How To Increase Pizza Sales With the Right POS System


    As a pizzeria, you probably already know that 93% of people eat pizza at least once a month. You also probably know how important a Point of Sale system is to businesses. However, what you may not know is how choosing the right POS system for your pizzeria can increase your sales and bottom line. You can click for phone system for pizza restaurant here or explore the remaining part of this article to find out how you can break even and make more money with the right POS system.

    Why a Pizza POS System?

    Pizza has become a popular product worldwide. It no longer needs much convincing to sell. However, your business needs to convince customers to buy from it. With the right POS system, you just might be on the road to cracking the code for customer retention and lead generation.

    Choosing the right POS system for your pizzeria holds a lot of benefits. They include;

    Support for In-House Driver Management 

    Pizzerias have found that delivery is an important part of their business. Most customers ordering pizza are among friends or family and won’t miss those precious moments walking or driving to your physical location. This means that incorporating delivery services can help increase your sales by at least 30%.

    Incorporating delivery isn’t only the key to unlocking customer satisfaction; you need to improve delivery time and efficiency to ensure customers get their orders quickly – while their pizza is still hot and fresh!

    With a Pizza POS system, you can effectively manage your in-house drivers and delivery system, ensuring that each order placed is paired with the right driver for delivery purposes. With this automation, you no longer have to manually assign delivery areas and fees or select delivery drivers to run the errand.

    Clear Call Out of Takeout and Delivery Orders

    Most pizzerias face the confusion of takeouts and delivery orders. While online orders are being logged, some customers may also drop by the store to order and pick up their pizza. With the right pizza POS system, your staff no longer have to spend time sorting orders or determining which is takeout or delivery.

    Pizza POS systems have been designed to call out and tag takeout and delivery orders separately to ensure easier identification and faster processing. This solution can help you effectively cut out time wastage and increase customer satisfaction.

    Schedule Orders in Advance

    Future orders are common with pizzerias. Schools, groups of friends, establishments, etc., may place future orders for events and parties. The right POS system allows you to log those future orders, ensuring that the required number of pizzas are made to match the customer’s delivery time.

    With the future scheduling solution, you can effectively eliminate human error, ensure accurate order delivery, and keep your customers happy.

    Third-Party Service Integration

    Not all pizzerias can afford to run their in-house delivery service. In fact, most pizzerias may end up outsourcing deliveries to third-party partners to save costs and increase their profit margin. The right pizza POS can help with managing orders and third-party notifications. This integration saves time, ensures better and seamless service delivery, and also guarantees better business cooperation between the pizzeria and their logistics partner.

    Now leveraging the third-party service integration, pizzerias can also incorporate raw material delivery based on inventory. This ensures that their suppliers are kept abreast of their inventory and initiate supplies to replenish their shelves at certain agreed-upon units.

    Track Data and Better Sales Reporting

    Manually tracking customer data and sales reporting can be challenging. Manual data inputting is also prone to errors due to human shortcomings. However, the right POS system for your pizzeria solves this problem by collating order information, processing delivered orders, delivery fees, sales records, and documenting order cancellations.

    This data can be printed and studied to understand when orders are more likely to come in, determine the greatest factors affecting order cancellation, and understand what customers need. The data aggregation aspect of this POS solution can also be used to track your inputs, inventory, and outputs. Using the data, your business can effectively plot the expenditure and revenue chart to determine profitability.


    Collect Customers’ Phone Numbers and Email 

    Your pizza POS system does more than process the numbers. It is also a repository of customer information that can be used for marketing purposes. The records collected include the phone numbers and emails of your customers. In fact, some POS systems also collect names, making it easier to send personalized messages and marketing materials to customers.

    Using this customer information, you can also associate each customer with their orders and preferences, thus reducing the time taken to take each recurrent customer’s orders and serving them better.

    The data collected can also form a basis for customer loyalty programs, allowing you to reward your longstanding and recurrent customers for their loyalty to your brand.

    When choosing the right POS system, these benefits and more are available to your pizzeria. Speak to a POS supplier to get started.