Know more Five area codes you should never answer.

Five area codes you should never answer

Five area codes you should never answer

Scammers nowadays come up with all kinds of tricks urging you to part with your hard-earned money. The latest is to use unauthentic phone numbers tied with legitimate area codes. Thus allowing them to let the unsuspecting user fall for their dubious means. It will be to your benefit to be aware of the area codes most clandestinely used by these cybercriminals. In these articles, we will discuss and inform you about the codes you need to be cautious of. We will give you the Five area codes you should never answer.


Here are some of the area codes you should never answer

Usually, these criminals have a lot of tricks up their sleeves and their tactics vary and evolve continually. If you are not vigilant these guys can and will make a fortune out of you as the caller. Whenever you take the call unawares and there are these words uttered “are you able to listen to me?” immediately hang up your phone. Do not answer even to say hello. You must always remember that it is important to maintain privacy when online. Our Android phones or iPhones have become a mini storehouse for all our important information and that’s why we always have to be vigilant of scams and update our security features to the latest updates.

Mr. Steinberg the CEO of Secure My Social tells us that certain area codes are able to warn users when a call might be a spam call. There was a time in the past when scammers only used a certain area code but the public being scammed has wised up. Now the criminals have changed their modus operandi and use different area codes. They even use codes that stem from as far as the Caribbean. It is the codes starting with 807 or 809 while another one is the area code 473 that looks as if it`s from the United States. This 473 code is an area code for the Island of Grenada.

Five area codes you should never answerWhenever they targeted you the phone calls become a huge nuisance because of the regularity of their calls. According to the advice from the AARP, there can be changes made to you if you answer these calls from foreign destinations. Cybercriminals can also relieve you of your money through phony travel arrangements to these exotic places, holiday bookings, and lies about all kinds of possible problems they need help for. Never answer or return a call from foreign destinations or even local ones unless you’re sure you know who it may be expert`s advice.

If you have a clue but are not at all sure who it may be allow it to get to the voicemail, that person can leave you the one asking to talk. Always remember that a person that`s not on your contact list and is halfway around the world, would not dial your number to ask for help. That person if he needs real help will dial the local police or someone he knows to help him. Be always vigilant of possible fake phone calls asking for your help with Five area codes you should never answer.

These International area codes which start with a +1 country code: Beware:

232 – Sierra Leone

242 – Bahamas

246 – Barbados

268 – Antiqua

284 – British Virgin Islands

345 – Cayman Islands

441 – Bermuda

473–Grenada, Carriacou, and Petite Martinique

649 – Turks and Caicos’

664 – Montserrat

721 – Sint Maarten

758 – St Lucia

767 – Dominica

784 – St Vincent and Grenadines

809 – Dominican Republic

829 – Dominican Republic

849 – Dominican Republic

868 – Trinidad and Tobago

869 – St Kitts and Nevis

876 – Jamaica

Be aware that cybercriminals are able to create false phone numbers by stealing phone numbers from plenty of area codes, it`s not just the ones listed here. You are encouraged to remember that it`s always best to shun numbers you are not familiar with. Let it ring till it passes over to voicemail. If the person wants to talk with you he can leave you a voice mail. This certainly will avoid you being pulled into a scam. You can read more about the Five area codes you should never answer.

However, if you get charged for answering the scam call, the FCC (Federal Communications Commission) advises that you contact your service deliverer to look into the matter. Or it`s possible to file a complaint about the spam call with them.

Why you Should avoid answering call from these area codes?


If you’ve learned the codes you should avoid what exactly is the reason to be doing this? As we’ve said, the area codes have become popular with fraudsters. Phone calls made from these codes could result in scammers gaining access to private identifiable data (PII) or financial data. They may then wipe out your bank accounts, or use your identity to carry out other criminal actions.

This is a more detailed look at some frauds involving areas codes.

Traffic Pumping Scams

Scams involving Area Code 218 as well as area 712 scams are composed of traffic-pumping scams. It is a deliberate increase of the call volume in those area codes that belong to rural companies so that those rural carriers can charge wireless and long-distance carriers with high charges. But, the cost of these fees is shared with the customers.

One-Ring Scams

A One-ring fraud uses automated phone calls that only make one call to mobile phones. The call is then removed if you take it. If you don’t answer the phone then it’s an enormous hassle. You might be tempted to call back as if it’s calling about something important. You may be charged between $15 and $30, as such calls usually originate originated from the Caribbean. The area codes used in this kind of scam include the International area codes mentioned above.

321 Area Code Scams

Victims complain about robocalls, scammers, and spammers from area 321 in the area code. Scams identified include auto-warranty frauds and solicitations.

954 Area Code Scams

This area code, 954 in particular is renowned for its unsanctioned solicitations as well as the robocalls. Although some calls can be considered frauds, the majority of calls are irritating and time-consuming.

Area Code 607 Scams

The scam code 607 is a scam call that appears to come from a State Police Station but is not linked with one.

401 Area Code Scams

The scams that are associated with Area Code 401 can include scams for tech support and spam texts and calls. There have been complaints of recipients receiving text messages about false settlement claims they could assist you with.

914 Area Code Scams

Scams using the 914 code comprise Auto-warranty scams, robocalls, or fake extended insurance for cars scams, as well as calls that ask for money. There have been reports of fraudsters using the 914 area code to contact victims about the possible fraudulent use of their social security numbers.

Area Code 929 Scams

The scams that originate from area code 929 can include unwelcome messages or calls promoting the sale of a product. There have been reports of messages sent to the victim’s presumed frozen and compromised bank account.

484 Area Code Scams

Scams in this area code comprise illegal calls and solicitations that are illegal. Some scammers claim as being of Social Security informing you about your social security number being suspended because of illegal activities. Scammers who trick to get you to invest in false investments also make use of the 484 area code.

360 Area Code Scams

Scams can include 360 area code text messages and spam calls. There have been many reports of scam calls from social security and fake Insurance scam phone calls. It is important to note that Social Security Administration will contact you via more official channels rather than a phone call from an unknown number.

720 Area Code Scams

The 720 area code can be described as constant calling that is threatening. There have been many reports of scams for insurance companies as well as emergency alert scammers and scammers that claim to ask for vital personal information before making any legal move.

571 Area Code Scams

Apart from the political-related spam messages area code 571 is infamous for fraudulent calls. Scammers claim to provide “government grants” or ask for money from the person they are targeting to ensure that the case which was allegedly initiated against the target will be dismissed.

What can I do to find out who this number is associated with?

To discover the owner of a phone number using the phone lookup services like Kiwi Searches. Enter the address then Kiwi Searches will do all the work. Learn the name of the phone owner and aliases, the cell phone carrier’s approximate location, related numbers, and much more.



With this electric age upon us, we all have become part of the global village and it`s easy to communicate with our clever devices across borders. But we must remember that all of the global community has not our safety or privacy on their minds. Therefore it is our priority to ensure that we always communicate and use our devices in a safe and productive way. If you want to be more informed about safety and the five area codes you should never answer visit the website and learn more about Cyber security and technical issues.