How to Get Rid of Android Battery Drain Virus Quickly? [2023]


How to Get Rid of Android Battery Drain Virus? (Podcats)

Dangers from virus attacks to Androids are real. We had to learn what it is that attacks our devices. There is a variety of this malware in circulation, and one could easily fall prey to it. Here are must-know directors and the ways to redeem them. It is advisable for the safety-conscious to always read about cyber security to guarantee them a long life for the devices. 

While it’s unable for viruses to attack Android or smartphones batteries head-on, there are apps always running in the background that drains the power speedily.

Android battery drain viruses are usually malware, which gets installed through the malicious apps unknowingly. Once these android viruses enter your device, they start draining the battery. Users sometimes download these types of affected apps from the google play store. 

If you have had malware present on your Android for a long time it can cause battery damage. Some known scams can also claim a user’s battery is infected with a virus and their know-how to redeem it. This is called in technical parlance an android battery drain virus.

Do These Android Battery Drain Viruses Really Exist?

Viruses are programmed to attack only software and are unable to harm hardware. If there’s a pop-up on your device, warning you about a virus attacking your battery, know it as a scam.

There are these cyber bandits who create malware that can use excessive power draining your battery’s life. These scams called scareware, put the blame on a virus attacking the battery of your device if you purchased it elsewhere. Becoming aware of scamming tricks like that will keep your device safe. 

Is it Possible For a Virus to Drain The Battery of Your Device? 

Android-battery-drain-virus-attacked-on-device-and-stealing-informationThere are viruses built or defectively coded apps that lend a hand to Android battery drain. Here is how it happened: It happen through continuous processing, too much data transmission, and wasted screen time. Those are some of the culprits that could be blamed for Android battery drain and it can happen in a jiffy. 

Here we have 5 barometers that can show you, your Phone has viruses. Luckily there are signs to look for once you suspect your phone has a virus. 

  • If too many pop-ups occur: If they are too many then you may have malware on your device. 
  • Using a ton of data: Malicious software runs in the framework while you’re on the web and they use up your data. If you don’t know about your data usage to rectify your phone using habits, your data will be used by these apps. Make sure you have knowledge about it to spot a virus quickly.
  • Unforeseen Levies: These viruses are able to use services that led to increases in your phone bill
  • Spam text: It’s text messages warning you about viruses you have on your phone. Do not click on links provided with said messages. It can be detrimental to your phone’s health.
  • Rapidly warming of your phone: If you’re into game playing on your phone know that it requires extensive processing power. You will feel your phone getting hot while you play the games. However, when it warms up during normal functions, it may indicate having a virus. 
  • Battery drain speedily: If your device’s battery drains in a jiffy, it can be because of viruses operating in the background. Usually, viruses attack only software, and your battery is not software.

The heat that formed through the use of your phone, multiple recharging, and cases for the protection of your phone did play a role in battery lifespan reduction. All these are the causes for you to replace your device sooner than necessary.

The virus attacking your battery messages is fear-mongering used extensively by scammers. With it, they force users to download their malicious apps. While pretending they will get rid of the problem they actually aggravate the problem. Here is what their viruses do:

  • They reopen continuously without command.
  • They always run in the background.
  • By using the resources of the device it led to faster battery drain.

All of this led Android users to believe the threat is real and their fall for the scam. 


Phishing scams on the other hand are destructive software full of viruses and it taps information from your phone or computer. Phishing is an action used by scammers to lure you into giving up your information. With it, they also lure you into downloading malware without you knowing of its destructive intent. To protect yourself from phishing attacks you should know what are the common indicators of a phishing attempt.  


How Does This Android Battery Drain Virus Works?

It’s pop-ups on your screen warning you about a virus damaging your battery. (Battery virus) Phishers will offer you an antivirus program telling you it will get rid of the program. When you tap on the link provided with the offer it will direct you to a site imploring you to open an antivirus account. There you must enter all your sensitive information.

Guidelines To Steer Clear And Free Your Phone From Viruses 

“Prevention is better than cure,” This old adage ring true when it’s talking about the safety of your devices.

  • Always only use apps that are from a trusted reliable source: Before downloading and installing an app read its reviews. If you’re still unsure about its authenticity search the internet and read about the app.
  • Make sure to use a trusted search engine for your mobile: Stay with widely used reputable browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Microsoft Edge, and Apple’s Safari.
  • Do not click on pop-ups, close it.
  • Always use antivirus software

 Guides To Take if Your Phone is Affected

If you’re already fallen for the phishing trick and gave up information, do this:

  1. Clear out all apps you download prior to the starting of your problem.
  2. Reset your search engine’s app data and delete the history of searches.
  3. Inform your bank and watches the bank account activity. Keep an eye on your email account and social accounts. Identity theft is real and you will be wise to watch out for it.
  4. In most cases, a factory reset will be the best action to take and it’s highly recommended. This will safe you from the android battery drain virus.



Remember Android battery drain viruses are not your usual virus but it gets deployed by the scammers in other for you to divulge your information.

Thus allowing them to steal your life. Be careful always’s to stay safe. Make sure you are observing your android battery performance often.

If you recognize that the battery behaving unusually. Then check installed applications. Identify those apps which have been installed on your device without your permission if you found those apps.

Uninstall them immediately. Never click on any urgent message popping up while you are surfing the internet. Make sure that your antivirus is up to date as well as your android system software is also updated.