Here Are The Codes to Check if Phone is Hacked 2020!

Codes to check if phone is hacked 2020

Smartphones are today’s toys for kids as well as adults. They are multitaskers in every individual’s day-to-day life. Every phone is a tool holding all your secrets, photos, financial and personal details. What else does a criminal want from you other than your phone which is a complete replica of you to grab all your information? In this insecure world from using codes to secure a lost data of a system, we have landed in a stage to learn about updated codes to check if phone is hacked 2020. 

 In this era of digitalization, with an increase in technology, the number of cyber thieves and hackers has been increased. We are today in a state where we cannot spend a single day without using phones, so it’s always important to gain knowledge about hackers and their hacking tricks to protect yourself from getting damaged.       

Most of the time you must have heard that your computer gets some virus that can harm your system, in the same way, it can happen to your phone and tablet too. Over the past few years, a repeated question that comes into my mind whenever I hear about hacking is – Do we have any codes to check if phone is hacked. Hope it would be great if these codes could help us protecting phones from hacking. 

 After wide research on articles on hacking and its prevention, we have landed with few codes that might help us to know if phone is hacked or safe. Codes might be the limited way to check if phone is hacked and usually different from androids to iPhone. 

Let’s here get some information to know if your mobile was hacked and how can you fix it by using some simple codes. 

The codes most sites refer to are USSD Codes – Unstructured Supplementary Service Data codes also referred to as “Quick Codes”.  At times we have few hidden features on our mobiles without our knowledge. So, to make it clear we can use USSD codes. Here we have codes to check if phone is hacked.

 These code numbers can be easily typed into your phone dial and hit the call button. The process of using codes to check hacking is as easy as dialing a call to your friend. The codes usually start with *or # with few numbers in the middle.

These codes give you quick access to know information about your mobiles security. Using them is as easy as dialing a number. 

Complete List of the Codes to Check if Phone is Hacked 2020

  • IMEI: *#06#*

International Mobile Equipment Identity Code (IMEI) You can know IMEI by dialing #06#, note down your IMEI number somewhere safely. This may not directly stop the hacking process but it can act as a tracker.

  • Unanswered Calls: *#61#*

Hackers can sometimes redirect your call to other call without your knowledge. Keep observing this when your phone is ringing, if not later this call forwarding or redirecting cannot be traced. 

*#61#* is one of the codes to check if phone is hacked or anyone else is receiving your unanswered call. You can even erase all the settings using code*#61*#

  • Data Catcher: *#62#*

Code *#62#* acts as a Data catcher. This gives complete information about the hacker who is hacking your data when your mobile is being switched off. Hackers can trace messages, calls from your mobile. Use this code and catch the ear of the hacker. 

  • Data catcher when you are busy or rejecting the call: *#67#* 

*#67#* is one of the updated code to check if phone is hacked.This informs if someone is after you. If it’s an unknown number and not your own number but dialing from your mobile, then just type ##67#

  • Scan number for diversion: *#21#

Sometimes your data is being forwarded to other calls even though your phone is available or out of reach. This is known as unconditional data forwarding or diversion. 

Such activity is harder to spot. A call diversion redirects the call to another line without even allowing your phone to ring. 

Dial *#21# and find out if your phone has been hacked this way. If you see that it was, just dial ##21# to erase these settings.

  • Erase settings for call forwarding: ##002#

If you want to erase all these settings at once, just dial ##002# and sleep tight.

To protect your phone from getting tapped, be careful with giving it to strangers who need to make an emergency call. 

  •  Utility Net monitor Code

 There are also few utility net monitor codes *#*#4636#*#* & *#*#197328640#*#* used on the android phones. But most of our research has shown that these utility net monitor codes cannot accurately provide information about the hackers.     

These modernized codes to check if phone is hacked can give you the best information about a hacker’s game and put them done from attacking your personal data. 

Signs of Hacking on Android

Codes to check if phone is hacked 2020

Apart from codes to check if phone is hacked, we also have few Android virus symptoms which help you to check if you feel something’s not right:  

  • Overheating of mobiles.
  • Fast draining of battery than normal
  • The appearance of unaccepted popups and unrelated ads
  • Delayed processing of mobile than usual
  • The appearance of apps without your knowledge
  • Excessive data usage than normal

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How to Secure Your Phones From Hackers?

 We have seen few basic and updated codes to check if phone is hacked 2020. Before using them lets be careful to secure your phones from hackers. 

  • Never give your phone to an unknown individual
  • Don’t reveal your security locks and passwords to other sources. 
  • When you get a message or call from any unknown source (Spam Numbers) don’t accept it.
  • Don’t install apps from unknown or unsafety applications
  • Have a regular check on apps on your mobile. Any automatic installation of app without your knowledge is a sign of hacking.
  • Keep your mobile data off when it’s not in use.
  • Don’t use Wi-Fi on public places 

Are These Codes Really Helpful?

 As per our research, these codes might be helpful if there are any call diverts, redirecting, or call forwarding set up on your phone but not much to determine if your phone is at risk. We have much data available online regarding codes to check if phone is hacked, but the reliability of the numbers is very less. 

    One trail is always good…So we have mentioned to you all the required and updated codes to check if phone is hacked. Just make a note of all the codes and try whenever you feel like your phone is at risk. It may not have work for others, but it may work for you.


 This game of hacking can damage you as a whole. It can ruin your personal and professional life with the blink of an eye without your knowledge. Hacking can be done in different ways and it’s not meant to be played only on public figures.

Never make a question why it would be me? Always be safe from your side with all the knowledge on hacking, signs of hacking how to identify it and how to prevent it? We usually are not aware of unhacking tips, signs and codes to check if phone is hacked.

Even we are, we don’t know how hackers can misuse it to hack devices or banking information. As we got smarter in using gadgets with improved technology just the same way improves with your knowledge on this hacking tricks.

Always be in a stage to come out of hackers trap without losing your data and yourself in this unsafety hacking world. Hope these updated codes to check if phone is hacked 2020 from our article would show you the best way to trace your hackers. To know more information about hacking and hackers bookmark our website.