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How to Right Click on a Chromebook? (2 Easy Ways)

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How to Right Click on a ChromebookAre you a recent convert to a Chromebook and are stuck on an easy thing, like the right-click point on a Chromebook? We will write this article information on how to right click on a chromebook .

There could be some effects you are not in a position to comprehend about Chromebook including new keyboard lanes you are not used to. Thus, you will need to be suitable to change and learn several settings. One of your queries could be how to right click on a chromebook?

No matter what device you’re using, Chromebook or PC understanding how to right click on a chromebook is vital. The classic right-click menu is always the same on any device that has a drag and drops functionality. What happens on the Chromebook is over to you to discover! Learn how to right click on a chromebook?

How to Right Click on a Chromebook with a Touchpad?

You can right-click your Chromebook by using the touchpad on your Laptop. Chromebooks don’t have fresh buttons. You can press anywhere on the touchpad’s cube to left-click or right-click.

This is the step-by-step system to right-click the Chromebook with a touchscreen

  1. Place your cursor on the item you’d like to open or elect.


  1. Use your touchpad by pressing two fritters at the same time to pierce the menu for right clicks.

Also, open the asked item or choose to drag it and drop it wherever you like with one cutlet.


How to Right Click on a Chromebook with Keyboard?

Another system to right-click on a Chromebook is to use crucial- board lanes.

Take these two ways

  1. Click Alt. Press the Alt key on your PC.


  1. Touch the touchpad using one cutlet and press the Alt key at the same time.

If you click this you will start the menu by right-clicking.

Be apprehensive that if you are using a mouse, you can pierce the right-click menu using the right- valve button on the mouse.

How to Right Click on a Chromebook

How can I spark the use of a touchpad?

Still, there are a couple of options to spark your touchpad, if your touchpad is not working.

  • Search the box and hunt for” Mouse”.
  • Choose the mouse’s or mouse’s parcels from the hunt results, or choose touchpad and mouse settings.
  • Click on mouse settings for fresh options.
  • Grounded on the layout of colorful laptops, choose to enable the option. For case, on Lenovo, there’s the Devie settings tab and on ThinkPad, there is a tab named Thinkpad and UltraNav. Elect the applicable valve option, and also spark the touchpad.

How to use Chromebook?

Chromebook Zilches is like other desktop computers. It is not suitable to store documents on your desktop. It’s a visual area to open new windows.

It’s possible to detect the hunt icon, which is where the cinches key should be. This key for the hunt is employed to search apps as well as other effects on your Chromebook.

How can I disable the touchpad?

To disable the touchpad on your device, go through this way below

  • Enter the hunt box and type in the mouse.
  • Choose the mouse’s or mouse’s parcels from the hunt results or go to the options for the mouse and touchpad.
  • Click on mouse settings for fresh options.
  • Grounded on the layout of colorful laptops, you can turn on the option that matches the layout of your laptop. For illustration, on Lenovo there’s an option called Devie Settings as well as on ThinkPad there is the tab named Thinkpad as well as UltraNav. Elect the applicable valve option and also disable the touchpad.


What’s the reason my mouse is not working?

Still, try streamlining your motorist by following this way if your mouse is not working.

  • Start the hunt bar and hunt for Device Director.
  • From the device director, elect Mice and other bias with pointing capabilities> parcels.
  • Click on the Motorist tab, also choose Update Motorist.

How do I click?

  • You are at work or playing games and you have to work than usual.
  • These easy tricks can be helpful
  • Make use of a mouse rather than a touchpad.
  • You can exercise using the keys without having to look.
  • Use a mouse that’s performing.


The Chromebook is an important device that anyone can master. Still using the touchpad and other functions could bear some instruction and practice. Making use of a Chromebook in the morning may be a bit inviting since you are not familiar with the contrivance. You can use either of the two options that we bandied over” how to right click on a chromebook”.

Write a comment below about your coming Chromebook issue and I will be further than willing to help.

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