Never Had A Girlfriend At 40: Why You Never Had A GF?


Our desire to create and maintain long-term relationships is hindered by various fears: the fear of being disappointed in a person who will not match our idea of an ideal life partner. Fear of dissolving into a partner and losing ourselves. Fear of losing our freedom by letting someone else interfere in our well-ordered life… But that’s not what you’re writing about, that you’re “afraid of being rejected.

In general, psychologists are approached with this kind of complaint quite often. And they are really smart and beautiful, interesting, soulful, emotionally subtle men who ask: what is wrong with me?

Unfortunately (or fortunately?), our ability to build relationships with others depends very little on how beautiful we are externally and internally. It depends on our ability to open up, to be intimate, and to demonstrate to others our interest in them.

Signs a guy has never had a girlfriend

Never Had A Girlfriend At 40: Why You Never Had A GF?

Why a boy has never had a girlfriend?

Adolescent maximalism does not recognize halftones. At 16 or 20, many take the refusal of a cute classmate to go on a date as a tragedy. Failure imprint on communication with the fair sex. If at age 40 you still think “Old man, I’m a virgin,” and have not started a relationship with the girls, it’s time to figure things out.


Egoists are so in love with their own person that they do not feel the need to search for the other half. Narcissistic young men are especially categorical. Self-love is the main occupation of such people. Guys often post images of themselves on social networks, made from advantageous angles.

Selfish people do not lack the attention of others but do not go for close contact. Groupies are not good enough for a vain person.


Shy and withdrawn by nature people often experience fear before communicating with the opposite sex. It is difficult for a young man to approach a stranger. Often the young man just does not know what to do. He does not understand how his chosen one feels, or what to talk about during the date.

Sometimes the reason for the absence of a girlfriend becomes a failed love experience. If the guy is 40 years old and did not have a relationship with a lady, perhaps in adolescence the girl next door made fun of the timid suitor. Since then, the young man has been rejecting the new love.

Nontraditional sexual orientation

Never Had A Girlfriend At 40: Why You Never Had A GF?

The lack of interest in women is also caused by non-traditional views on gender relations. Guys who are attracted to men may never experience the need for intimacy with a girl. Often young men who are prone to homosexuality hide their needs from family and friends. Boys listen to wishes that they will find a girlfriend and get married sooner, but they realize that they don’t want to change their orientation.

Frequent business trips and travels

The reason 40-year-old guys who have never had a girlfriend is often due to the young man’s lifestyle. Many people pay increased attention to building a career. Work and business trips do not leave time for personal life. And a man notices that he spends his evenings alone, and friends have long been married and raising children.

Difficult character

Guys who never had a girlfriend have an inadequate picture of their perception of the world. Signs of people with a complicated, unfriendly character:

  • Aggression is a tendency to conflict.
  • Attempts to insist on their own, even with the obvious ridiculousness of the arguments.
  • Pessimism.
  • Unwillingness to listen to others.
  • Constant nagging and criticism of the authorities, superiors, friends, and relatives.
  • Difficult character.

Girls avoid perpetually dissatisfied guys, communication does not bring joy, and spoils the mood.

Why I never dated at 40?

Never Had A Girlfriend At 40: Why You Never Had A GF?

A man in his 40s has never had a fulfilling relationship in his or her life. It’s also about the lack of intimacy at all and in general. And about having a couple of short episodes that are hard to call a relationship.

Such cases are much more numerous than it seems. A person who is not ready to live like that forever, who has finally decided to understand himself and change something, often asks the same question:

  • Why have I never had a girlfriend?
  • What is wrong with me?
  • Am I different from everyone else?
  • What am I wrong?
  • Is this really my destiny?

The main thing you have to start with is this. Do not fertilize, do not put labels on yourself, and do not merge even more tightly with their complexes. If you put aside thoughts of Ive never had a girlfriend and set yourself up to figure it all out, reconsider your thinking, and start acting differently, everything will change. To be happy, any age is good.

Typical reasons why you’re 40 and never had a girlfriend:

  • Hyper-parental care or the opposite of childhood in the moral cold and loneliness
  • Low self-esteem, insecurity, and complexes
  • Bad life circumstances, the person had no interest in relationships for a long time
  • Unlived trauma, the person went into such protection, avoidance
  • After small setbacks on the personal front, the person gradually gave up trying to do something. As a result, he got used to living like this by inertia and got bogged down in it.

