Signs Your Phone is Hacked : The Definitive Guide! [2023]

Signs Your Phone is Hacked

Life has taken many turns. Travel of life became very freaky as every one of us lost a part of privacy in life. We all agree that there is lots and lots of improvement in technology, but did technology had an eye on safety and security on using gadgets.

Contacts, credit cards, banking information, personal photos, and videos being saved on the phone, how much sure are we about the safety of all those information being on a gadget. Losing your personal life and making your life weird are the signs your phone is hacked.

If a hacker captures your phone and goes undetected they can take advantage of all your personal information and use it to infect other devices too. Getting updated with knowledge always keeps us on the safe side. Today we, in our article, will discuss few interesting facts which make all of you aware of hacking, and about a few signs your phone is hacked

Phone hacking involves hackers forcing access into your phone or its communications. This can range from advanced security breaches to simply listening on an insecure internet connection. Sometimes it also involves physical theft of mobile and hacking know to be brute force. Whether it’s an android or iPhone hacking game is acceptable for both. 

Smartphones have become such a pillar of our daily lives to search online, scroll social media, send emails, communicate through calls and messages, usage of apps for a regular schedule of day to day life with all these we usually take for granted the safety and security of our device.

Security is one of the last things we all think about when using a phone. You concentrate or focus less on the indicating or alerting signs that your phone is hacked

We don’t have any magical lights or notifications to inform us that the phone has been hacked. But there are few hacking signs which make us alert about the hacking game. Just keep an eye for the below mentioned and know when your mobiles are under the control of hackers.

Signs Your Phone is Hacked: Complete List

Read and learn when your phone is normal and when it is hacked? Here are the most important hacking signs:

  • Running Slow 

Normal: Usually after prolonged usage of the phone or when phones getting older, running or processing of mobile becomes slow. It can be taken as normal. 

Hacked: Even though it’s a new mobile, and showing a drop in processing of phone it means you are hacked. Too much delay in loading of websites, sudden damage of your mobile apps, trouble in receiving messages or calling it notifies as one of the signs your phone is hacked.

  • Heating of Phone

Normal: After usage of the phone for a long time, commonly, the phone gets heated up. While watching a movie, playing games for a higher duration you can feel your phone getting hot.

Hacked: Even if you are not using your mobile for more than an hour, and it’s burning then it’s a definite sign of hacking. Remember if you are not the reason for your phone getting hot, it means there’s someone else making it happen. And this is one of the signs your phone is hacked

  • Faster Draining of Battery

Normal: It’s usual for the battery to get drained while it’s being used for a longer time. When there are lots of apps opened in your background or when you are using apps of higher power consumption, there are chances of your battery getting drained.

Hacked: When your apps are closed and your use of mobile is very much limited with all the apps closed and everything being under control, then it’s one of the signs your phone is hacked

  • Strange Popups

Normal: Usually when we download apps on mobile from the play store there are chances of getting popup ads on your phone. 

Hacked: If pop up ads are in excess than usual and few ads without your knowledge and interest such as X rated pops when shown then get to know it’s one of among the hacking signs

  • Different Look On Websites

Normal: Hope you all are aware that, websites on goggle sometimes change as per the occasion on their homepage. The goggle picture indicates the celebration on that special day.

Hacked: If you are noticing many changes on websites irrespective of the special day or the change on the site is not signifying any day of celebration, then it’s the game of a hacker. Hacker on your phone is acting as a bridge between you and the web.

  • Ineffective Working of Apps

Normal: When you haven’t updated the software of your phone for a longer period, there are chances of your older apps getting disappeared from your phone.

Hacked: If your apps are just getting off from your mobile without your knowledge, or your phone is getting stuck up frequently, it signifies to be one of the signs your phone is hacked.

  • Unknown Apps

Normal: Accidentally sometimes you may click on ads and apps get download by themselves. So be cautious while clicking on links.

Hacked: When you frequently recognize new apps appearing on your mobile without you being involved in its functioning, it means that a hacker has accessed your device with this app. Today we are using lots of apps where the phone is being a messy library of apps. There are high chances of new apps being unnoticed on the device and this may harm a lot. Always keep refreshing the device and uninstall the unneeded content on the device.

  • Heavy Data Usage 

Normal: Heavy usage of the internet or watching videos of high quality like HD videos for a long time may usually consume data excess.

Hacked: If this is going beyond the limits even if you are not on the internet for a long time, then remember someone else is also working on your data. Data usage can easily help hackers to transmit information from devices. This heavy draining of data alerts is one of the signs your phone is hacked.

  • Unknown Calls and Texts

Normal: We receive many texts and calls for a day. Some might be from an unknown number. Accepting them once is a normal

Hacked: Hacking through messages and calls are another side of the coin in the hacking process. It could be through sending links to your mobile, creating a fake id on social media, calling from unknown numbers more frequently are few tricks of hacking through calls and texts.

If you find any unknown calls or texts, or any fake id of yours without your knowledge, be aware of these hacking signs and inform all your friends and family about this. Stop clicking on suspicious links through text messages. These can be avoided by encrypting the messaging apps. 

Signs Your Phone is Hacked 2

What if You Are Hacked?

Hackers can sometimes catch you even if you are at utmost care. If you stay cautious with the above-mentioned hacking signs, then there are enough chances for you to get rid of hacking.

But as you keep updating your device, they keep updating their hacking tools to catch you up. It’s always better to protect your phone from hacking at the same time it’s always good enough to know what to do once it’s hacked.

You all have learned about how to know the signs your phone is hacked. Here are few more tips for you to get informed about all things you need to follow if at all you are caught by the hacker.

  1. If you see any of the signs your phone is hacked then the first and foremost thing you have to do is to get access to multi-factor authentication. This is to be done beforehand as a safety measure. Multi-Factor authentication is accessed by many other popular apps like Google, Facebook, banking services. Change the passwords by another authentication device. If you are doing it from your device, it means you are giving access to the hacker to know your personal information. 
  2.  Restore your device to clean up the whole data. 
  3. Unlink your bank details or any other legal data connected to your mobile as early as possible.

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These steps might help you to stay in a safer zone even after getting hacked. When you clean up everything within 60 hours of the hacking process then hackers might be the losers with you in their game of hacking.

Steps to Prevent Hacking:

  1. Keep your phone updated frequently
  2. Check out and keep a note of what you are installing on the device
  3. Keep an eye on what’s already on your phone. This might help you in tracking out new data.
  4. Keep your security alert updated for all personal and professional details.
  5. Keep changing your patterns and passcodes.
  6. Always be aware of phone tracking codes to track your device if hacked or lost
  7. Avoid auto logging acceptance while using important online services.
  8.  Lessen the usage of public Wi-Fi or Bluetooth
  9.  Don’t let notifications popup on your lock screen
  10. Lock all the individual apps with passwords


We all agree that mobiles are being our toys in day to day routine. You start your day with it and end it using these gadgets. And today this pandemic has made us slaves for all the digitalized world. Personal information to professional details every part of our life is being engaged with mobiles.

So remember we are all dealing in this unsafety era of digitalization. Stay aware and informative about all the unsafe tricks in technology. Learn about all the abnormal issues with your device are notifying as one among the signs your phone is hacked Prevent yourself from getting trapped in a hacking game, even if you get trapped learn how to come out of it. Hope our article helps to deal with all the hacking issues.