How To Send a Virus To My Friend? [100% Works]

Electronic communication has become the order of the day, and it has changed the way we as humans converse with each other.

For most of us, it’s a good thing because the computer age has brought the globe closer to us all. It did change the way we interact with each other, the way we work, do assignments for college, or make our money.

However, every good thing has its bad side. For computers, it’s viruses. Not the ones infecting humans but here we discuss the ones affecting your communications devices, in short, your computers.

These viruses also called malware are very destructive and can render your device unfunctional for some time.

They are not easily noticed as they operate in the background and can work their destruction directly under your nose with you unaware of it.

For us average users the only option to rid us of this plaque would be to support the expensive antivirus vendors.

Some of the safety apps bought might cause more harm than solving the situation.

Especially when you invest in uncertified apps with poor or non-reviews. 

You might also do the extreme and wipe you’re your computer hard drive in the hope of freeing your device of this nuance to your detriment of losing all your data.

If you’re in such a tricky situation it’s tough to do the right thing. However, in preference to constantly being at the receiving aspect how would you want to put someone else to the test? 

Especially to put your enemy in his/her place. If only for the fun of seeing them suffer as you have. I could even learn how to send a virus to my friend if I know how to do it.

I could give my friend an imperceptible and eternal virus he won’t even know off and it would leave him in the doldrums for a long time to come You might visit a technician to assist you if you are not technically aligned.

Here’s how you can conduct an anti-virus scan to drop viruses from your Android immediately:

Option 1. remove the malware

Then, install AvastOne for Android a free application that checks your device to determine whether a virus has been detected. When an issue is detected then you’ll be asked to drop the virus fast.

Run an antivirus scan

The majority of mobile antivirus applications can be used simply. Click”scan” or the “scan” button, and then let the app go to work.

Step 2: Resolve the identified problems

After you’ve finished this scan, make sure to follow the steps on the user interface. This will clear any risk that may have been discovered.

drop the malware.

If you’re not using an Android phone security application or if your choice of anti-malware application isn’t working to fix the issue, you can try other options. Here’s how you can remove virus off your Android phone by hand:

Step 1: Put your phone into Safe Mode

Restarting your phone using safe mode will stop the running of any third-party application and execute malware. Certain Android phones allow you to restart in safe mode, but, others just a few extra steps to do so.

On many phones, you can switch to safe mode by pressing the power button, as if you were planning to switch the phone off.

The long-press power off option for one second or so.

Click “OK when asked for a restart into safe mode.

After your device is in safe mode check if the issues persist. Should they not be, then it’s probable that they’re caused by malware that was installed in a third-party application.

Step 2: Browse the apps you downloaded

After you’ve entered Safe Mode Go through Settings > Applications. Check for apps that look suspicious for instance, an app that isn’t something you’re experienced with, or that you haven’t thought of installing yourself. It’s best to begin is to looking at the apps that were installed right before your phone acted.

Step 3: Disable recent downloads

If you’ve found a dangerous app, you can tap Uninstall to erase it. If you’ve made the wrong choice it’s possible to try to install it again. In a desperate attempt to survive, many malware-ridden applications will block the Uninstall button In this case, you’ll have to disable the administrative rights.

Step 4: Stop these apps from becoming administrators for devices.

Check your security settings and you will find the apps that have access to devise administrators. It is dependent on the version of your Android version and the phone’s manufacturer, your process could be something like this Settings > Security > Device administrators.

If you are there, check whether the app that you’re using to solve problems is on the list. If it is check the small box right of its name and then note whether it’s verified.

If so, uncheck the box and then choose the option to deactivate the administrator of this device to disable its access rights. Return to the app’s menu under Downloaded Apps. You’ll see the Uninstall icon should appear available soon, so click it and take the app off.

In the final step, go to the Downloads folder, and remove this virus’s .apk installer file, in case it is present. it.

Restart your phone using normal operation mode and verify that you’ve cured your symptoms. If you’re satisfied, then you’ve removed viruses off the phone. Android phone. If not, you’ll have to go through the process again by uninstalling an alternative application or think about doing a complete factory reset.

Make sure to note that performing a factory reset erases the apps and all data from your phone, thus it’s always an ideal idea to create regular backups of data.

Option 3: Reset your Android phone

If the two methods above don’t resolve the problem, you can reset your phone to its factory settings. Here’s how to reset factory settings on to reset your Android phone to rid of malware:

However, it’s a bad notion to put a friend in such peril and would not be recommended.

The best way to send virus to your friend is by using a .bat file.  

Bat files: Actually it’s .bat files and these are real vindictive to any device.

Developing to use them should be at your own risk. It’s criminal to send venomous .bat through the internet.

Once you get caught a severe penalty can be laid upon you. However, if you want to go along there is video footage on that you can watch on this topic. After watching it you can try it out on a friend. 


To send a virus to my friend is not a real good plan. It shows you are not better than any scammer or hacker out there. Besides, you could make your friend lose some important work and time. It’s totally not cool to do it.

 “How to send a virus to my friend” this thought should not even get into my mind if I regarded him as a real friend.     


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