What does an Ethical Dog Breeder Do – 2024 Guide

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Animal breeding is an activity which is done by many but it is no news that there are people who only indulge in such breeding of dogs with the sole motive of making more money. Sometimes, this need to make more money can come at the expense of the animals themselves where they are often neglected and forced to breed. This eventually leads to ill-health of the puppies being bred while also being cruel to the animal. This is why any breeder should look into ethical ways to breed their dogs and implement them in their practice.

Even a person who is looking forward to buying or adopting a dog, should make sure that they are getting the puppy from adoption and rescue shelters or Ethical Dog Breeders only. This will ensure that one does not directly or indirectly support unethical breeders who only indulge in the job to make financial gains even if it comes at the cost of the dogs themselves. There are some ways in which an ethical breeder distinguishes themselves from an unethical one. Paying attention to these cues will help one in making the right choice for a good breeder:

1. They Make Sure That The Dogs Are Engaged And Develop Well

What does an Ethical Dog Breeder Do - 2024 Guide
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Other than just physically taking care of the animals so that they can breed more offspring, an ethical breeder also cares about the mental development and engagement of the said dogs and their offsprings. They are not only in the business for the money but genuinely care about the health of their dogs and try to indulge them in activities that provide their overall development including daily walks, playtime, proper and timely nutrition and other activities. This also makes the dogs bred by them healthier and a better option.

2. They Care And Inquire About The Dog’s New Home 

Ethical breeders are very protective about the puppies they breed and hence are very careful with regards to which home they are sending their dog to. This is because an ethical breeder should naturally be a dog lover to be able to do their job with complete transparency and care required. This is why whenever an interested person approaches them to ask them about the dogs and want to buy one, they are immediately curious about the background of the potential owner. They are curious about information like if the owner has a history with a pet in the past and how they took care of that, etc.

3. They Have And Provide Information About Other Dog Necessities

What does an Ethical Dog Breeder Do - 2024 Guide
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Good breeders are also well-aware about effective ways to take care of the animal they breed and they are more than happy to share such information with the new pet owners so that their dog can continue to live a healthy life. This is why they even have and are willing to provide contact details of other vets and pet shop owners that know about the dog’s history ever since it was a puppy and can suggest ways to improve its quality of life. This is also a great thing for the new owners so that they can stay up-to-date with any special needs or requirements that the puppy might have.

4. There Is A Sales Contract Involved When The Dog Is Sold (With Conditions Favouring The Dog)

An ethical breeder makes sure that the sales contract so formed for the sale of the puppy is one in which the puppy and its health is favoured the most. This means that the contract can include clauses which allow the breeder to intrude in case the animal is mistreated in a new home. Although this can be off-putting for a person who is looking to buy the puppy from the said breeder, it also shows the amount of care the breeder has for the dog’s overall well-being and reasserts the fact that it is ethically bred.

5. They Get Their Dogs Regularly Checked And Share Their Health Report

What does an Ethical Dog Breeder Do - 2024 Guide
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An ethical breeder knows that it is important to share all the information, good or bad, about the puppy with the new potential owner so that the person can themselves choose whether they would like to buy the puppy or not based on its overall profile. This also includes disclosing any information about any medical condition that the animal may be going through and making sure that the potential owner is aware and willing to take special care of that particular dog. If a breeder refuses to share the medical history or outright dismisses any demands made by a potential buyer for the same then it can be a cause of concern.

6. They Usually Only Breed One To Two Breeds

Unlike money hungry breeders who try to engage as many breeds of dogs as they desire to make the most profits, an ethical one who cares about the animal tries to get involved with only one or two breeds. This is because to properly take care of a particular breed, it requires one to know about them thoroughly. Hence, a breeder that is taking care of only a couple of breeds is more likely to have good knowledge about them while also seeming like they are not just doing it for the money.

7. They Only Breed Adult Dogs And Do It Infrequently

What does an Ethical Dog Breeder Do - 2024 Guide
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A good breeder makes sure that they are not over breeding their animals. If a breeder is able to sell multiple litters during a year then it can seem as if they are forcefully or unethically getting the animals to breed which can put them in a lot of distress. This is especially true for female dogs. An ethical breeder does not let this happen and ensures that the animals get enough rest before being bred again.


Overall, knowing all the different ways to distinguish between an ethical and unethical breeder can eventually help in deciding the right place to get one’s pet from. This is not only beneficial for the animals but also for oneself.