Dropbox can’t establish secure internet connection.

    dropbox can't establish secure internet connection

    A lot of users have faced the issue that it’s impossible to establish a secure connection with Dropbox.

    Since the majority of dropbox can’t establish secure internet connection are created by using SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and any problem in the SSL certificates could cause the above error to occur.

    As we are aware of how vital it is to be capable of connecting to Dropbox and other cloud storage services, in this article we’ll look at some of the most successful solutions to this problem.

    What can I do to solve the issue of not being able to dropbox can’t establish secure internet connection.

    dropbox can't establish secure internet connection

    Try the version on the internet of Dropbox

    This is a straightforward solution that could be beneficial to certain users. Use your browser to connect to Dropbox and then see if that can help.

    It is possible to use any browser to do this, but, should you be looking for a secure and reliable browser, the best choice is the Opera browser.

    This recommendation is based on the free package of useful features included in the search engine. Flexible workspaces, Messenger tabs VPN and ad-blocker, as well as a battery saver, and more are some of the features.

    Since all these features are built into this browser you don’t need to be concerned about whether they could clog your browser as extensions or plug-ins generally does. This lets you use apps and programs more than other browsers.

    Use an alternative cloud storage program


    There is plenty of cloud storage choices in the market so why not opt for something different?

    Many software programs can be used to back up your data in a safe manner, so you don’t have to have to worry about important data disappearance.

    So, if would like to test these powerful tools, choose from the best cloud storage services for personal use.

    Check that your system’s dates and times are set.

    • Click the Clock on the Windows 10 taskbar and choose the option to adjust the time/date in the drop-down menu.
    • In the opened window, choose the date and the time from the left-hand menu.
    • Make sure that both set time, as well as the automatic setting of time zones option, is set to auto.
    • If the options are activated but your system is unable to access the Internet disable the options before mentioned, click the Change button, and change the time.
    • The computer you use to match the system date to the end date of your SSL certificate, so need to ensure that the two settings are in sync.
    • If they do not match and the error message can’t create a secure connection show up. The steps above will resolve the issue.

    Check that your anti-virus and firewall software is not blocking Dropbox


    • Enter Windows Defender in the taskbar, and select the first option from the list.
    • Click Firewall and network protection.


    Choose Allow the app to connect to the firewall and then Change settings.

    1. Choose Dropbox from the options.


    1. Allow both access to both and Private access to this app by checking the appropriate boxes.


    1. Click OK to save the changes and then apply them.


    The example we’ve used here is Windows Defender, but the procedure is like other antivirus programs that you could use.

    Antivirus software is known for blocking any illegal Internet services, which means the chance that the ports blocked are high. Whitelisting Dropbox and other utilized apps are crucial.


    Check that your proxy settings are set to the correct defaults.

    1. Click on the Dropbox icon in the tray of your system.


    1. Choose the preferences.


    1. Select the Network tab and check the proxy settings have been correct in the Proxy Settings section.

    Certain applications can alter the default proxy settings once they are installed.

    Since Dropbox utilizes standard Internet ports (80 or 443) to conduct the transfer of data, these ports must be accessible for connections.

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    In today’s fix article, we discussed the best strategies to resolve the issue that dropbox can’t establish secure internet connection.

    We hope these steps are helpful. We’d love to know whether you have any extra ideas on this subject.