How Do You Avoid Locking Yourself Out Of Your House?


Locking yourself out of the home is a common thing. It can happen to anyone. So, it is a common thing, and hence, there is nothing that you need to worry about. But, if it is a tense situation, it is becoming a habit. You may juggle many things at once, and it is common for you to do something like this.

However, its normalcy does not bar you from doing something about it. If you want to save yourself from committing such a mistake, there are some things that you can do ahead of time.

Here are some things that you should do to avoid locking yourself out of your home:

1. Spare Keys Are Always An Open Idea

How Do You Avoid Locking Yourself Out Of Your House?

You should have spare copies of the home locks. It is an effective and affordable option and, of course, better than having a single key to access your home from. There are so many instances that increase your chances of being locked out of the house. You should have key copies. They will secure your position whenever you lock yourself out of the house. They are accessible at your discretion and provide you with a comfortable space. A commercial locksmith is the best person for this purpose.

Apart from your family, you can keep one of the pairs stored with one of your close family friends or neighbors.

You can secure the keys with your immediate neighbors. Sometimes, you should keep your house keys with someone who lives far away, but you trust that person. Covering the distance is better than breaking the house’s doors, locks, and windows to get inside it.

2. Begin With Self-Training And Checking

Setting your routine right and ensuring that you are getting rid of the habits that don’t nurture your true self is an important task. It is often said that it takes 21 days to catch hold of a new habit, and the same time is needed to get rid of an old one. Now, if you want to develop this habit of double-checking for the locks and keys of the house, you need to make a conscious effort for the same.

You may begin from tomorrow onwards and make a conscious effort to check for the keys. You can keep them in your bag or anywhere easy to carry and check whenever you have doubts about the same. In the beginning, it may be a big responsibility. But, once you develop a habit of the same, it will be easier for you.

3. Installing A Smart Lock System

How Do You Avoid Locking Yourself Out Of Your House?

Sometimes, moving away from the traditional use of things is better to avoid such situations. Thanks to the technological advantages, there are other ways in which you can secure yourself from getting locked outside. Smart lock systems are trending these days, and various types are available under this head. Physical keys have a higher tendency to be misplaced. However, with smart locks, you have an edge.

Here’s how they can help you:

  • They keep track of the visitors and the entry timings through the door at your home.
  • You can choose to go with temporary access whenever there are guests.
  • They come with a combination of card and number lock. If you need to remember the door’s code, you can use the card and get the entry. It works similarly to the automatic doors at hotels.
  • You can change the passcode whenever you come across the suspicious activity.

4. Hiding The Extra Key Near The House

You should invest in 2-3 pairs of key copies for the house. If it is late at night and you find yourself locked out of the house, you will not travel to someone’s house at that time. In such a situation, what can you do?

Will you stay outside for the rest of the night, or will you consider relocating to some place or booking a hotel for the night?

Instead of wasting money on such things, you can have 2-3 copies of house keys. If one is stored at your friend’s house, whom you trust, and the other can be in your car or bag. It would help if you used it for such emergencies only. If you execute this idea correctly, it is the best and the simplest way of helping yourself out when you are stuck in such a situation.

5. How About Reaching Out To A Key Finder

How Do You Avoid Locking Yourself Out Of Your House?

But, if nothing will help you, you should consider reaching out to a key finder. There are two ways in which you can approach this situation. You can either call such people whenever you are stuck, or on the other hand, you can learn some tips and tricks that they use for finding the lost keys.

It is a great solution as many key finders are experts in such situations and can help you with qualitative inputs. They are good at their job with valuable experience that can surely be of some help to you. You can reach out to your local contacts to find someone in your local area with the proper experience and knowledge.

6. Practicing A Drill

If you want to get rid of the habit of locking yourself out of the house, you need to follow the discussed steps followed by a drill. When you take part in a mock drill, it trains your body and mind to react in such situations.

Your body and mind need to be calm and composted, as panic will not do any good in this situation. When you are composed, your mind reacts better, and you can come up with alternatives rather than trying to break into your house by hook or crook.


It can be a panic-like situation when you find yourself locked out of your home. Such a situation can lead to thoughts in your head related to breaking a window and entering back into the home. Take a deep breath and implement these recommendations. They will work for you without causing any more damage and expenses.