How To Remove a Hacker From My Android Phone?

How To Remove a Hacker From My Android Phone

Technology has made all our lives uncomplicated in this modern era. With increasing comfort, there are more chances of increasing risk. From setting an alarm to saving personal and financial information mobile has become the best storage place for all of us.

This has thrown us into an unsafe world of risk due to a fraudster’s action like Hacking. We all think, being a normal individuals we don’t have much risk of getting hacked which is very untrue. When that unexpected hacking happens, the first question that strikes is How to remove a hacker from my Android Phone?

Smartphones have replaced everything and everyone in our day-to-day life. We have started using gadgets for every part of our work like photography, banking, texting, sharing media, and many more to list out.

When you are storing or securing all the details in this smallest device, how protective and cautious we need to be in keeping all this information on a safer note. But sometimes we fail in doing so, where our data or personal information will be shared with someone else without our knowledge through hacking.

If at all you face issues of privacy or you feel you are at risk of hacking, then we are here to help you know how to remove hackers from your phone. 

Before dealing with how to remove a hacker from your phone, know what are the signs that make you feel that your phone is being hacked. Below mentioned are some of the signs that notify you that your phone is being hacked. 

  1. You find your phone getting hot extensively than usual, even though your use with it is minimal.
  2. You start finding new call logs and text messages on your phone without your knowledge. This will help the hacker to get your personal information easily.
  3. You will observe weird processing on your phone. The running capacity of your device gets much slower than usual. You can also observe your device getting stuck without any heavy usage.
  4. You start finding new data or apps appearing on the phone without your involvement.
  5. Your old data such as photos and videos get disappeared frequently without your interference.
  6. Heavy draining of the battery is observed without much usage of the phone.
  7. Heavy data usage than normal will be detected, which means there’s someone else using your data along with you. 
  8. Unusual popups or ads start appearing on your phone.  

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Once you notice these changes be aware that it’s not only you using your device and it is occupied by someone else. As you develop or update your technology, hackers also update their hacking skills as per your change which makes us harder to spot their game.

So, as you stay updated on improved technology keep an eye on this hacking game. Learn and know about their advancements to keep your journey safer. A hacking trick can be played on any sort of mobile ranging from android to iPhone. Everyone must be aware of hacking tricks and learn some tips to remove a hacker from your Android Phone and throw them away from you.

Best Way To Remove a Hacker From Your Android Phone?

         As you all have learned about signs to know that your phone is being hacked, we are here to answer the question “ how to remove a hacker from my phone?”

  1. Remove all the personal information from your mobile. Hackers once getting logged on to your phone takes access for grabbing all your personal information like banking details, debit cards, and credit card details.
  2. Block all your cards or make changes to your financial information directly through your nearby banks. This keeps hackers to grab your financial information from your device.
  3. Check all the app acceptance. Start checking apps and information on your phone and uninstall apps that are not needed or apps that were not downloaded by you.
  4.  Install an Anti-virus app on your device. When you are worrying about removing a hacker from your android phone, this might surely act as tit for tat for your hackers. The best antivirus app can take away all the malware from your device. Once you purchase an anti-virus app keep updating the software frequently.
  5. After installing an anti-virus app, the usually app requests a full scan of your device. Accept a full anti-virus scan and try to remove all the suspicious malware detected by the scanner. Sometimes, formatting the device can also help in the best way to block the hacker from accessing the mobile.   
  6.  In this modern era, we all are on social media and have lots of social networking connections. Inform all your mates and family that your account on social networks or your device has been hacked. There are chances for a hacker to create a fake id and demand money or collect some personal information. 
  7.  Usually, devices themselves will have a RESET option. It’s better preferred to choose a reset option. This is the last option left if nothing works better for you. If you are in a dilemma of How to remove a hacker from my android phone? Then choose the RESET option under Settings and Advanced option on the device.  

 Hope you got all your answers. Remember it’s not the end of the world once your phone gets hacked. As every lock comes with a key, every problem comes to you with a solution.

