What Are the Most Common Types of Road Accidents That You Should Be Aware Of?

What Are the Most Common Types of Road Accidents That You Should Be Aware Of
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Police in the United States reported more than 6 million motor vehicle collisions in 2019. In nearly 2 million of these collisions, there were injuries to passengers or pedestrians.

Unfortunately, something completely beyond your control could result in a car accident. Perhaps another motorist was speeding or distracted, a car in front of you unexpectedly lost traction, or there was unanticipated debris on the road.

But which car accidents happen the most frequently? And what actions frequently result in deadly mishaps? To find out, let’s examine national traffic statistics.

Front-impact collisions are more typical than rear-impact collisions in the context of passenger vehicles.

The most frequent type of car accident, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Institute (NHTSA), is front impact collisions. There were 2.8 million frontal collisions in 2019. This indicates a head-on collision involving two or more automobiles. With 1,570,000 crashes, rear impacts were the second most typical crash type.

The NHTSA also keeps track of incidents where a motor vehicle collides with both stationary and moving targets. Or, collisions in which autos collide with objects other than other cars. A telephone pole is an example of a fixed item, whereas a couch that has fallen from a truck is an example of a non-fixed object.

So, before you rush to a lawyer for free legal consultation for handling a lawsuit against a liable party, here are the common types of road accidents.

Types of Road Accidents to be Aware of

What Are the Most Common Types of Road Accidents That You Should Be Aware Of?
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When a vehicle collides with another vehicle, a pedestrian, an animal, road debris, or another stationary barrier like a tree, pole, or structure, the result is a road accident, also known as a motor vehicle collision, automobile accident, or a car crash. Traffic accidents frequently result in harm to people and property, as well as financial expenses to society and those affected. If you are involved in an accident like this, one of the first things you should do is contact a Boca Raton car accident lawyer (or someone local to you) to help you navigate this traumatic event.

1. Single Car Accident

This kind of traffic accident only involves one vehicle on the road. Run-off-road collisions, collisions with objects on the road, rollovers, and collisions with animals make up the majority of these kinds of accidents. It can be the result of brake failure, sleepiness, or both.

2. Vehicle Rollover

These specific collisions are forceful and complex in character. Rollover crashes more than any other kind of collision show how the driver, the road, the vehicle, and the environment interact. Although the type of the vehicle plays a big part in the collision, so do the actions of the drivers and the surrounding road and weather circumstances. Speed, intoxication, and location are further considerations. The NHTSA reports that 2.3% of automobile accidents involve rollovers and that statistics showed that roughly 85% of all rollover-related fatalities were caused by single-vehicle collisions.

3. Multiple Vehicle Collision

What Are the Most Common Types of Road Accidents That You Should Be Aware Of?
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In a series of events stemming from a single event, this involves three or more cars. These pileups can be minor or major, causing chaos, numerous injuries, fatalities, and large amounts of damage. Depending on your situational awareness and how far you keep other drivers on the road, you can very well end up in the mix.

4. Rear-end Collision

A car collides with the car in front of it in this traffic collision. These are typically brought on by driver indifference or distraction, tailgating, panic stops, and decreased traction because of erratic weather-related road conditions. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), rear-end collisions account for 29.6% of all automobile accidents in the United States, making it one of the most frequent types of collisions.

5. Sideswipe Collision

Whether you’re on a highway or a country road, it’s dangerous to drive right next to another car. Any driver distraction could force them to swerve from their lane and into yours, causing anything from a little bump to a devastating impact. Avoid these collisions by avoiding both your own and the other driver’s blind zones and paying attention to when other drivers are traveling too close to the lane divider.

6. Side-impact Collision

What Are the Most Common Types of Road Accidents That You Should Be Aware Of?
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These crashes, also known as broadside or T-bone collisions, occur when one or more automobiles are struck on their sides. According to the IIHS, these collisions frequently happen at crossroads, in parking lots, and whenever two vehicles pass each other on the road. They account for around 25% of fatalities involving passengers in passenger vehicles. Depending on where the vehicle is hit in a side-impact crash, the consequences might be severe but also different. Side impacts can also involve single-vehicle collisions when a car collides with anything like a light post or fire hydrant. According to the NHTSA, side impact collisions account for 28.9% of car accidents in the US.

7. DUI Accidents

Accidents happen as a result of a driver driving after drinking or consuming alcohol or other drugs, which might make them less cautious and cause them to drive carelessly. These are extremely typical, and it is illegal to drive after drinking. As a result, if you feel unfit to drive after a night out, let someone else drive you, or use a cab or another form of transportation.

8. Distracted Driving

What Are the Most Common Types of Road Accidents That You Should Be Aware Of?
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Although losing concentration while driving may seem like a minor issue, it can have a big impact. The primary distraction in modern times is technology, such as changing the music channel. For directions, drivers frequently consult their cell phones, GPS, and other devices. The driver may become distracted by anything, including other road users, eating, drinking coffee, or any other beverage.

9. Accidents due to failure to yield

When a driver improperly fails to surrender the right of way, it results in an accident. These collisions differ from many other types of collisions in that the injured party frequently strikes the vehicle that didn’t yield. These collisions occur when there is a flashing yellow or red light when a left turn is made without yielding to oncoming traffic, when a car aggressively merges onto the highway, when a driver pulls out of a driveway and enters the street, and when a driver fails to give way to a pedestrian who is already in a crosswalk.

It’s crucial to know what to do following a collision, regardless of the kind of accident you were involved in. Car insurance providers may not always be on your side. Personal injury lawyers have put together some additional materials to aid with auto accidents as a service to you.

Navigating Car Accidents: The Essential Role of a Lawyer

In the wake of a car accident, the legal maze can be daunting. Enter the car accident lawyer, your steadfast navigator. This expert not only delves deep, ensuring every angle of the incident is scrutinized but also stands guard, protecting your rights. With insurance companies known for their hardball tactics, your lawyer’s negotiation prowess becomes invaluable, aiming for just compensation across damages, medical bills, and lost wages.

Beyond just legal intricacies, their presence offers you peace of mind, allowing you to prioritize healing. In this tumultuous journey, they emerge not just as legal aid but as the ally ensuring you get the justice you deserve.