Here’s What To Do if Your Phone is Hacked | Expert Tips [2023]

What To Do if Your Phone is Hacked

What to do if your phone is hacked? The first thing is for you to know and become conversant with the behavior of your device. It means for you to be aware of your device’s reaction to your commands. Also, know what type of apps are on your phone and know how to use them.

Then next it will be excellent if you can learn about and remember signs indicating your phone are not up to usual behavior. Most times we did not think about hackers or that our phones may be hacked. When we open our new phones or using our existing ones our minds are far from thinking about hackers. If you are not observant to your phone`s behavior you won`t know what to do when your phone is hacked. 

We must know that hacking is real and it compromises our privacy and identity without us even knowing it. Hackers are using sophisticated methods allowing them to evolve and improve methods continuously. With them using new evolved methods they are increasingly hard to spot.  The attacks are able to blind side you the average user without you even knowing what to do if your phone is hacked 

There are ways we can use to sidetrack and protect ourselves and our devices from hackers. If we can stay up to date with new hacking methods the war is halfway won. To be aware is to be informed and prepared. Read below and find out what to do when your phone is hacked.

What is Hacking And What To Do About it?

Hacking is a method where someone forces access into your communications privacy. It can happen to all types of devices. Hackers can hack into advanced security devices and even to something as simple as listening to your conversations on unsecured internet connections. Your Android or IPhones can be easily infiltrated by these cyber criminals. It`s imperative and highly recommended that users learn and become aware how to know and identify a compromised device. Learn to know what behaviors indicate your phone is hacked and what to do if your phone is hacked.

Phones are an easy target for hackers because nowadays we do everything on the go. It is easy and convenient to store all our data and accounts together in one single location. We store all our social media accounts, email addresses, banking information, and links to our phones. If our phones get lost, stolen or you way laid it somewhere else it creates an open door to your accounts for a possible hacker.

But rest assured there are ways to know if your phone have been hacked and used by a hacker. Here is a compiled list to diagnosed your phones behavior in order to check if there has been any indication your phone is being hacked This will open you to seek knowledge to find out what to do when your phone is hacked.

Hers is What to do if Your Phone is Hacked?

What To Do if Your Phone is Hacked 2

  • Your phone’s battery life drains away quickly: Malicious codes are sometimes used by malware or certain unreliable apps and it drains away power.
  • If your phone sluggishly reacted to your commands and runs real slow: Your phone might be giving power away to hackers’ applications. It may be one of the reasons it had become slow. Crashes occur and restarts without commands can be indications too. 
  • Strange behavior and indications of strange activity on your online accounts: When hackers get access to your phone, they usually aim for your most valuable accounts. Password reset prompts to your email or social media accounts or new account signup verifications are all indications of hacking.
  • Calls or text in your logs that you don`t remember: Through calls or SMS messages they use you and your device to steal personal information from your family or relations. They can place malware or tap your phone with an SMS Trojan. Be aware with your outgoing messages, they can get to you in this way also. Know and recognize these signs as an indication of hackers and prepare accordingly to learn what to do if your phone is hacked. 


What You Should Do if a Hacker is Busy Hacking Your Phone?

If your device is showing an unusual behavior then it is one of the signs your phone is hacked. When you suspect your phone is been hacked you must first diagnose your phone’s behavior by looking at the points mentioned previously. Now that you are aware it’s indeed been hacked you can fight it by bringing in preventative measures and more security on your phone.

 Your first reaction is to free your phone from all and any malware and harmful apps that may have infiltrated your phone. Once it is eliminated from all malware starts with protective measures. With these measures make sure you secure and protect your accounts, to keep hackers at bay. Now you have to have start gathering the knowledge of knowing what to do when your phone is hacked

Methods To Adopt To Keep Hackers At Bay And Out of Your Phone 

It might be necessary to free up these accounts which in most cases are the main targets of hackers.

  • Your email account
  • Google account or Apple ID
  • Online banking if you use it
  • Your social media accounts

Your phone passcode: Most important

Make sure to follow up with any financial or online shopping services that have access to your credit cards or bank details. (Amazon or eBay). Make sure no fraudulent activities occur on these accounts. If you do suspect any do happen be sure to report it to the relevant authorities or institutions you do business with. It will also help you to dispute charges with your bank or any institution if it may arise. 


Prevent Hackers From Hacking Your Phone Again

  • Security for all your devices is extremely important, especially you phone because everything nowadays has become digital and mobile. Hacking methods evolve continuously and you must be vigilant and security conscious. You must also have the knowledge to identify and know what to do if your phone is hacked.
  • Being aware of your online behavior is very important and it’s the best way to protect yourself. Many known practices existed as proven strategies to minimize hacking risks.
  • To protect your phone from hacking steer clear of apps with none or low reputational reviews. Never download nor install such apps on your phone. Always study and read reviews before you download and install any app.
  • Never leave your phone unattended, an unattended phone especially in a public place is the easiest way someone may load malware or a Trojan to breach your phone. 
  • Make sure you always use a complex password and a passcode lock on your phone. Easy guessable passwords or codes are open doors towards your private accounts. 
  • Clear your internet search history frequently: Make sure to always clear your browsing history including cookies and caches. 
  • Enable tracking of your lost devices: It will ensure that you find any of your lost devices current locations. 
  • Update your apps regularly: Apps may have bugs used while programming them and hackers can manipulate and use it to your detriment.
  • Do a daily backup for important apps. 



An important tip is to know how and what to do if your phone is hacked. To ensure a longer and better use of your device it is best to have preventative measures on your phone to prevent hacker’s access. Google play store and Microsoft apps store did have security providing apps in the store that can be downloaded and installed on your phone.

Remember that security is key and very important if we want to be safe. Cyber criminals are almost everywhere and it’s only to your convenience to have good security on your phone. Never pass up security, it will only serve you and your devices benefit. By informing yourself of the dangers of hacking, you can prepare yourself to know what to do when your phone is hacked.