Never get panic when you get trapped by a hacker. Think and act smart to get hackers trapped in your intelligence. Apply all the tips and tricks which we have suggested for your confusion on removing a hacker from your android phone. We are sure it’s going to work for you. 

Prevent Your Phone From Hacking

How To Remove a Hacker From My Android Phone and prevent cyber attack

Prevention always comes first. Ensure that you follow few guidelines to keep your device safe and not get hacked. 

  • Passcodes and Phone Lock

Passwords always stand as your best security guards for your devices. Prefer setting complex passwords for your financial information, banking apps, and other personal details. Keep locking your phone and prefer to set passwords for all your apps.

Remember your passwords shouldn’t be small or easier like birth dates or serial numbers. Let them be complex. If you have an issue with forgetting them prefer to note them on your diaries or keep codes for yourself for easier identification.

  • Keep Your Phone With You    

It’s your Toy and it could be best handled with you. Always stay cautious to keep it for yourself. Never give your gadgets to others especially to strangers.

You never know who’s trying to trap you in their game of hacking. Even sometimes you may lose it. Then contact your service provider he helps you in blocking the device account.

Whatever it is, if you keep your device for yourself then there might not be a chance for you to think about How to remove a hacker from my android phone?

  • App Security

      While installing apps on the play store be aware of security issues. Read the reviews, accept the settings as per your device requests.

Don’t make your phone messy with lots of apps, this might make you feel difficult to identify some New apps appearing on your device by the hackers. Keep it clean and clear. Uninstall the apps that are not necessary to be on your device.

  • Clear History

Keep clearing all your searches frequently. Your search history helps the hackers to catch you. Keep doing it at regular intervals. At any point, if you think How to remove a hacker from your phone, then start clearing your cookies and search history from your device.

  • Update Software

You may sometimes see a pop up on your device asking you for a system software update, keep updating your system information. This helps as security for your device. When you keep updating your system software any bugs related to your unsafe apps also get fixed with this process. So never neglect or delay your software update. This lessens you to worry about issues hacking signs or on questions like How to remove a hacker on my android phone

  • Use Encryption

      Always prefer to use apps with encryption. Read the features of an app beforehand. Encryption reduces the risk of hacking and keeps all your communications safe.

  •  Public Wi-Fi 

        Say No to public Wi-Fi or stop using data or online services through public Wi-Fi and Bluetooth. It’s always safe to use your data or Wi-Fi services. 

  • Multifactor Authentication

        Make multifactor authentication on your device accounts. This helps to trace out your phone from other authenticated devices whenever you are hacked. This helps you in keeping your device locations safer and reduces the risk of information getting transferred to hackers.

  • Find My Phone  

If you want to stay away from getting confused knowing about removing a hacker from an android phone? then all devices have an option called Find “My device” under your settings in the category of security. 

   Click Settings< Security< Find My Device. This helps to trace out your mobile from hackers who hacked your mobile directly. This helps you at times when your device doesn’t have a passcode.

  • Auto-Fill

       Turn off your auto-fill option. Google sometimes asks for auto-fill. To make work easier we usually prefer auto-fill options. Remember this is even making your hacker’s work easy.

There are chances for the hacker to autofill your details and can proceed with financial transactions. Always Turn Off Your autofill option. In android mobiles How to turn off your auto-fill option is- Open Google app < More < Settings < General < Turn off Autocomplete with searches.



We always think of a solution only when we are in problems. Every advanced technology has its benefits and loss too. Always be in a stage to face any issues with gadgets and deal them with good knowledge.

It’s not about a question of a celebrity or a common man, every smartphone can be hacked. Whenever you get to observe signs of hacking on your android devices, the very first thought of yours is How to remove hacker from my android phone. We have mentioned to you all the tricks and tips but it’s always a challenging task to face a hacking game. It’s always better to avoid such situations. 

As you stay updated with the world let your device be updated frequently. Secure it with passwords. If at all you are getting a chance of letting your device to unknown persons such as for repairs, disable all your apps, remove all your personal and financial information’s.  If you are cautious enough in handling things, then you need not worry about hackers.