If this is about you, but you want love, reciprocity, and a happy relationship. Here are the rules to follow:

  1. Reevaluate your past. Look at what happened more objectively. Analyze your behavioral patterns. Find the root causes. Get to grips with the idea, “I’ve never had a girlfriend.” When you perceive the past as the past and not the present, when you analyze it — then you are really in control of yourself and your current life.
  2. Accept yourself. Accept your strengths and weaknesses. Be clear about what is really important to you, what you want. The fact that you have not yet had a long-term relationship does not mean that you are something wrong. It just means that you have not yet made enough effort to introduce the world to you, and yourself to the world, to establish close contact and show your best side.
  3. Identify your traumas and fears and work through them. This is always an individual story here. Everyone has their own. Don’t be resigned to the fact that your past and your fears will continue to hang over you for the rest of your life as a scary cloud.
  4. Find the upside of intimacy. Many people never decide to do something new, simply because they haven’t motivated themselves to actually do it. Sell yourself on the idea of an intimate relationship, having a close partner and family. Motivate yourself to reconsider and change your approaches for the sake of it.
  5. Be willing to take the first step. Everything starts with the first step. Stepping into a new thing is never exceptionally comfortable. Plan for new steps, whether it’s dating, asking out, going to new places, etc.
  6. Set yourself up for a gradual rapprochement with the person. It’s scary to dive in headfirst. But if you dive in gradually, you can somehow control the situation. Start with friendship, with a gradual rapprochement, and then you’ll get your bearings. Intimacy is interesting and exciting, it helps to discover new facets of yourself.
  7. Choose a format that suits you. For example, if you want a serious relationship, you should consider mail order brides sites. Are mail order spouse illegal, you ask? No, they are absolutely legal. And every year they become more and more popular.

10 reasons you never had a girlfriend

Never Had A Girlfriend At 40: Why You Never Had A GF?

Some people are comfortable with online communication. Some are more comfortable getting to know each other at work. Some people like to network through hobbies, interests, etc. Start by making a simple plan for yourself within the format that’s right for you.

And here are the top 10 reasons signs a guy never had a girlfriend, which are entire strategies for avoiding working on ourselves. By following these strategies, we are bound to fail.

  1. You are afraid to stand out. Every society watches each of its members to ensure that they do not display overconfidence.
  2. You lack persistence. Most people give up too quickly on the road to their goal. And yet almost every success story is also a story of perseverance and struggle. Nothing truly worthwhile comes easy. Think about that the next time you say, “I never had a girlfriend.”
  3. You lack humility. Just do not confuse modesty with shyness. Many people consider themselves experts in their field when they are just beginning to achieve something. Modesty means understanding that you do not know everything.
  4. You are not good at networking and building strong relationships. In today’s world, the skill of communicating with people is very important. There is even separate training for mastering networking. In some industries, without the art of networking, it is extremely difficult to move forward. In addition, you simply need to be able to ask people for help. However, sometimes our fear, insecurity, or, on the contrary, arrogance prevent us from communicating with other people and make us miss out on valuable opportunities that could change our lives.
  5. You are more likely to argue than to follow someone else’s advice. Wanting to prove you’re right instead of self-improvement is a guaranteed path to failure. To succeed, you have to follow a cycle that necessarily includes feedback.
  6. You get distracted too much.
  7. You don’t take responsibility for what happens to you. Are you constantly making excuses for yourself? You’re not getting ahead that way. To solve problems, you need to take control of your life. But you can’t take control of your life unless you take responsibility for it. Consequently, if you don’t take responsibility, you will fail.
  8. You do not believe that success is possible. In order to win, you must believe in the possibility of winning. This has nothing to do with self-belief, and there is nothing supernatural about it. Your subconscious beliefs about your capabilities affect your actual performance.
  9. You are afraid of being indifferent. Many people catch the virus of indifference. Nothing truly inspires them. Such people hesitate to fully commit themselves to a cause, project, or goal. Many give up very quickly. Others simply lose interest. And many don’t even have the strength to begin.
  10. Deep down, you think you don’t deserve what you want. Moving upward, we come to the main reason for failure, which is often hidden behind the ones described above. It is the belief that you are not worthy of what you would like to get. Often this translates into thinking, “Ill never get a girlfriend.” But remember, this is not true.