How Often Does Fire Alarm & Fire Extinguisher Testing Need to be Done?


For fire safety, installing alarms and extinguishers in buildings is necessary. In an unfortunate situation, you can be involved in a fire accident. Having an alarm in your building can alert you when a fire occurs. You can use an extinguisher to protect yourself.

But your job is not done once you install these two things. It needs to be checked and maintained to keep working efficiently without any trouble. You cannot risk your life by keeping unnecessary items useless to you. It is essential to check whether the alarm and extinguisher are working correctly.

Proper testing should be done, and it needs to be repeated frequently. In this write-up, you will know how exactly you should test your fire-protection equipment in your building. In case of any damage, you can repair it quickly to avoid any risk of fire accidents.

Why is It Necessary to Test a Fire Alarm and Extinguisher?

How Often Does Fire Alarm & Fire Extinguisher Testing Need to be Done?

A fire accident can happen at any time, and you can detect such a thing with an alarm. You cannot be present in every room simultaneously, but you can install a small device. Even if a bit of smoke is generated, the alarm will ring. An extinguisher can help you get rid of small fires. It is necessary to have these devices in your building for your safety.

The fire alarm and fire extinguisher testing are crucial because they should not stop working at any moment. If you detect any issue, it needs to be resolved quickly to avoid future accidents. If these two devices do not work, fire will spread to all the rooms and become massive.

You cannot control it, and everything will get burnt. Your life will also be in danger, and there will be no way to escape. It is challenging to call for help in an emergency. You must act quickly as your building will be damaged quickly. Therefore, installing these two devices and testing them frequently is necessary.

How Often Does a Fire Extinguisher Require to be Tested and Checked?

How Often Does Fire Alarm & Fire Extinguisher Testing Need to be Done?

You can check any fire extinguisher in three ways. For proper testing, you must know about these methods.

1. Visual

This testing method needs to be repeated once every month. Homeowners can also do this process by themselves. It is essential to check for any damage or blockage in the equipment. It needs to be charged entirely so that you can operate it properly.

Any physical damage can happen due to dents or leakage. You should also check the indicator and gauge pressure. Keep a record of monthly inspections so that you do not miss the date.

2. Maintenance

Such inspection must be done at least once a year. You need to contact a professional to do this process. You can find any company that can inspect with dedicated tools and training.

If any extinguisher passes the test, a tag must be attached after the verification. In the case of unit failure, it is essential to repair or replace it.

3. Internal Maintenance

This inspection depends on the type of equipment. The process involves proper internal checking, recharging, and checking the functioning of all the components. This test must be done every five, eight or ten years.

The test’s purpose is to ensure the safety of the device. Extinguishers with dry chemicals must be tested once in twelve years. Professionals check the equipment and take care of maintenance. It helps in keeping the workspace safe and protected.

How Often is a Fire Alarm Required to be Tested and Checked?

How Often Does Fire Alarm & Fire Extinguisher Testing Need to be Done?

It is necessary to check, inspect or test a fire alarm at least once a year. You must be at most 12 months in the case of an alarm. The more you frequently check the device, the better you will get the faults. It helps in resolving serious issues timely and avoiding severe accidents. But it does not mean that there is no regular test.

Like an extinguisher, it is necessary to check this device every month to ensure it works well. Whenever any smoke or small fire is near the alarm, it should react accordingly and alert people living in the building. If nothing happens in a regular check, it needs to be repaired.

For yearly check-ups, you can call the manufacturers for an inspection. You must schedule the agency for regular testing. Different components are attached to this device, which needs to be checked timely to avoid further issues.

What is the Complete Process of Inspecting an Alarm?

How Often Does Fire Alarm & Fire Extinguisher Testing Need to be Done?

The entire system of a fire alarm consists of several small components which need to be tested timely. The testing process involves the use of devices that help in detecting fires by using heat or smoke detectors.

With the help of a control panel, the entire system is well-managed. It is necessary to test the backup resources to provide power to the device. It should be recharged so that the device works properly. A complete system must always be activated so that it can detect fires and protect people living in the building by providing alerts.

If any component is missed or unchecked, it can cause failure and will not protect the building from severe accidents. Every time, you need to get a guarantee on every component so that the device should function properly.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to knowing the right time for inspecting and testing the fire alarm and extinguisher, it should be done regularly, once a month. For proper or professional testing, it needs to be done once a year. It is necessary to check all the components of the device from both internal and external sides.

The equipment must work well to protect people living in the building from fire accidents. Make sure that the entire system of a fire alarm works perfectly so that it can be helpful for you in any emergency event. You will stay protected only when you take care of the repair and maintenance of these devices.