good reach of 678k. He is also a fitness freak and known for his body transformation. A vast group of people follow him because of her fitness and get influenced by it.

4. Jake Jamie

6 British Social Media Influencers And Models In 2024
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Jake Jamie is a well-known beauty blogger and is known to be one of the best skincare influencers. He is popular for his skincare routine, and many people look up to him for maintaining their skin and keeping it healthy. Jake Jamie, who enjoys skincare products, collaborated with Revolution skincare to create a jelly watermelon mask. He collaborated with a big brand, and the products had good sales.

The beauty content creator enjoys making masks from delectable superfoods and skin-loving ingredients. He tries to give the best to his audience by creating skin-friendly products and ensuring skin health. A quick scroll through his Instagram feed reveals a plethora of beauty masks. He has many followers across different social media platforms, creating a community that follows him passionately.

5. Suzi Perry

You should know about this influencer if you love technological or motorsport content. Suzi Perry is a well-known name in the world of motorsport journalism. She is known to be one of the best motorsport journalists in the UK. However, she has a passion for technology, having hosted a hugely popular gadget show for eight years. She shared her personal life also on Instagram, giving a sneak peek of her life.

She has been there on social media for a very long time, and being such an experienced journalist; she is a famous personality. She remained a technology ambassador for the Ideal Home Show and was the face of the Mobile World Congress Awards, a trade fair for mobile technology. Along with the name in the tech world, she is also known as the animal work defender.

6. Alex Gaskarth

6 British Social Media Influencers And Models In 2024
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Alex Gaskarth is an Instagram UK influencer with 940K followers on this social media platform. He is a well-known performer and is known that he has a wide fan following females. He is known for his good music compositions and his performances. This music influencer and songwriter frequently posts about his work, travels, and lifestyle, giving his followers a glimpse into his life. He is famous in the UK, and many people like his style and way of portraying himself in public.

Bottom Line

If you like to be on social media and want to follow some influential personalities, then you can check out all these influencers. They specialize in different categories providing you with a variety of content. You can reach out to them even if you are opening a brand or want to collaborate to expand your business. This article will help you out in the future.