Protecting Your Home: The Importance of a Home Warranty


Buying a home is an exciting experience. It opens up a world of possibilities for new homeowners from the fun of decorating to the sheer relief of knowing they have a place that’s actually theirs. Of course, owning a home also comes with responsibilities and potential problems. Knowing your home is covered and that you’re protected against those inevitable issues provides a great deal of comfort.

Safeguarding Your Home and Yourself Against Possible Issues

Protecting Your Home: The Importance of a Home Warranty

Those possible problems are among the reasons homeowner’s insurance is so important. In fact, it’s required not only by most mortgage lenders but by law. Still, insurance doesn’t necessarily cover all the problems that could arise. It generally applies to damage from fires, acts of nature, and vandalism. It covers losses due to theft and injuries other people may sustain while they’re on your property.

Insurance doesn’t cover certain other issues, like wear and tear or breakdowns. That’s where home warranties like those available at take over. Home warranties cover an array of issues that could, and probably will, crop up over time. Once you understand all the elements home warranties cover, you’ll see just how important they are and how much value they can bring to the table.

Plumbing Systems

Plumbing systems are essential to people’s homes, but most people don’t realize just how crucial they are. These systems work quietly in the background, taking wastewater out of your home and bringing in fresh water for you to use. Without a fully functional plumbing system, you wouldn’t be able to take advantage of your showers, bathtubs, sinks, dishwasher, garbage disposal, washing machine, water heater, and other fixtures and appliances.

Although plumbing systems are designed for constant use, different components can eventually wear out and stop working. Leaks, broken pipes, damaged drains, and many other issues are likely to come into play. Home warranty plans are available to cover problems with the plumbing system so all those modern conveniences are always at your disposal.

Electrical Systems

Protecting Your Home: The Importance of a Home Warranty

Electrical systems are also vital. If it wasn’t for the electrical system, virtually none of your home appliances would work. You’d have no hot water, cable or satellite television, and internet. Your kitchen appliances would sit idle, and your washing machine and dryer would be little more than massive paperweights. You wouldn’t even be able to charge your phones or laptops. Beyond all those factors, you’d generally be left in the dark.

As is the case with plumbing systems, electrical systems typically work the way they’re supposed to. They can certainly succumb to damage and wear, though. When they do, they cause major inconveniences. They can even pose safety hazards, like shocks, electrocutions, and fires. If electrical problems cause power surges, they can even damage your appliances and electronics. Home warranties cover electrical system issues to protect you against all those possibilities.

HVAC Systems

Having a fully functional home thanks to working plumbing and electrical systems is important, but those are only a couple of elements to consider. Being comfortable at home is also a priority. That’s where the HVAC system comes into play. It includes your heating and air conditioning systems. They keep you warm in the winter and keep heat and humidity at bay in the summer. From the actual heating and air conditioning units to the ductwork they send warm or cool air through to distribute it throughout your home, all those components are just as important as other systems.

Home warranty plans can include coverage for your heating and air conditioning systems. They’ll apply to repairs when those systems malfunction and replacements if they break down. Some plans may even reimburse you for routine maintenance to help keep them working properly and keep repairs and breakdowns at a minimum. A warranty can help keep your home as comfortable and energy efficient as possible.

Kitchen Appliances

Warranties cover kitchen appliances as well. Those include the stove, refrigerator, freezer, dishwasher, microwave, and garbage disposal to name some of the most common. Of course, if you have other appliances, you may be able to find a home warranty plan that covers those too. Appliances usually last between 9 and 15 years depending on the manufacturer, how much you use them, and how well you take care of them. They’re going to eventually break down, though. Having a home warranty to cover repairs and replacements can help manage out-of-pocket expenses.

Washing Machines and Dryers

Protecting Your Home: The Importance of a Home Warranty

Many people take their washing machine and dryer for granted. Being able to toss in a load of laundry whenever you need to makes life much more convenient. Those appliances are also prone to malfunctions and wearing out, though. When they do, people realize just how much they depend on them. With a home warranty that covers your laundry appliances, you won’t have to worry about having to load your laundry into the car and fight the crowds at the laundromat when they break down.

Extra Essentials

Some home warranties can also cover other components of your home. Those may include ceiling fans, exhaust fans, trash compactors, central vacuum systems, and many others. You may even find a warranty plan to cover your televisions, computers, gaming consoles, and other electronics. No two homes are the same, so each homeowner may have unique needs. Different home warranty plans are available and coverage is customizable. That way, your home warranty coverage can be tailored to your expectations.

Protecting Your Home and Belongings

Homeowner’s insurance can provide a certain amount of reassurance against problems and losses that are likely to arise. They don’t cover all possibilities, though. Home warranties pick up the slack. They can provide protection for all the appliances, systems, and other items that aren’t covered by insurance. They’re an extra safety net for homeowners to help reduce the costs of repairs and replacements.

Keep in mind that several types of home warranty plans are available. Some of them offer only basic coverage for a few systems or appliances. Others provide in-depth protection for almost everything you want to include. The more they cover, the more they cost, but the extra cost could actually save you a great deal of money in the long run.