How To Get Rid of Critical Threat Message on iPhone?


This is the most unreliable applicatory message utilized by cybercriminals. They are after your intimate data and format the message in such a way as to infuse you with fear whilst prompting you to take action.

With this fear, they spread they make you forget to think clearly. The message is designed as near authentic so that you would think this message originated directly from your device’s operating system.

It is a scam attempting to steal your identity. So better ignore it. All such critical threat messages on iPhone are scams, presented by cybercriminals. Close suspicious web pages, and avoid websites that are the part of fake advertising tactics.

On this message will be an action-taking prompt button. Steer clear, if you press on it you will be directed to a scammer’s site.

There they will encourage you to provide your information, by registering to get an app to clean your iPhone from this supposed threat. Steer clear, do not click the button.

Critical Threat Message on iPhone

This is a warning message created to mislead and fearmonger the iPhone user.  Scammers and Phishers use this type of message to steal all they could get from you.

Ignore it and don’t take action. Action without clear thought is what those criminals depend on. First, think about what the message entails and ask you to do.

What you can do then is to be aware of which app you used at the same time this pop-up rises up then close the app.  Uninstall it.

Critical Danger Message Virus


This virus is a seek engine infiltrator, created with the aid of using rip-off artists, to infiltrate your gadgets. Although it’s not malicious to your device, it’s nasty in the way it forces you to divulge information you don’t want to share. It even encourages you to download and install inferior apps. 

This message is an automobile pushed with the aid of using scammers, to infiltrate your gadget via the download of uncertified apps.

In most cases, these apps are the creations of unreliable creators and they play host this virus. Only download and install certified by Apple apps from their store and read the reviews on each app.

Once you download an app with no certification or substandard reviews you open your device to possible viruses.

The viruses in those apps will get activated and will take over your browser’s functions. Popping–up always while you use the browser. However, whilst it takes place when the hunt engine is closed then this virus isn’t on the pages you visit. It might be on the apps you use. 

“Critical threat message on iPhone”, This scam is mostly used for harvesting personal data. The intention of the rip-off artists is for you to download their malware.

Do not trust this pop-up message and never react to it if you want to keep your iPhone safe.

Steer clear of following instructions prompting you to download and install the apps mentioned. It’s malware prepared to fill your tools’ difficult force with junk. This is also known as the gateway for more viruses to infect your iPhone. 

Is This Message a Real Warning?

No, getting a critical threat message on iPhone is not an authentic message coming from your iPhones operating system.

It’s fake and you better not trust it. The message is an automobile pushed with the aid of using scammers to lure you into giving up what you hold dear. Never consider this message as having good intentions. 

As Apple is the creators of the iPhone they have built-in safety measures already to guard against this type of thing. There’s no need for you to download and install apps you are prompted to. 

Critical Threat Pop-up 

This whole message is false and misleading. This is a message designed to cause harm in one way or another. Never trust it.  

Seeing this pop-up for your display may also be an amazing signal indicating your device isn’t inflamed with an extreme virus.

It could be possible your search engine picked up some malware. Usually, it’s easy to remove. Just don’t download anything.

How Critical Threat Message on iPhone Can be Fixed in Four Easy Steps

  1. Close the pop-ups without clicking anywhere on them.
  2. Uninstall all uncertified apps. 
  3. Clear the browsers you use search history.
  4. If it’s not fixed after the three steps mentioned use a malware detection tool for cleaning it. 

Read further & Learn How to Remove The Critical Threat Message on iPhone.


1] Close all pop-ups on the screen, you might see an x for a close sign, usually, it’s on the top right corner of the message. However, it’s encouraged you don’t click on it.

It could be that you get redirected to somewhere unsafe. Read intentionally, double click on the home button of your iPhone.

It will show all opened apps, press on the close all button. It will close everything even the pop-ups in most cases. If the pop-up is still on the screen after the token action turn off wi-fi or mobile data and restart your iPhone.

2]  Look for currently established apps that appear unusual and untrustworthy. Uncertified apps in most cases are the culprits, and they are playing host to the virus. Only use apps available in the Apple store. If you find any mentioned apps uninstall them. 

3] In this step, you must clean your search engine. Open settings press the Safari icon, search for the capabilities that block pop-ups, and fraudulent internet site warnings. Enable the ones. After taking that action look for the feature Clear History and Browsing data. Confirm the clearing action. Do this for all the browsers you use on your device. 

4] It’s easy to clear the virus once you follow the first three actions. However, if the pop-up is still active then a factory reset is recommended. Make sure to backup your data before taking this action. Your iPhone is fitted with iCloud and you might save your data on there.

Now if you’re ready, go to Settings, open General, find the Reset option, and select, then choose Reset All Content and Settings. Multiple times you’ll be asked if it’s the action you want to take select Yes every time. Once the process starts, be patient, wait till it’s finished. Now your tool will restart and you may set it up like earlier.  


  So next time when you see a critical threat message on iPhone and pop-up asking you to take the desired action. Then do not take any action even though the message is showing a sense of urgency. Whatever tips we have elaborated above just follow them. With proper knowledge, you can get rid of critical threat messages on your iPhone. Be careful and be secure.